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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Oh… My… Garshnesses…

Alright, so, I’m inactive -_-… I blame it on school… and Sky… Gosh damn it. Sky wants me to play Black Ops all the time… Which I admit, it’s pretty awesome. But it also is bad… because, um, I don’t come on here. I’m sorry, I’m really inactive…  I don’t like being inactive, just been busy with homework and keeping Sky happy, as it is, my mom wants me to wait for another half hour before I can get on, and Sky’s screaming at me to get on… Garsshness… Well, I guess I’ll put a report on an army now…

I’m doing my report on Sky Troops…

Name: Sky Troops

Colors: Blue and Yellow

Leaders:  Alex cone, Everton cool, Kronos215

Website: http://skytroopsofcp.wordpress.com/  



Average Event Size: 8-12

So um, I’m gonna give you a preview of my next story…

We were running through an unknown part of the forest.

“Where are we going?” My friend, Leo, asked.

“That’s a good question…” I replied, grabbing my blaster rifle.

“Yeah, well, you better find out.” Leo replied, squeezing his rifle in his slender, white arms.

“Suppose I should…” I asked, starting off in a jog. “Well, were going east. That’s for sure…”

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure we know that.” A girl said, from behind me.

I jumped, and turned around. I had forgotten that there were other people in our convoy.

“Ha, scared you.” The girl said, “By the way, my name is Crystal.”

“You did not, Crystal.” I said, “Who else is in our convoy?”

“You mean who was?” Crystal corrected, giving me an odd look,

“Ok, fine, who was?” I asked.

“Oh, no one important. Just my boyfriend and best friend.” Crystal said, rolling her eyes.

“Your boyfriend?” I asked, looking over to Leo, who was suppressing a smile.

“No, you dimwit, you are my boyfriend.” Crystal said, laughing. “And Leo is my best friend.”

“I see… Well, I don’t remember anything…” I said, scratching my head.

To be continued… Next time…


4 Responses

  1. That story is very incredible.

  2. Sky, Your addicted on Black Ops? Well i love Modern Warfare 2 😛

  3. Awesome post Jet. I’ll be waiting to see the rest of the story. 😀

  4. Thanks guys. Sky and I are putting our stories together so it will be even awesomer.

    Now, my friends and I are working on a x-mas song for Chapel (Christian School ftw.) So I will have even less time to write. I’m really sorry, it’s come up unexpected. Well, sorta. Here’s the rest of the the first part.

    “No, of course not… I don’t remember anything except that we need to keep moving, and your my boyfriend.” Crystal said, sighing.

    “Wait, if you don’t remember anything, so does that mean I get to do all my old jokes on you again?” Leo looked at me, grinning.

    “Umm, if they’re good…” I said, looking back at Crystal, who was shaking her head.

    “YES! Alright, so there was this one time when—” Leo started to speak, before getting cut off by a screech.

    “Holy Zeus, what was that?” Leo asked, and the sky rumbled. “Sorry!” He yelled, apparently at the sky.

    “You better be…” Crystal said, looking up as if the sky might explode.

    “Umm, my name is… Gods, what is it?” I asked, looking at Leo and Crystal.

    “Jet.” Crystal said, giving me a worried look.

    “Mm-hmm, and you give me your desert and do my chores.” Leo said, his grin wide on his face.

    “Mm, how do you know that I don’t make you give me your desert, and you do my chores?” I asked, and Leo’s grin dispersed on his face.

    “Umm, well, you don’t.” He said, warily.

    “Are you sure?” I asked, smiling at Crystal, like I seemed to do so much. Then I heard the screech again, from behind, and I yelled “HIT THE DECK!”

    We all dropped to the ground, and a massive bird flew over our head. Leo summoned fire from his hands and hurled it at the bird.

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