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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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What’s wrong with Anti-hack bill.And other things

Hello citizens of CPUN,this is King John here with a special report,ACP’s Anti-Hack bill is an abomination to CP armies,how do i know this?

ACP has been using this bill as an excuse for NO hacking,now i don’t support hacking neither do i support this bill.But here’s 1 thing that bothers me,lets say theres this guy and he has a hacker past. He is experinced and tries to get into more armies,but they reject him because of the Anti-Hack bill and try to escort him from the CP warfare establishment.


This bill basically attacks you if your a hacker,so if your a good White Hat hacker and you protect a website.You are an enemy to the CPAC media and ACP automatically. Im not here to make the choices of big media like CPAC,or big armies like ACP. Im simply here to spread the truth,and stand up for the rights of Small Armies. But CPAC is now currently showing a poll on what options to pick. Here is a qoute from there website.


Idea 1: If each time a new leader came to power they were required to sign the anti-hacking bill, would you guys have a stronger desire to uphold it and follow through with punishments?

Idea 2: If every 4-6 months a major army leader’s meeting was held to review the anti-hacking bill and make amend/re-vote on it and re-sign it, would you guys have a stronger desire to uphold it and follow through with punishments




Now if i understand this why does it say and i qoute “If eachtime a new leader came to power they have to sign an Anti-hack bill-.


Hmm… Sounds like something suspicous is going on there. Let’s say 2 small army activists get there army in the Top Ten,or the meduim top ten.CPAC media goes to there chat and says

“Now look sign this bill to make CP warfare safe!” When the same media endorses the Anti-hack bill,ACP has plenty of hackers who are willing to hack. Now i’m just trying to keep everyone honest again,why would you have a leader of his OWN army..Sign a hacking bill when i hacker can easily pose as him,hack some sites and say it’s him.And the CPAC media attacks him and forces his army to die,and him to perish out of CP warfare..



I’m just saying basically what Shab is saying..Let me qoute that again…



Idea 1: If each time a new leader came to power they were required to sign the anti-hacking bill, would you guys have a stronger desire to uphold it and follow through with punishments?

Now a new leader,hmmm..hmm hmmm hmm.. Idea 1 is pretty much a real heated idea. But there’s a good side to this! You can shoot down the bill on the CPUN polls. Here is shaboomboom’s post:




So the CPAC media has done it again..You should vote neither on the polls because this Anti-hack bill is unfair.



Here are some harsh punishments ACP’s site. Let me get this qoute..Here are the punishments below.


Punishments for hacking in Club Penguin Warfare/Xat chats/ WordPress sites:

  • Permanent expulsion from ALL armies you are ranked in. If an army refuses to fire the individual OR that individual refuses to step down from their leadership rank, should they be leader of an army, all armies who have signed this bill agree to immediately declare war on that army.
  • No other army may accept that person into their army. This means that the person is banned permanently from the Club Penguin Army Community.



All ARMIES shab? ALL ARMIES ALL ARMIES? Wow..So a meduim army just has a hacker..And he refuses to leave so you invade that army..Even though it’s innocent you invade it? I don’t agree with this bill and im trying to bust it open.



Don’t take it for me.Go to ACP’s site and see yourself.





Now in other news we need a meeting about the following things:



New servers/land



Bringing back senators.

Planning events rebuilding CPUN..Helping our allies who need us in there time of need. I will have to  talk to ATM about a meeting.Hopefully it can be on the  12th.But i will talk to ATM.



For now Bye citizens of CPUN. Remember don’t buy into lies without researching..YOURSELF!



6 Responses

  1. CPAC, Full of rubbish and propaganda being stuffed up peoples butts and mouths…

  2. Got that right

  3. I agree! And wouldn’t that make the hacker want to, well, hack again? There isn’t really a way to rid of them, they kind of just need to run their course.

  4. Yes, I am still alive

  5. Really, almost none of the things listed in the Anti Hacking Bill are even hacking. Almost like every single time, someone just gives away there passwords on “accident” or adds people as admin to their site. The only one that actually means hacking is getting into someone’s actually computer hard drive through the network. Someone needs to teach people what hacking really means.

  6. Agreed ATM…

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