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It’s uhh… me… and um… I feel really bad…

Hey Guys, this sucks. I must admit it, I am probably the worst Prime Minister ever.

Alright, I just had to get your attention… ^.^ though, I don’t doubt it.

1. I’m not even sure what I’m supposed to do… (Real great of me, ain’t it?)
2. Shuckin’ school messes with me. Enough said.
3. I get really bored when I’m on the computer… Kind of sad.

Alright, so, um… Idk… I mean, I’ve changed since I’ve left (again 😐 ). I mean, my friends (real life) still think I’m carefree and I don’t give a sh*t about what they do… but at home, I’m different, more solemn, a loner. I suppose that’s what describes me the best. A loner. I mean, I absolutely HATE meeting with new people, I HATE being in crowds of more then 5 people, all around me. And, I love being in TOTAL isolation on a daily basis. (Sounds real fun, doesn’t it?). I mean, I’m still the boy who leads CPR, but I’ve noticed something recently, that there is more to live for then, well, this. So, I’m gonna finish this post with a snipit of a story I’m sure Jet told you… (Jet has quit, and he has stopped talking to me… So I’m gonna remove him.) Alright, well, here’s the story.

The Crystaline Stories
In the Pacific Ocean there is an island called Crystaline, and on that island there are many caves and forests. Crystaline was founded by the 5 Crystal Brothers, for a free-nation and a paradise from the World War. Crystaline Island was protected by the Allies, and the island was forgotten when the President of the United States, Franklin Roosevelt died. Now Crystaline Island is standing strong, unknown from the world. Until an American sailor saw the island, and landed on the island of Crystaline, his name was Fin Loedone. His boat was named SS Minicul. Where Fin got the name of his boat is unknown, but everything has a reason. Fin landed and was greeted by President Crystalin. Fin was surprised by how many people lived on Crystaline.
President Crystalin said “There are 342 islanders. Just over a hundred of them are children, and less than 10 are one of the founders. My father was the oldest brother.”
“What do the islanders do on a normal day? What do the children learn?” Fin questioned the President.
“For the adults, they either fish or harvest a rare fruit found only on this island. The children learn about the States and others countries that are around this brilliant world God created.” Crystalin replied, somewhat excited, “I’m sorry sir, but this is our first visitor since President Roosevelt died, over 50 years ago.”
Fin was shocked for a moment, and he then realized what Crystalin said.
“What an honor, sir.” Fin said with a stutter.
“Heh, call me Lyn. We will have a feast in this miraculous event!” Lyn said excitedly, and then put his arm around Fin. “Excuse us, visitor coming through! Visitor coming through!”
Fin surprising, started to laugh. Something about the islanders all staring at him in awe made him laugh.
“Fin, we want you to go into the forest, and find the crystal this beautiful island was named after, Crystaline.” President Crystalin said, with much excitement. “The original founders hid it deep in the jungle so that it wouldn’t fall into the German Nazi’s hands, and now the Crystlinians want to see it.”
Fin laughed at this remark, “I’m a sailor, not an explorer.”
“God brings a person who needs to come here, and President Hoover was brought here by God.” Lyn Crystalin said, with a small frown.
“Alright, I’ll do it. So, where’s this forest?” Fin asked while feeling his heart pump faster and faster.
Crystalin frowned, “You didn’t see it when you came near?”
“Not really, I was more focused on the possibility of finding land in the Pacific Ocean.” Fin said, with a curious face.
“It’s north of us.” Crystalin said
“I see.” Fin replies, leaning sideways to see a massive forest on the island. “That must be the forest then.”
Crystalin turns around and nods, “Yeah, that’s Crystal Forest. Crystal Cave is east of us, and Crystal Waters are west of us. South is, as you know, the Pacific Ocean.”
Fin turns in all of the directions, and smiles, though he doesn’t know why. He grips his shark spear harder, hearing screaming.
“Not again…” and Crystalin runs off to the east, toward the cave, leaving Fin to explore the island himself. Fin runs off to the west, toward Crystal Waters, to think. Fin sees a small fish, and he spears it with excellent accuracy.
“I wouldn’t eat that if I were you.” A voice says to Fin’s right. Fin turns and sees a boy walking towards him, with a similar spear. “Those fish will kill you as soon as they enter your mouth.”
“Alright then, smart one, what would you eat?” Fin says, somewhat doubting the boy.
“The large one, there.” He says with a large smile, and throws the spear from his spot and spears the fish in the tail.
Fin locked eyes with the boy, and asked “What’s your name, boy?”
He smiled again, “Theo Sparhead.”
“Well Theo, you’re officially the first person I meet, other than the president.” Fin said with a smirk.
“Welcome to Crystalin.” Theo says, extending his hand. Fin extends his hand and he shakes his hand with Theo.
“Thanks.” Fin replies, “Question, would you like to come with me to search for the Crystal?”
“The Crystal? I was told that will never be found. President Hoover couldn’t find it, and I’m named after him.” Theo says with a frown.
“But will you come with me, surely you know the forest better than I do.” Fin said, looking at Theo’s storm grey eyes.
“I’ll come, but I want some of my friends to come with me.” Theo said, staring back at Fin’s sea blue eyes.
“How many friends?” Fin replied.
“Just a few, 4 at max. Real adventurers they are, they will know the forest even better then I will. And we’ll need better weapons, the spears won’t help much in the forest, not knowing what creatures are living in there.” Theo said, and then he ran off to get his friends, once again leaving Fin to stare into Crystal Waters. What kind of creatures? Fin looked at the fish Theo had hunted, started a small fire with some wood, and cooked the fish. The fish looked somewhat like a poisonous one back in California, but here it tasted like the finest delicacy. He then heard running from where Theo left him and looked that way, seeing the shadow of 4 boys running towards him. When they finally came out of the shadow of the trees, he saw Theo in the lead, with the other 3 running in a triangle like form behind him.

Alright, that’s like, 3 pages of 20 that I have written so far… Nothing to big of a deal, probably a lot better then Jet’s… ^.^ not afraid to offend him since he hates me now.

Well, that’s it…

– Wyoskyguy


7 Responses

  1. ;D

  2. Umm…
    Better then what I could ever write about.
    I tried writing a book called… “I was their at breeze harbor”.
    And it was about the ACP as America and Nachos as the Japaninese.

    Sooo….. I probabley would have been shot for that book… 😛
    Don’t get me wrong though.
    Some family where their on my moms side of the family.
    Infact… If their is anyone in Hawaii who lives their, comment on my comment here with any good locations.
    My cousin is their, and needs places to go.
    I tried getting her to go to the Arizona to look at its great Looks of Straingh, but she is a whoosp.
    And Keeth, I will be inactive for about 2 weeks more.
    I got work out my butt.

    P.S. Sense I am an Agent, don’t I have to be an Conttribiture on the CPUN site?
    Im also Health Department.

    (JK LOL!)
    I gave up on them after their several loosing streak…
    I am emberest to be a hoosher.

  4. XD I’m a Wyoming Cowboys fan. All the Way.

    I also have a tech site – reviews, comparisons, history of it… So yeah, I’m looking for geeky authors.



  5. Shuckin? Some one read the maze runner and weplaced all da bad words. Im just shuckin with ya ya peace of clunk are you gonna be active in cpr you shank?

  6. Lol your title attracted me all the way from GD’s CPUN RSS Feed xD


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