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Golden Troops – Rising Super Power – ll Paragraphs of Wisdom

Golden Troops – Rising Power –

The Golden Troops are an army with legends and history. They were a sucessful army with the merge of CPST (Club Penguin Sun Troops) and Golden Warriors who were both armies in the Top Ten at the time. GW and CPST made a trial-merge, but the merge proved to be of great success, and made the merge permanent, reaching 2nd place in CPAC’s Top Ten.

GT proved to be an army to be remembered, playing major roles in many wars, but, a sudden fall made GT an army regularly in the Top Five of the CPAC, usually being around 4th or 5th, they had the ability to reach 3o at those times.

GT fell out of the Top Ten, and it took a decent while to re-reach the Top Ten, they did stay around, falling sometimes out of the Top Ten, then comming back for a while, but now it seems the falling and comming back has ended.

In the Mammoth Union vs the Retalitation War, GT played a role supporting the Mammoth Union which was led by ACP, and reached good numbers on that time as well, and later they proved they would not stop growing.  In the war against the Retalitation, GT claime Rocky Road, the Ninjas Capital, who had been another major army supporting the Retalitation. GT did a 2nd invasion to prove they were the sole-owners of Rocky Road.

The picture above is a size displaying both armies excellent size, many argue GT won, but again, many argue the Ninjas won this battle, regardless of who won, GT gave the server of Rocky Road back to the Ninjas, due to the The Retaliation ended, leaving only Shadow Troops -another major army- alone to fight ACP, and thus GT ending much of its interest in the war, made a peace treaty with the Ninjas. (I am not sure if this is accurate, I have limited time of researching, if I am wrong please do comment so I may fix it.)

Later on, shorlty after the end of the massive war that had been raging on, Jerry a GT Leader made a post, the first paragraph made much of the post;

Today, we had kind of a good tactic session. Why good? Because we didn’t hit 40 on cp. Why not bad? Because we hit 35 max on CP :mrgreen:

The statement would be the first of the proud statements of many GT Owners to come.

The picture above is one of the many pictures of the GT event which sended one clear message to the Club Peguin Army Community –GT is rising, and it’s not stopping- , GT also claimed in the battle many members are in ACP had to go to ACP Chat for an ACP Event, and yet GT still acomplished impressive numbers in Club Penguin.

GT later has made Recruiting Sessions, which prove to be more impressive than the previous events.

Impressive, no?

Golden Troops Ambition

GT has yet more stunning results achieving great results in their second recruiting session, achieving 30+ on CP, and making the first X in Golden Troop History, or so I think.

GT owners have called various statement for the #1 Spot on the Top Ten, you heard me, the number one spot, the spot the Army of Club Penguin currently holds, and has not lost it since the end of the so called Mchappy Era.

Yet can they achieve such a difficult goal? Possible, and they do have a good chance. Many people are saying the ACP is falling, losing activeness, many say GT, Nachos, possibly even the Elites could overtake the #1 spot, yet, most say GT is the army that has the best chance. Yet, many disagree, but many are debate GT has the best chance especially after their third recruiting session;

GT claims they maxed 40+ which is the number similar to those that ACP usually averages, although some say ACP’s average numbers in battle have dropped to 30+, some say even to 25+. Many see that GT may truly overcome ACP’s #1 in the Top Ten.  Of course it is obvious many GT owners want GT as the #1 Army. Of course they do! #1 Army Leader get fame, glory, soldiers, money, helicopters, haters, flamers, and other neat and not-so-neat stuff.

But are there future challenges? Many saw ACP would fall a month ago, but after a quick war with the Nachos, then Ice Warriors, and then the war against the Retaliation, ACP destroyed competition for the #1 spot, most of the times outnumbering the enemy -by a lot-.

ACP also has a well known owner in the ACP Ranks. Icey Cold 27, better known as Mchappy, a good ACP owner, very well known with the lower ACP Ranks and mod ranks alike, Mchappy was also a former ACP leader achieving great success for ACP, many claim Mchappy brought ACP to a new Golden Era for the Army of Club Pengiun. Mchappy is currently ACP 2ic.

Many say Mchappy will not become ACP leader due to the last fiasco, and he is also in many other armies such as the Elites and GT.

So, shall GT rise over ACP? Is ACP truly collapsing? Shall GT find a new boulder in their journey? Comment with you’re opinion!


This is completely unrelated to CP Armies, but it may help you a little.

Unity to prevail is my grandfather’s quote, he says with unity, many things impossible can be achieved. The quote “Unity to prevail.” has been passed from my great great grandafther to my great grandfather, to my grandfather, well you get the message. Many things can be done with unity, and many things may collapse without unity.

Heck look at the U.S Government, their divided by many beliefs, and of course they don’t have unity so they are greatly limited to many things. But if they were united, many things would be much easier to fix, and many more prosperous things.

In the Napoleonic Wars, not Russia, not Prussia, not Austria, not England could defeat Napoleon alone, they even attempted to defeat him many times together, and failed various times. Now you nay say, “Wait, if they did work together, aren’t you contradicting your own quote?”

It may look like, but if you look at France, you will see the First French Empire at the time was very united. Napoleon sat on the throne, his “allies” were puppet-states which were ruled by family members of Napoleon’s and people who Napoleon saw easy to manipulate, not only that, but Napoleon united France in all ways, the rich, the poor, the weak, the strong, the old, all of them supported him.

Yet combinations of Prussia, the U.K, Austria, Russia, and mother nature her-self proved to be too much for Napoleon. But you must see, Napoleon took on Europe, and nearly won. France was united by Napoleon, but so were his enemies. Certain mistakes sealed Napoleon’s fate.

Anyways, so what I want to say is, with total unity, many things thought not possible can be done, if you are divided, it will weaken you, and limit you.

Unity to prevail. (No stealing my quote!)


Next Post: The Charizard Theory -collapse of ACP- ll Rally of CPUN Armies



9 Responses

  1. Wow, just realized this post is horrible DX

  2. *wary* GT may take Number One spot in Top Ten. Then 3 years later another army will take the 1st spot.

  3. Stop stealing Pit’s quote from Super Smash Bros! D:<

  4. UNITY TO PREVAIL!!! HAHAHA!!! (I stole your quote!)

  5. Kid Icarus will strike down hell on you!

  6. The Golden Troops are growing rapidly. I hope they’ll remember us when they’re at the top.

    I wonder how ATM and the RPF are gaining benefit from this.

  7. @Dee The RPF is pretty much the same as when our last leader left. Sucking… We’re struggling.

  8. May I have a spot on the GFX Team. I applied but I don’t think anyone read my comment.

  9. Don’t sticky this, this is quite old, new post comming soon.

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