UTR Launched- Help armies rise, we need people!

Edit: Just figured I would get this out as soon as possible, even though we’re under construction.

Hey guys! UTR is here. Here is the link.


As you probably already know, the UTR stands for Unite To Rise. It’s a special branch of the CPUN that want’s to help armies rise by doing any of these things, or whatever an army asks for. We’ll try to answer the call in any way possible.

  • Get our representatives to be an Adviser
  • Get our representatives to lead battles
  • Give tips to the army if that’s all they need, recommend how to help it rise
  • Spread the word about the army, make it featured member of the week on UTR. (Top of our sidebar), just one thing we can do.
  • Anything the army asks of us that we can fulfill. (We will have a terms of service up soon).

Anyone who wants to help the cause of armies rising needs to have at least one whole year of army experience. They also need decent leading skills, and they must be active, or face possibly being fired/demoted.

Want to sign up? Look for the post titled “UTR APPLICATIONS.”



2 Responses

  1. This will be helpful to our members. 🙂

  2. Hopefully, this really goes off and becomes a HUGE success benefiting our members and the army itself. 🙂

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