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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Unmasked: Violante Alleta

People of Club Penguin Warfare,

Most recently, we have discovered a shocking revelation. As you know, months ago a Steam Community army terrorized the Club Penguin Army community. Recently, a Black Operations Unit, working for the benefit of Club Penguin Warfare, uncovered shocking news of PR’s notorious leader: Violante Alleta is


Now you’re wondering how we have come to this conclusion. This Black Operations Unit has been working on this case for a couple weeks. It started with a hacking threat against a Club Penguin United Nations member saying that a man by the name of Venomouscorpius was going to hack him.So, the Unit started an investigation on this man. At first, the threat didn’t seem like anything of a real threat. But then, as comments of this man came up on the CPUN, ACP, and GT blog, we soon found his official site: venomouscorpius.wordpress.com.

At first, we believed there to be IP trackers on the blog, but soon we discovered there were none from gathering evidence. After taking many screenshots, gathering evidence, and interviewing some people, we finally came to the conclusion that Rawkinman, a CPUN member, was indeed the man behind Venomouscorpius and Violante Alleta. Notice the following pictures of xat IDs:

The IPs that we gathered were tracked and traced down to the location of which the person was residing. Rawkinman had been changing his IP every comment, but the IPs were traced to places very close together. We have decided not to post the IPs or the tracker results for safety reasons and to not breach is privacy.IP results, addresses, and more photos and evidence are available upon request from the “Man In A Suit” on ACP chat, or Pungy1234, on GD chat. This allows us to give the information only to trusted personnel. We are not at liberty to discuss the members of the Black Operations Unit at this time.

You cannot apply to join this group, as we are very secretive. Also, remember to not go spamming, raiding, or anything of the aggressive nature towards Rawkinman. This post is not meant to cause hatred. We are only trying to inform the Army World of this shocking revelation of a man who caused havoc in our community in the past few months. Havoc that ultimately did not matter, but only made history. Thank you for your time.

“You don’t know who we are, but we know who you are.”

-MaTRiX Unit


8 Responses

  1. Most interesting…. Sky had a run-in with him awhile back, nothing that big. Sky handled it with ease (like everything else he does). I’m impressed.

    Good luck,

    – JetFire115

  2. Why did you do this to me, Pungy? Because of this, I can’t join any armies, I am banned on major army chats and I’ve gained a reputation as a liar and impersonator. My career is over, I’ve basically been banned from Warfare. All because of some stupid and most likely non-existent group, “Matrix Unit”. I hope someday that you’ll regret it very much.

  3. There’s a saying, “Don’t shoot the messenger.” I am only the messenger.

  4. As said in the post, you’re part of (if not leader of) the group that proved I’d been impersonating VA. I guess I had it coming to me, and I’m sorry for that last comment. Nothing will befall you.

  5. I order that he comes back to Club Penguin Warfare and can join armies, be on chat and be like us again.

  6. Wow…
    I agree with Rex, he should not be excluded. Its all in the past now. If I led an army now, I WOULD let Rawkinman be in my army. If fact, I would give him a high rank, because he is highly intelligent. But why should he stop having fun. CP warfare isn’t about telling people what they can and can’t do, it is about having fun. So right now, lets forget about PR and VA, and just have fun.

    (I came out of retirement for this comment, so appreciate it)


  7. Nice post Chaz. Its your path, You can choose to be good or evil. The main thing, HAVE FUN! I have been a friend with Ra, And he is nice and smart.

  8. Agreed Chaz. Plus, PR really didn’t do anything wrong, when you think about it. They never hacked anyone or anything malicious.

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