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What the CPUN Rally Meant lll Yellow Mafias of CP

CPUN: Security Protocol 1, please report anything un-usual to ATM or Dee.

Sky Edit: Sorry about always editing your posts Char, but yours is always on top, my question is, Who likes the new header?
The CPUN Rally was a massive victory for myself. It advances my plans of making the CPUN a much powerful and more respected alliance. In a week or so, I ask ATM or Dee to hold a Grand Assembly where all the armies are invited to talk about their problems and the CPUN may help. Anyways, in the CPUN Rally we got more than 15 on CP, and very nice tactics.

I remember the chat nearly full (Some Sky Troops soldiers were in the ST chat still) and we had about 15, we did a E+C (coffee) and everyone did it, it amazed me the collaboration between the armies, the event was a success, hopefully in a few weeks we will hold another rally in hope of getting 20+, and we also hope in between the time to get new armies to join the CPUN, I am actually going to start a personal campaign myself.

What do I want to achieve in the next rally? Hopefully, 20-25+, I hope to make the CPUN more stronger, and make us strong enough to defend our member states, and intervene in major wars as a single alliance.

Now to talk about something else.


The Yellow Mafias of CP are an army recently created, and joined the CPUN; the Yellow Mafias of CP was made by Pain, a person who seems very smart in my opinion, the government is a socialist government, and holds some traits of Germany. Such as the ranks of Fuher  and so on. I myself have read the site, and this army has a good amount of success of becoming a well-developed army.

Although in the rank pages there are only two people ranked, in the join page there are about 6 people commenting to join, as I said before, the Yellow Mafia has a high chance to become a strong army, and the CPUN hopes that the Yellow Mafias will succeed to becoming a powerful army, if you want to join here is the link and chat;





9 Responses

  1. The CPUN gives hope to the Yellow Mafias for them to grow more! Also I’ll be posting about CPUN armies a bit-more, and alas, if any questions or reccomended things for me to post about comment here!

  2. I didn’t do the ranks yet lol. 😛

  3. And thanks for the post

  4. I also request that anyone with a lot of cp army contacts and is the type of person that everyone wants to join the army simply because they are in it join as a temporary leader and help me get some troops.

  5. You know, I actually don’t think of the rally of that good, not even that much of a victory since we got how many people on Club Penguin? 13? That’s nothing. Of all the armies in the CPUN we have 13 people show up to go on CP, we have a lot of work to do.

  6. I’m quite concerned at the moment. First, Security Protocol 1 is initiated in CPUN, and now ACP makes a private post about a ‘threat to internal security’. I’d very much like to find out what’s going on around here.

  7. Bored. Hope Yellow Marfia Become the next Nazis! Jokes. But Good Luck YM.

  8. Go to hell Pain. The Yellow Mafias won’t go anywhere, as they are lead by an arrogant, uncontrollable leader. Because he got temporarily demoted in the Fusion Warriors, he goes ahead and makes a WordPress account called “Urgayyoug,” and starts being an idiot, so he gets fired. The Yellow Mafia are gonna fail, I guarantee it.


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