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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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The top 10- The balance that holds us all together? Or simply something that holds us back?

First off, this post is being made because of Redd Kool’s post on CPAC. Here’s what Redd Kool’s post is about.

Basically he is bragging about how if you give the right notices, and invade even if its a sucky time, you can get a server. Yet he doesn’t mean it to offend anyone, and it has a clear message through it all.

An army can invade another army, even if their a one man army. It doesn’t matter the times, as long as there’s a good notice, (I had to go right before they invaded :P). Yet at the same time, if an army is so much smaller than the other army, or so much bigger than the other army when they invade a server, does it really make it fair? In my opinion major armies are a whole different league compared to small/medium armies. Here’s my comment on the CPAC site.

I find that this post does really bring out a question that no one has seemed to ask, does size matter? Well with an opponent yes, but without one, no. But I do believe if a small army invades a server a big army can keep it anyways. I think the rule should be that the major armies can have the server as their own, and so can small armies, since their both way out in different leagues. So yes, a one man army can invade Mammoth, but it would only be disputed between small and medium armies. The major army therefore still owns it as the overall bigger army to have control of said server. Small/medium armies, have control of said server in their own “league” you could say. When a small-medium army gets major, or a major army drops down, they are now in a different league of armies, so now other armies their size could invade them. This almost makes the top 10 a good thing also, because it keeps a bit of balance, even if armies make such a fuss over it. If all armies wanted to be able to invade, I would say we abolish the top 10’s altogether.

Whether you get my point or not, I don’t think a small army should be able to take away from a major army, but instead get the server, but the major army keeps it as well. Both armies are way different, and way different in sizes. If a major army invades a small army, or a really big medium army, sadly that’s unfair, and I think the small army should have the ability to invade it back with the major army still having control over it as well, since their both in different “leagues.”

But what divides up armies and shows them that their not equals? Well size from an event can always mean something, but that can change fast. What really makes us all different is the TOP 10’s. Want to stop the whole divided by size deal? Trash the top 10’s. Want to keep balance? Keep the top 10’s.



9 Responses

  1. I think major armies and small/medium armies should be in different leagues.

  2. Well, I mean that only when it comes to servers. In wars, especially world wars, I don’t mean that.

  3. William, you confuse me.

  4. William, First off, Your Last Name better not be Ritchhart. If it is, DAD GET OFF THE COMPUTER, AND LOOK FOR A JOB!
    If your Last name is not Ritchhart, I am sorry for that.
    Second off, I beleive the Top 10 Armies, should be in CP Armies.
    But with Limatations.
    Large VS Meddem I am Ok with, Meddem VS Small I am even ok with.
    But Large Vs Small, Not ok with.
    Really I think Meddem should be the Border. Small and Large boath can go up against Meddem, but Large Vs Small, Small VS Large, It will not end well.
    I just think with some limatations, we can make the hole thing work.
    But I also think we should have a limit on CP Armies. Their is too many Small Armies to count, and we should be starting to grow.
    Some Small Armies Start out small and stay Small, and some Never get off the ground.
    Some make atleast an effort to get Solders, or Mergers, and Some refuse to all together.
    Why not Down Size them, and make it a Large & Meaddeom world.
    Their is too many Small Armies, and We clearly Have to think of ways to have these Wars, and such.
    I am a Second Incommand from a Small Army and I think theirs too many of us.

    Maybe if we start having Small Armies Merge, we can Make a new World Power, or some kind of New Army like maybe the Navy of Club Penguin, or the AirForce of Club Penguin, or even Starting up the Marines of Club Penguin.
    But, I also think, We should have Armies based on Countries in the Real world.
    Like American Army of Club Penguin
    Mexican Army of Club Penguin
    British Army of Club Penguin
    Japaniese Army of Club Penguin
    Or even the German Army of Club Penguin

    Or even like American Army of Club Penguin
    Uroupean Army of Club Penguin
    Ashian Army of Club Penguin
    And Middleastern Army of Club Penguin

    I just Thought of ways to Make it fun for all of us!
    We could have world Wars 24/7, and Maybe Even Some ways of Uniteding the World! 😀
    Who Knows, Maybe North Korea will get in the fun, and Invaid all the American Servers. XD
    Or even the Redneck Army of Club Penguin, and or the South of Club Penguin, and the North of Club Penguin. XD
    We can reanact the American Civil War XD
    I am gonna be a Yankie! =D
    This way,we can reanact the loosings of the Confederate States of America, EVERY DAY! XD
    I even got the Southern General for you!
    Robort E. Meat!
    Or General Stone Wall Seanhawk! XD
    For the Yankies it could be,
    President Abraham Lincoln31543 XD
    General Ulissus S. Kenneth1000
    I like this one.
    For the North,
    General Kenneth Sherman! (Yep Keeth, you are the General that gave Me Savana Georga for a Christmas Presient. Thanks!)

    And the Generals for the Last one, WWII.
    General Dee Patin! (General of the Tank Division that Invaided Normandy France.) (See Dee, I did not forget you.)
    President Flipper7076 D. Rosavelt (FDR President of the United States of America! The 48 United States!) (Still have not maid Hawaii our official State yet, and have not yet bought Alaska from Rushia.)
    General Erwin Romal, AkA Desert Foxtails. (O NOO Foxtails a Tank General! That Spells Death for me!)
    Adolf Lincoln31543 Himler. (Dang! I am the Look alike of Hitler! :@)
    Adolf Donald Duck. Hitler. (Theirs a Reason Donald Duck is Hitler. 1. I dont want my Friends to be him, and 2. Their is a Viedo that will tell you why! XD )
    Donald Duck Da Fuhrers Face: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpgSYbrw09g

    But Thats my short asument of why It is a good thing, and why it is not.
    P.S. No Idiots where Harmed in the Making of this Comment. Execpt The Following.
    Lincoln31543s Brain
    Lincoln31543s Computer
    And The Large amount of Pie I eait while making this Comment. XP 😛

  5. Hay Guys, can someone tell me what happened to the MCP Marines of Club Penguin?
    I went to their site at http://marinecorpofcp.wordpress.com/ and it is not their anymore!
    Did they get hacked? Did the Army Shut down? did they Merge and deleat the site?
    What happened?
    GPH136 was the Creator of it, and was the First Meaddeom army I ever lead.
    I would like some closer so I can feel at reast, knowing what the fait of the MCP was.
    GPH136 was also known as Blazeboy136, and was the creator of the BW, and the FW I think.
    Please, I would like some closer to what happened.
    ~Lincoln31543 Former Leader of the MCP 2008 – 2009

  6. The United States aren’t so united much. Simply stating.


  7. Umm, it says ORGASM. Hacked.

  8. wow… wow… you know. this guy has a point. Maybe there should be an official top ten with three branches. Small Medium and Large top ten lists. It seems smart, and by making “leagues” everything would be alot more fair for the medium, small, new, and newb armies, while the large or major armies still get their glory. its almost like….. having your cake…. and eating it too….. =O So say a small army wants to invade a server, they have to invade the army thats THEIR size that already owns it. Have it so theres three different sized armies who can all have a server and then share it, or take it, from another army of the same size. It makes things so much simpler! WHOS WITH ME? WE WANT LEAGUES!!!

  9. See see? &_&

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