September General Assembly

Pungy: Dee, you should give ATM the chat password so he can rank people on chat.

It is that time of the month for our monthly meeting or General Assembly. At this meeting, we will be planning for this month and the month of October. We didnt have much people at the August General Assembly but for this one, I want EVERYONE in attendance. September will be one of our “you can not miss” months, along with January, June and September, we will have a major meeting in every season. I want atleast ONE representative from every army present at this meeting. Tell us if you need help with anything, remember CPUN is here to help YOU! If you have any new idea’s you have thought up in the last month, you are free to share them with us. I know school has started, but we must keep pushing on with new ideas and new ways to help our armies.

September 30th, 2011





If you live outside of North America, you are excused but still try to make a effort to come.

P.S. I achieved 4th in Command in IW, so that’s why I have been inactive a bit



13 Responses

  1. 1st not good timing but ill try to come

  2. Hey this is Warriorr99 from The Spartan Empire not the sparta army.
    >,< I was wondering if any armies would like to join me to help stop the LT vs BW conflict. I talked to blizzard about stop attacking LT and stop accepting fights. If they go to war again, please go to and contact me there

  3. I guess i should come.

  4. I’ll try.

  5. I’ll be there.


  6. can ppl that are new to a an army come? if yes, then ill be there!

  7. i can come

  8. I’ll probably be there. Good job scheduling this. About time we had a General Assembly. 🙂

  9. May miss it, sadly.

  10. Anyone can come.
    We need as much people there as possible

  11. I’m afraid I’ll have to miss it. I’ll be in the middle of something.

  12. Out of school by then. Now it’s whether or not I hang with some friendlies. (Sorry, but I do that. Ever heard of it anyone)?

    Lol, jk. 😛

  13. I may actually make it. Disregard my last comment :mrgreen:

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