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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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The CPUN Rally

Charizard58: I ask all the armies participating to post the information on their sites.

Enough talk, time for action. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Club Penguin United Nations Rally.

I’ve talked of many projects such as the Club Penguin United Nation Armies, and so on, but I realized it’s too complicated, when we can do this in a much more easier way. I’ve been doing much talk, small actions, honestly, I’ve been worst than my politicians in Puerto Rico. Haha, personal joke, anyways, let us begin with the topic.

The CPUN Rally, is as you see, a rally, literally a rally, between all Club Penguin United Nations Army Members and staff in Club Penguin. So you may be wondering; did Dee and ATM say I could do this? Well, the funny thing is, I’ve rarely talked about this, only with Sky and Pungy, which we agreed to do, but, I am sure Dee and ATM would approve of this action I have created. Right?

Action must be taken, and I will do it, the CPUN Rally as I have said, will be a major rally of all CPUN supports, armies, and staff rally on Club Penguin. We will go on the CPUN Chat which will be listed soon, and this is an attempt to show people that the CPUN has the potential to intervene in any major war, and truly change the tide of the war.

This will be a major step for the CPUN in military development, in this attempt, I hope to show the CP Army Community, the CPUN is very well alive, and modernizing and to form the first true ever alliance between armies, small and large alike, an alliance that will make and teach future great leaders, an alliance that should be recognized as an alliance of truth and justice!

I want every CPUN Staff Members and armies to support this rally now, it will be a major game changer if we have good results, I ask every CPUN staff members to please spread the words to other CPUN Armies, and supporters. This is a great time to do this. I also highly reccomend staff members to look for new fresh members.

So, will your army be there?

When: September 17


2:00 AM Eastern (EST)

1:oo PM Central (CST)

12:00 PM Mountain (MST)

11:00 AM Pacific (PST)

7:00 PM U.K (GMT)



Server: TBD

I want everyone to come to this small event. Remember, this is a CP event, we will only be on for about 10-15 minutes, also the chain of command will be by high CPUN members such as Dee and ATM, and anyone recommended by them. So, I ask every army leader to post this on their site, and comment their army will participate in this event.

So, again, I want everyone to come to this small event, also, please CPUN Staff, help me seek for new members for the CPUN.

A true man hates no one- Napoleon Bonaparte.



19 Responses

  1. For an odd reason before I posted this, I had an odd chill in my spine.

  2. 4:00p.m on a Saturday afternoon.

    Storm forecasted, so I’ll probably be there.

  3. I’ll be there..


  4. 7:00am Sunday Morning.


  5. Some people from the Fusion Warriors will attend.

  6. Yes, it would be great. 😛 I approve it. Haven’t heard from ATM yet though.

    Also, how do you think it might intervene the cause of army wars? I’d like to see that happen. 😀

  7. I’ve sent a message to some armeis about this event…now let’s hope people actually show up!

  8. Sky Troops will definitely be on vanilla at that time, and would love for the CPUN to join us on that server. We will switch servers if needed, though.

  9. SS will try to be there!

  10. CP Rangers will be there. *chew*

    -Gostt, CPR 1ic

  11. […] Info from CPUN Site […]

  12. Umm… Dee?
    IDK if I have a right to it or not but iI was wonderin…
    Am I by any chance of any right, to be a a Anthor or Contribiture on CPUN site?
    IDK sense I am an Agent and in the Health Department, soo,… IDK if I am oblaged to have such privledge.

  13. If I remeber I should be there.

    ~Josiah Fett NFF Leader

  14. RPF will be there like bosses. 8)

  15. ill see if ISCP can come.

  16. Glad to see how well this is going. There’s a lot of people volunteering. 😛

    Lincoln, you’ve been on the site for quite some time now.. 😉

  17. Blue Aliens cant come, we just found out.

  18. It is 2 PM EST. Not AM.

  19. Why is my comment bold?

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