CPUN forms of government among the ranks- A way to boost new ideas.

Hey guys. I believe we should establish the board with governmental power. We can have congress meetings (whatever you wish to label them) and other things.

If we did this, we could produce new rules, laws, and plans to make the CPUN better. I don’t care how professional it is, we could make a chat about lemons to do it on for all I care.

I do think this could easily benefit us. Please tell me any ideas you have for this, as I believe this could stimulate the CPUN, and help it run better. Right now we’re in a depression, and I plan to pull us out.

I do believe we can pass many laws, bills, stimulus’, etc.


P.S. Happy October! (So much for Halloween GFX) 😆


3 Responses

  1. Hmm… Good idea.

  2. I like it,And there could be districts for diff servers.Each representitive has it’s own district. Like lets say a representitive was from Abominable. He would have the town,and the dock as his district. And there could be a senate,senators create and pass laws.

    There can even be governors! They have there own server and they can have there own millita, agency group,etc. etc.

  3. ^^^

    The CPUN is the United Nations, that means we must unite armies and set up our own forms of government and control- the CPUN needs to come back, and be like the real world CPUN.

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