Defending Justice

From the UTR site posted by me.

The UTR is now putting their first ever anti-army-terrorism and anti-army-racism into place. All prosecuted of committing these acts may serve as the following. Any objections will be heard, but anything anyone says can be held against you as well and further investigated.



I’m sorry,  but I do feel that this needs to be settled properly, without everyone fighting for control. Without someone who stands out calling us drunken, terrorists, and is racist towards a site made for freedom. Over claims of drugs, terrorism, acts of stealing servers, and claiming of attacks from our own will not be stood for, and our name will not be shunned.

All armies, I’m sorry for dull service. The UTR is going through a breakthrough, and I hope to revolutionize things in due time.

This will all be mentioned into the CPUN, and dealt with by any who lay a hand down to help in the situation.

As the CPUN Head of Secretariat, and UTR Head of Site, I by all means don’t care what I serve as in this board, I declare this an offense on the UTR, the CPUN, and me. So therefore, I am hereby standing up for my rights.


As you can see, what is going on is not right. Such vile acts and blame should not belong. I don’t care if this is a branch, I believe we should act to deal with the matter. Anyone who wants to help, step forward now as I hope to form a UTR Defense Committee.




2 Responses

  1. I would want to take the job as Director and lead this Defense Commitee and prosecute Puggie. I had abuse from him towards the Crusaders because we will invade their server Oyster and they know they will lose. If i cant take the job, I’ll take Information Gathering Head.

  2. Keth, I know I have not been Active lately, due to School, and recovering from being hit from that battery car, but I would like to help with that Defence Commity.
    I am here to serve, and to defend the UN!
    Sorry for being Inactive, and I will start getting more done.

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