Chat Rally 9.17.11 – Pwnage

hahaha This is the Automated Teller Machine here to tell you about how awesome we did and how BEAST we are. I haven’t posted here in a while. You may think I’m inactive, but NO. I am not. I still check the site about a thousand times a day (Now we know where we get our views) and I do try to post. But whenever I start a post, I’m always caught into doing something else important, like homework or RPF stuff. As you may have heard or seen, I am no longer RPF 2ic. No, I was not demoted, I’m not stupid enough to get demoted. I quit RPF for a couple days since it’s ruled over and controlled by a really stupid guy. Then since I still had hope for RPF and couldn’t stand seeing them get 3 people at events, I rejoined. But no, I did not get my old rank back. I ASKED to recieve a member rank. Then I got a promo to highest member and so on. Now look at me, I’m about 3 ranks from my old one.

Anyways, lets get onto how the Rally went. It went great. There. Now look at photos of our awesomeness.

^How we started out.


^Then we tried out some tactics.

We did pretty good. I think we should do this again sometime. Maybe a meeting soon, or a General Assembly. Maybe we can have a meeting every 2 weeks or once a month or something. Well, thats all. Goodbye.


“Some people wish it would happen, some people want it to happen, then some people make it happen”


8 Responses

  1. And so one of the first joint-CPUN after Order 67 (66, 68?) has happened.

  2. 1st *Wary*

    Every two weeks is good.


  3. @Gostt- Haha, I got first, I am so proud of myself, lolikgjodlkajjjokkv. And yes, I agree with Gostt, 2 weeks is good.

  4. Oz dang.

  5. any body notice in all pics the 1st one gostts in hes stalking us xD

  6. Lolwut?

  7. Awesomeness much? Yeah, need a General Assembly soon. How about next week, same time? 😛


    Positions open in my new army the Yellow Mafia.

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