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Dee: Yep. A start of the new month. Goodluck to us on this month of September! 😀

1st September 2011

Hello, Rex here with a ENTERTAINING (Yes i hope) Post

Now lately Golden Troops wanted to take the 1st spot in the Top Ten, And ACP has been really defending it, So im going to do a sneak peek into there plans.

To Golden Troops now. They have been posting up pictures like this:

I kind of laughed at the pictures but it was looking like it is going to be a flame war, So this could go crazy. But this started off when GT wanted to hack ACP, In order to make them weaker, What i think is using a non-fighting force to get to the Top-Ten, And Most of the time, The army trying to get Top 1 Would battle the S*** out of the Top 1 army till they get the spot. So this could just become a hacking war. Now here is a picture also they put up.

And this

But ACP has not put up any offensive pictures of GT, But it looks like ACP is going to be the smarter ones and go with the old-fashion Top One takeover battle. Now if your in GT and ACP, Then i think you should sit through the battle as ACP is banning GT on there chat and GT is banning ACP on there chat. So you will just sit and watch to see who will win.

Thats all!

~Agentrds (Rex)


6 Responses

  1. 1st 😛

  2. I’ve hated ACP for a while now, couple years or so. Those pictures aren’t that offensive. At RPF, we specialize in making ACP feel like cra.

  3. Hello! I Am Samcool625, The Leader Of PPA. I Would Like To Inform You That My Army Would Like To Hold A Small Army Brawl Called The
    PPA School Smackdown. The Dates Will Be Determined Later, But It Will Be Held On A Weekend. We Would Like To Ask That CPUN Would Sponsor And Invite Other Armies To Join The Brawl. Email Me At remlemas@gmail.com For More Information. I Hope You Accept!

  4. GT being in the Top 1 spot has gone longer than I expected. In fact, we hardly ever see any army up on CPAC’s #1 spot aside from the ACP so this is a big surprise.

    They aren’t too offensive I must say. 😛 Nice post. GT better get geared up.

  5. Biased. ACP did post offensive pictures and publish offensive posts towards us.

  6. Never saw it :O

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