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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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The New CPUN Board – August 2011

Dee edit: No problem Sky. Eh, I forgot. 😛 UPDATED COLORS. Shimmy to Yellow Green and Gostt to Navy Blue. Pungy, what color would you like?

Wyoskyguy: Thanks for red Dee, how did you know? XD. Also, Im un-vacating the GFX Spot :3

Pungy Edit: I got orange 😛

August 17, 2011

And finally, the revealing of the new and updated..


August 2011 onwards..

Yes, it is I, Dee, speaking to all of you on this fateful day. We are finally going to clear up the level of authority here in the CPUN. I will be presenting to you the new CPUN Board and the first of it’s kind since about a year ago. 😛

I am grateful to those who have been with me ever since. The most recent of people have never had written papers stating their positions here in the CPUN yet they continued to work for the service of our community. A big hand should awarded to them. 😆

Thank you for your patience. It’s actually been the first time in a long time that we’ve had more than 1 actively working leaders. In the founding days, about 6 people or more led the alliance with me. We can once again revive that and we’ll stay active for much longer. 😀



Upper Administration:

Listed below are the names written next to the positions in order of authority level in the CPUN’s administration along with their editing colors:

  • Secretary General Mr Deedledoo with ATM23
  • Prime Minister WyoskyGuy
  • Head of Secretariat Keith
  • Minister(s) of War and DefensePungy, Gostt

Community Service:

Community Service authorities levels vary. The list below is not listed in any particular order.

  • Chief Supervisor – Soccer793
  • Head(s) of News Department- Shimmy and Charizard58
  • Reporters and Spokespersons – Pungy, Keith, Momo941, Dr King John (Intelligence Agency), KingJared7, Pwner1
  • GFX Handlers: Wyoskyguy
  • Health Department: Vacant
  • Agents: Vacant

If you would like to request a editing color for yourself, please tell me. 😉



As you can see, compared to the original CPUN Board, I have changed things up a little. I’ve reduced the size and removed the unnecessary ones for this year. Every year, things change. There are different demands. If I have forgotten something that you think may be important, please inform me ASAP!

Here’s brief info about what each position does:

Upper Administration:

  • Secretary General(s) – Lead the alliance and has control over the biggest decisions. Mostly takes time to advise, observe, and keep things in order while also approving ideas and suggestions given by the board members and the CPUN community. The Secretary Generals have the responsibility to fulfill the expectations of the people about the duty of the CPUN and to be able to continue campaigning for the CPUN’s cry of freedom and justice for all.
  • Prime Minister – Is pretty much the CPUN’s second in command. Has the right to speak on behalf of the CPUN and approve decisions he believe may be of convenience to the community’s on-going strive for prosperity. The Prime Minister has the same responsibilty as the Secretary General which is to fulfill the expectations of the people about the duty of the CPUN and to be able to continue campaigning for the CPUN’s cry of freedom and justice for all.
  • Head of Secretariat – As third in command, the Head of Secretariat handles the General Affairs of the CPUN. Whether it be about handling non-practice battle wars (wars between the CPUN and other alliances, wars between two members of the CPUN) or reacting to feedback on the CPUN, the Head of Secretariat is to be notified before any action is done. This position has a say in the media about CPUN plans and is allowed to direct the Community Service in what they have to do. Shares the same responsibility as the Secretary General and Prime Minister.
  • Minister(s) of War and Defense – They don’t exactly have the job to have to keep creating practice battles or monitor every single war each and every one of our members make. They have the power to create anything related to war. They have the power to lay out defense and attack plans. They are the best people to approach when anything related to war is needed to be acquired. An example would be requesting a Practice Battle or Tournament which the Ministry will then consider. They share the same responsibility as the Secretary General and Prime Minister.

The members of the Upper Administration have the legibility to speak in behalf on the CPUN (depending on their area of work; Ministry of War and Defense may speak about the CPUN’s war department plans but have a smaller say in much deeper things compared to the Secretary General). Because of their higher position in the board, they have the privilege to take time to simply observe and supervise things around the alliance and may assign literal work to the necessary people available in the staff. Everyone in the Upper Administration also has the power to schedule General Assemblies (a common and necessary event in the CPUN).

Community Service:

  • Chief Supervisor – The chiefs supervise the work done by the Community Service staff. They supply the needs of the staff and have a say in what may be right and what may be wrong. But of course, they need permission from the Upper Administration if they are unsure of big decisions. They may report the performance of the staff to the Upper Administration, have potential staff members recognized, or nominate them for removal. The Supervisor may hold General Assemblies with the permission of the Upper Administration.
  • Head(s) of News Department- These guys make sure the papers keep printing! They may hire reporters for the department and assign them what news to report about. The Heads will keep the publishing of news in order and assure that the news they produce is not overly biased or offensive to the public.
  • Reporters and Spokespersons – Reporters have the job of reporting CPUN-related news, CP Army news, or news about Club Penguin in general depending on their specialties. Spokespersons usually like to give out their opinions on matters in CP Warfare, a practice more commonly known as ranting. The freedom of speech is still given to both the writer’s side and the reader’s side. Spokespersons will NOT speak on behalf of the CPUN without permission from the Upper Administration or the vote of the community. Reporters and Spokespersons are allowed to make polls.
  • GFX Handlers: Create the graphics and media for the CPUN
  • Health Department: The members of the Health Dep. that may be called ‘aids’ in the future will be the ones to check on armies in need of help. On the website, they mainly observe the flow of discussion and see if there seems to be any armies facing trouble. Their job is to attend to these armies and report back to the CPUN with details of the situation. Training will be needed here and official applications will be held later on.
  • Agents: Their job is to assure that all the info the community receives is real and genuine information. We do not want our members believing lies. They will also be the ones to keep our reputation up and defend our alliance if ever we are verbally or physically attacked. Agents will be under the upcoming Intelligence Agency branch which will act as a research lab and work to assure the CPUN’s safety from hackers and foreign attacks, and crude and incorrect information that the CPUN may unintentionally suck up to.



We need more people to fill in as staff so I’ll be doing some more personal recruiting. If you’re interested in a job, you may sign up now! Don’t forget that we also take our most active members as staff if they are worthy! 😀  😉 I suggest the members of the Upper Administrations  to read the description of each member of the staff for supervising purposes. Sorry if the description of each position may be a bit diffuse or unclear. I will be willing to elaborate them.

Congratulations to those who made it to the CPUN Board. I look forward to working with you all. Remember our goal as the CPUN! :mrgreen:

Have a great week everyone! BTW, support UTR! 🙂



Always move forward. Going straight will get you nowhere.


32 Responses

  1. Must have taken alot of time to organize all this, thanks for putting in so much effort Dee!

  2. Minister of War and Defense! W00t! 😀

  3. Whoever’s Minister of War, I hope they want war against PR. BTW, if an agent is one who gets secret info, I would like to sign up!

  4. I would like to sign up for the Agent Department, and the Health Department.
    If it is ok with you Dee.

    BTW: I would Like to Hire You to be in the News of the Globe!

    It is a Global News site, I created it, and It does not have nuthing to deal with cp, but all about the World around us.
    It is to deleaver Weekly News, Sports, Music, Arts Theator & Science, Envirement, Selebirty Gossiep, News in General, Weather, Travel, Politics, Religen, Stock Market, Buisness News in General, Military news in general, Health & Living, and Food.

    This will cover all the world, and I need people ASAP!

    I got friends from the Blind School in my Area helping + a Teacher or two possible, My Friend Jones0236 Possibly, My Friend From Ashia, possibly, and thats about it.

    I need help, and I need reporters for all parts of the world.
    I am working on getting about 50 to 70 people on board with this program
    and I need you to possibly give a contreibution to this project.

    If you or someone will help, go to the following webaddress below.

    I need to get reporters who will be willing to tell the truth, to Get accurate Infomation on all Wordly Events in their Branch, To Never Post lies or to Advirties Sertin gamming sites, or sertin Infomation about your Family, Friends, ETC…
    And to get the Reporting finished by the deadline.

    We Publish on Saturdays, and only Saturdays, and we Only allow the Truth!

    We will not allow Lies like Fox News, or Picking sides like CNN.

    But, if you or someone would like to be an Editor, or a reporter for our news, go to http://newsoftheglobe.wordpress.com/

    And I will read your Comment, and then think over your employment.

    Tell we get an Employment WebE-Mail, we only will do this.

    Sadly, tell we can get a way to get payment, we only will allow volenteers in the News of the World.

    But if you wanna join, You have the Website, and you know how to contact me.


  5. Woo I’m chief.

  6. Hey CPUN! Need help with anything? With GT getting ever so close to surpassing ACP, we are sure to be a huge helping hand for this legendary site. 🙂

    • Your welcome. 🙂 We’ll be happy to have you all!

      Hey there Johnny. Thank you for considering us and giving us this offer. We wish GT the best. We’ll continue to support you as an old friend.

  7. Dee. I have always wanted to work at the CPUN. So i am asking you, Can i work here? I would love to work here and im VERY active. I also work at UTR, so i got some experience about working with the CPUN. If you choose me to work at CPUN, Contact me on this site:
    ~Agentrds 😀

  8. I would work as a Agent or work at the Health Department, Dee.

  9. I recommend such a person that has a name starting with an A and he is right above me.

    Who’s dat now?

  10. Anyways, great board Dee. It’s cool to be Head of Secretariat already.

  11. @Keith Lol

  12. I really would like to work in the CPUN! I promise to stay very active. Oh, and I would like to be an agent.

  13. Whoa, Secretary General. Thats amazing. Thanks Dee. I’ll do my best to bring the CPUN up to its best form. 😀

  14. UPDATE: The UTR Link has been added to the dropdown menu under the ‘Community’ page.

  15. I’d like to be invlolved in the Intelligence Agency, and I’m also planning to invest more of my time on the CPUN -specifaclly military and new matters.-

  16. @ Atm, keeth, Dee, and anyone who can help…

    I just started a Non CP Relaited website called, “News of the Globe” and I need Reporters.
    We post news about the World over, in Areas such as, News in General, Buisness News in general, Weather, Sports, Arts Theator & Science, Travel News in General, and Selabratie Gossap.

    I am looking for Reporters, and if you wanna help me with my News site, go to newsoftheglobe.wordpress.com and comment their.
    I will review your Join applacation, and will think rather to put you incharge of a sertin field, or put you as an Author for a part of the Catagory.

    Please, I hope you will help. I am working on getting this buisness off the ground, and I wanna get emploies.

    I am looking for people to help with writing in the catagorys above, and in the sertin fields such as in the Following Contenates.

    North America
    South America

    I Need people for thoese parts of the world, and I need Them to Cover News in General, Buisness News in General, Weather & Travel, Fine Arts Theator & Science, Healthey Living & Food, Home & Gardan, Politics, Religeon, and Music.

    Also to have this Ready for publishing by Saturday, of every week, Plus to also Cover Breaking News on a 2 day notice.

    If you or anyone wants to be a Reporter for the News of the Globe, go to http://newsoftheglobe.wordpress.com/

    And Leave a Comment on the Post on the Site.


  17. i would like to be an agent.

  18. @ ATM thanks!

    @Lincoln I’m not sure how active I would be do to school…

  19. Does Minister of Defense get editor?

  20. Hello Dee and other CPUN Executives.

    I, Alex Cone, would like to apply to work with the CPUN. My army, Sky Troops, have been a long time member of the CPUN, and it has been a goal of mine to help the CPUN community, which I feel I can best do as a worker at the CPUN. I am ready and willing to take on any task, but would prefer one in which I get to assist in battle plans, as I seem to be able to plan well and have helped armies such as CPR, CPGT, and of course, Sky Troops, along with non-CPUN members such as Snow Warriors, in plans to defend servers that were successful.

    If you would like to contact me, I would be best contacted at the Sky Troops website and/or Sky Troops, Nachos, Ninjas, CPR, or Light Troops chat, as these are where I spend the most time.

    As always, I will do my best to assist the CPUN in whatever way I can. Thank you.

    ~Alex Cone

  21. Is Blue good for a edit color? *chew*

  22. I can help with the GFX thingy, since I now make GFX thanks to my mentor, a very special person named Wyoskyguy.

  23. Dark or Light Green please Dee!

  24. I would like to join, with Shimmy if thats ok

  25. Hay Dee,
    If it is ok with ya, I think I will sign up for Agent, and or health department.

    Just show me where the Pashent is, and I will cut him open, and get to work!

    Where did I put that Livor? 😛
    And what happened to my speshal tool to give lypo suction?

    O well, I guess thats why I got a gourage Vackume. 😛
    Now to give Keeth that Brain Transplant!

    Keeth, I need you to sign a paper for me.

    It is to say, I was given full responsability (Though I am not a Registered Doctor, nor a Doctor in general)
    To do brain surgery on you.

    Now, Where did I put that Gas Chain Saw?
    I was gonna Ampuate Dees Left Leg for him. 😛 He keeps complaining about how it hurts, I wanna fix that. XD 😛

  26. Umm, You guys are not gonna report me if I droped my Lunch in Dees Stomac when I did a Liver Transplant are you?

    I don’t wanna get in trouble. 😛

    Now, Where did I put my house keys?

    O Crap! I droped them in my cousin! I was doing a Lung Surgery and I droped them In my cousins body!

    So,, I guess when he breaths… THATS WHY MY CAR ALARM KEEPS GOING OFF!! XD
    He keeps hitting the Panic button! XD 😛
    Well…. Gotta Cut my cousin open again.

    She is gonna kill me. XD

  27. Yup! She is gonna kill me. XD

  28. To any who has an army and is reading this, one of our servers has been captured. Please help us take it back.


  29. Ok. http://stormarmycp.wordpress.com/

  30. We can help.

  31. I would like to try out for GFX spot. You can see examples at



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