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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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August Monthly Meeting

ATM Edit: See the WHACKDOWN ROUND 2 POST here: https://clubpenguinunitednations.wordpress.com/2011/08/06/whack-down-round-2-times/

It’s that time of the month again, our monthly meeting to review the last month and make plans for this month. Many of us will be heading back to school, so this might be our last meeting in which everyone can come. I would like atleast ONE representative from every CPUN army to show up for this meeting. We love hearing new idea’s, tell us what you think about the CPUN and PLEASE bring up things we need to improve on. We will be voting on a few things, and handing out jobs on the website(for people who are active).

Sunday, August 14th, 2011

9PM Eastern Standard

8PM Central Standard

6PM Mountain Standard

7PM Pacific Standard

9AM Indonesian Time


WARNING: DO NOT post over until Sunday


31 Responses

  1. g oed due to Signups at the Blind School.
    I will talk with the leaders, and see of Pen or Jones can attend.
    BTW: Jones is back as AACP Leader, and we now have 2 First Incommands.
    Numper10pen, and jones0236


  2. Due to Sign ups at the Blind School, I will not attend.
    I will try to, but I will also ask if Number10pen can attend, or if Jones0236 can take my place.
    BTW: Jones and Number10pen are the new First incommands at the AACP

  3. I won’t make it, Snowpaws1 may take my place if she can make it.

  4. Hay Guys, I am on the CPUN chat, and theirs no one on.
    Can someone please member me real quick Please?
    I am real bored, and looking for a few people to talk CP Army Politics with.
    I need to swap Some Ideas on how to lead, and find ways on how to get recruits.

    P.S. I just loged on at 15:25 EST, and will be on from now, tell 17:00 EST.

  5. i’ll be there.

  6. MFW Leader Miroos, HACKED THE AACP! (CRIES!)
    He Distroyed the AACP

  7. Mesterous Freedom Warriors Leader, Miroos, Hacked the AACP!

    • @Lincoln31543 Please, calm down. I will talk with Miroos myself to see if he did any such thing to the AACP site.

  8. Nice tag Jared *wary I’ll try my best to come.

  9. D: I will try my best to come its sunday though and i will be away at that time i really dont want to miss it i will try getting on a computer

  10. Well, He did.
    We where Working out Merger Deals, and such, and when we added him to the Site, as an Administer, He said he was deleating the site.
    On our Very Own Congress chat!
    I got a back up going now, but I need help.
    If it where not for the Fact i saved everything, We would be finnished for tood.
    But I am warning you, The AACP is going to War with MFW.
    I posted a Threat of War on their site, and now, its on.
    I even to proof of the Merger on my computer.
    I got an E-Mail from him saying he wants to have the Merger.
    It was my falt putting him as Administer, and I am the Down Fall of my own demise.
    But, I am asking for anyone who will help me in this war.
    IDC if he is CPUN anymore.
    If i have to resign from the CPUN to go to war, Well Fine!
    But I am doing this because of Documented Proof!
    And I copied it into a Notpad, and put it on a Flash Drive!
    I got even jones as a witness.
    If he will talk to me after all this.
    He was Pissed when the Site was Deleated.
    Well, Our New Site is,

    We are as of now, In a War!
    And ATM, I am Never Doing Mergers again!
    I will not Even Allow anyone to be Administer on the site after this.
    As of now, Their is no more then 1 Administer, and only their will be a select few Main Owners on chat.
    And i will reset the Password every time!
    I will not Let this go un punnished!
    MFW have spelled their death all over my Flag, and They will wish that they Never Messed with THE AACP!
    As of now, I am asking for anyone to help me.
    But, If you are with MFW, I will Guest Bann you from the Chat!

    As of now, We are for life, Enemies with MFW!

  11. I was Full of Steam in one of the post. I wish I did not say Fagget or Faggot or what ever they spellit.
    Alot of times, I delt with, people with a Strong Language.
    So… Yeah. Gotta work on that.
    But, This is my summery of what happened.
    BTW: theamericanarmyofclubpenguin.wordpress.com is our new site.

  12. Lincoln, I’m sorry this happened, we’ll see how things go…

  13. Lincoln, Anyhelp, Contact me on this site:

  14. I hope i can come. If Snowpaws form Robber Penguin Force cant come then i will be their representitive for them and SACP

  15. That is very sad to hear Lincoln. The back-up should restore anything messed with.

    Miroos and the MFW is actually a long time friend of the CPUN’s. We’ll see if we can ask him to spare you and your army. We can’t assure you that we can make him say ‘Sorry’ though. 😐 But what we can do is help repair your site again. 🙂

    Oh and Jared, shouldn’t we call this a General Assembly?

  16. @Dee
    General Assembly sounds to classy *wary*

  17. @Lincoln

    “and when we added him to the Site, as an Administer, He said he was deleating the site.”

    Miroos at that time owned the site and he could do whatever he wanted with it. There is nothing illegal about it.

  18. i can come!

  19. Can’t come because of time.


  20. Well… Dee,
    I am sorry that MFW is a long time friend of the CPUN and all but,
    I have no choice but to enforce War.
    I got my people asking for war, and I got no choice, but to give it.
    I am going to the President, and Vice President today, to talk about how to go about our Battle Plains.
    MFW, has Spelled their Grave. If the CPUN tries to Entervean, I will have no choice but to resign from the CPUN. Though I am not President, It will have to go through him.
    But, I am asking for the SF Snow Fighters, to aid me in this war, and I am plaining an assalt on the MFW.
    I understand that I am voialaiting CPUN Law, and I could be dismissed from the CPUN if I go faword and attack the MFW, but you gotta understand.
    This is our Pearl Harbor.
    This is our 9/11,
    This is our Vietnam War, and we shail not backdown.
    This is our War of 1812, Our Korean War, how ever you may see it.
    It is our Iraq War, and we shail not backdown.
    It will not matter who fired the first shot. But who Fired, the Last Shot.
    And to be honnest, Their was an Act of War caused by the MFW.
    These people Attacked a Member of the CPUN.
    Why do you defend them?

    P.S. In the United Nations, in real life, If a Nation thats in the UN, attacks another member of the UN, The one who attacked the Other UN member, would have been dismissed from the UN United Nations.
    To be honnest, The CPUN, is alot like the UN, but is not toatly like the United Nations.
    Sometimes, I think, Their should be a CPNF.
    Club Penguin Nato Forces.
    This would be inpartner with the CPUN, and would be the joint forces we need.
    I know I am Putting the CPUN down, and I am sorry for that, but My Nation, “A member of the CPUN”, was attacked by a Nation that is also a member of the CPUN.
    What I wanna know, is why is it that my Armies suffering, and the MFW is getting off, scotch free?

  21. Hey CPUN! The PR is a problem again, and we need more armies to join my alliance! The link is here, plz join!

  22. @Lincoln31543 I can help. I’ve always wanted to work in the CPUN. Mr Deedledoo, can I make a branch of the CPUN?

  23. @Lincoln
    Don’t compare it to the Iraq War
    Iraq War was a fail :/

  24. Well, Trust me. I dont want the USA In any part of IRAQ.
    I just think we should just build new homes, and schools and leave.
    I fear my Cousin will end up well…. It don’t matter.
    He is home, and My cousin is home.
    I just wish they would not make him go over their.
    Sense He is an Officer Rank, he is prone to Snyper attacks.

    My Friend on the Other Hand, He lost a Foot to a Bullet.
    He Wanted out, so He got what he wanted when his unit got ambushed.
    He still has his left leg. Just not his Left Foot…
    But he can still Dance! XD (Cough) Cot Him Danceing with His GirlFriend (Cough) He kicked my ass at Wrestelling (Cough) He is a Show off (Cough) Think he is better then me because he can still kick my ass at wrestelling (Cough) I would like to Take his other foot and shove it in his mouth so he would not be so cockey with how he can always kick my ass (Cough)

    And I would like to add, He Stole my Girlfriend……
    I Just wonder how long it will take for her to realize he is a Eago Crazied Idiot.
    (Cough I still can Kick his ass at hailo! XD
    I Kicked his Butt At it when I could see, I could probably do it again. XD

  25. XD @ Dee,
    If I run into in real life, You will be the guy with the camera as a Blind guy kicks Butt at hailo. XD
    I got a tactic that can’t fail.
    Its called the Reset button on the Viedo game. XD
    Or Just Randomly throw Granades at people.
    That or just telling my friend to go check if theirs any Mountin Dew left in the Cooler.
    Then I take the controler my friend uses, and I Go and take it off pause. XD Epic Fail!

  26. I am working on it now. The CPUN Peace Corps. I will make Mr Deedledoo, KingJared, and others admids on the site.

  27. no one came. what the heck

  28. http://ecovideogamecheats.wordpress.com/2011/08/15/just-____/

  29. O.O…. Haven’t been on the computer as much… Enjoying my last few days of summer.

  30. @ Orcaman4,
    Bad Idea making motaple people Administers on the site.
    Well….. Gonna Get Hacked….

    BTW, I am shutting down the AACP, and going back to my old army.
    The name is AFCP. Army Fighters of club Penguin. Anyone who wants to join, go to armyfightersofclubpenguin.wordpress.com
    and fill out the requested form to join.
    I need help
    And I am gonna allow only 1 Administer.
    ME! That way, it can’t be hacked….. XD
    BTW: Still at war with MFW!

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