Reformatio Maximus Proposal

I must give my apologies for my great, and horrible inactiveness. I have been having some things to do, writing stories as my hobby, school, friends, especially school….especially school…

But anyways! The reason why I am posting here, is to propose my a plan; a plan to reform the CPUN. The Reformatio Maximus (Grand Reformation in Latin.) Proposal will be proposed in the CPUN meeting this Friday, the 11th of November.

Here is a quick preview of it:

-More CPUN Operations, directly from the CPUN Site, which means less ‘squad’ sites and so on, which causes much division, and would bring more activity to the CPUN Site.

-Massively updating our member page by holding an active account.

-New editors/authors.

-Contributor in the CPUN for Army Representatives.

Those are so me things, if you want to hear it all, on Friday the 11th I shall say explain the Reformatio Maximus on the CPUN Chat, in an attempt to modernize the Club Penguin United Nations and so on.



4 Responses

  1. Hm,this would be an excellent topic to bring up,at the meeting on the 11th.

  2. Bien idea

  3. A tip: Never plan something on the next day, a lot more people miss it then if you plan it in a week.

  4. Darn I missed the meeting.

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