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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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It’s That Time Again…

Hey CPUN! It’s that time again…

Whereas all of you guys are like, “WTF? What time again is it?” Well, it’s the time for my biased post! I found this post surprising hard to write, and I’m surprised it’s so awesome. (I don’t like long posts, they get boring after about 200 words.)

Ok, so, my biased post will be on the League of Friendship.

Questions and Answers
What the f*** is the League of Friendship?
The League of Friendship is a league for armies to become friends, and such. We’ll hosts a tourney or two, have practice battles, and be friends.
Alright, I’m interested. But who leads it?
The army leaders. So for CPR, Gostt and I lead it, but for CPGT, Keith leads it with his other leader(s).
Awesome! How do I join?
Just go to http://leagueoffriendship.wordpress.com/

Alright, the is me, the is also me, as a different person.

I am a person who only speaks the truth, and personally, I love CPUN. I love CPR. And I think this girl in my class is amazing… Wait, did I just say that out loud. For those of you who think I am lifeless, I am not lifeless, I come on the computer, like, once a day, and worrying about CPR and CPUN is after I finish my homework. Which by the way, when I wrote this, I was done with my homework.

Crap, I’m getting over my 200 words is boring, it’s not good for me, it hurts to be exact. WHY!!!

Alright, lemme just rap this up before I hit 300 words.

League of Friendship is the most second beastly thing in the world, and you should join.

Ok, heres the site again.

– Wyoskyguy
Where yesterday falls, Tomarrow lays, Today rises.
Here’s a video I like too.


7 Responses

  1. Good post…. Lol.

  2. Yeah…. Lol.. Good one.

  3. Nice…

  4. LOL! I am gonna find dat girl and tell her you like her…… XD
    What is her name!?! What does she look like?!? Is she Single!?!?!?!?!
    Is she HOT!?!?!?
    TELL ME TELL ME TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. @Sky, Great post! I know you have a life already since i rarely see you. For meh, homework and girls come first all the time.



  6. I guess it’s kinda cool. 😛 People need friends.

    Oh yeah, Sky, if you finally have some time off, will you be able to make the graphics for the CPUN..? 😦

  7. @Aj9011, Thanks Aj,
    @Lincoln, What Aj said.
    @Dee, Time off for me is usually Friday and Saturday nights, and Wednesday nights.

    Thanks for the comments, and who watched my video?

    – Sky, CPR Leader and Head of League of Friendship

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