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Project Golden Rise

Hello CPUN!

I have been looking at old footage of Club Penguin Wars during the “Golden Ages”. And I have been so inspired that I want to bring up the Golden Ages! This includes:

 • Fewer lines, etc.

 • More snowballs

 • Scatter/Spread out to make the army look big

And more. Our generation now, we are lazy, have annoying rules that take out the fun. We can start a new generation.

The Silver Ages

I wont expect this to be exactly like the Golden Ages, but be close to the Golden Ages. Don’t call me a little nooblet with a plan that will fail, Its time we put a new chapter in Club Penguin Warfare history, and maybe in the Club Penguin community. Things are not like it used to be like back then, but thanks to Disney, We have an ever lasting supply of noobs that will be trained in armies and become the next generation of Club penguin Warfare. We have a small supply left of veteran soldiers, and they, will help us with tales of wars, stories and many more to help the next generation. So if you want to help, comment!

Make a difference.


200 words



11 Responses

  1. I was in SCP during the Golden Ages and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. The Golden Ages was probably the best era in CPA warfare and the battles were a lot better than they are now in this era. ACP was just starting and battles lasted for HOURS! They were across many rooms too. Not just one like they are now. 2012 will be the start of a new CP Warfare Era that will begin a better CP Warfare system

  2. Agree. In the Golden Ages, we weren’t stuck in a room battling, the armies were spread across the island and high ranks were in rooms to check on the battles, and we were spread out through the room, armies on each side of room, it was a real, fun adventure then now were we are all bunched up in a line. Do you see soldiers in real life now stand in a line in the battlefield and shoot? When the acient armies went to war, they clashed then smashed through. 2012 is when a new generation of CP warfare should begin. If we work together, this will work.

  3. What age are we in now? Bronze?

  4. This is once again a really stupid post and not worth it. Read my comment on SMAC if you need to know why. And also, the Golden Ages weren’t called the Golden Ages by people during that time. And for some people, they weren’t the Golden Ages. And they didn’t “create” it. It just happened. Trying to make that and repeat is stupid and not worth it, since it will make a mockery of CP Armies.

  5. o.o

  6. The reason why we are in a slump like this is because you D3m0nsh4d0w. Im not mocking, Its time for a new generation.

    I wont expect this to be exactly like the Golden Ages, but a new generation that is better than now.

    And I ask my self, why my plans ends in a load of —-, ’cause some people never try to do a difference.

  7. that’s a really good idea! i’ll tell my army about these ideas

  8. We could just do these few things for more fun:
    • Fewer lines, etc.

    • More snowballs

    • Scatter/Spread out to make the army look big

  9. The ideas and tactics of old CP armies have been washed away by the new generation of penguins. Ever since Disney took over, we have been limited to the things we can do and say to help promote our armies and make them better. In 2012, you guys should launch a project that includes these things in judging…

    ~Enough Snowballs
    ~Too short of a battle
    ~The battle must be in several rooms
    ~ ect…

  10. Together, we can make a new genration of CP History

  11. ^

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