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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Is there really love for us?

WP,CP,XAT, The 3 things Cp army’s need to survive  Above you see things we need to have cp armies.  But i have a question do all these providers care for us like this?

Or do they feel like this towards us

Well we will find out in this post bellow by going program by program


Starting with ……

Club penguin

Now you may ask how can CP hate us we give them more views and more money and support them. Well they like us for these reasons with army’s around cp gains money off of us people pay for memberships so they can have the cooler looking uniform. We also get severs more full and people more active in club penguin and playing it tons more (many people only go on cp for cp armys ).  But with love comes hate Cp army’s also make cp viewers drop. If a parent sees that there kids playing a penguin game full of war and hatred then im sure there gonna want to make there kids leave right away so that they aren’t prone to it at a early age. We also crash cp a lot most of ACPS events crash cp severs. We cause lag cause violence in cp (noobs get banned for saying kills smacks shoots)
Now proof that cp likes us?

Have any of you seen Cp’s better days music video? If you look closely ACP and Lt were in the video which means it cut them work!.

Proof that they dislike us?

Ever notice how cp starts lagging in a battle ya that’s not just because there’s too many people on that’s cp sabotage. What they do is they search cp army’s sites and use there time frames against us. Notice how if only 1 Troop shows it still lags?


Now we have covered Cp lets move on to


Ah WordPress the thing we really need  to have a cp army. Now WordPress may hate us they may love us lets review.

Wp could like us because: We give them money with CSS Catching on and more memory having to be saved a average CP army that buys all those spend around 150 A YEAR!!! also we bring tons of sites to wordpress. Noobs make army sites noob sites and keep making New gens and don’t delete the others we also make them new themes and graphics and keep retired people connected and make them graphics shop. Why might we be hated by them? Well we take up tons of wordpress space and not all of us buy domain. We also gain from them most of us make it so when you search up WordPress Half of the blogs are cp related meaning they may dislike us we take up space. People may think this is kiddish and stay away from WP and move to Blog spot.



Xat are commutation device what would we do with out it we wouldnt be able to talk.

Xat may like us why we donate TONS of money to them almost half of the recurits buy Powers xats days and all the other things we give them tons of xat chats.  Also half of the xat users are cp players. We also inspire people to join cp (eg a owner on help chat joined cp do to influence!).  Why xat may hate us? Well once again half are users are cp thats a bad thing to them Xat is 14 and up we also cause more hacking in Xat 70% of hacks are on cp players and 10 % of the hacker population is from CP and we use bots the most in xat.


So in all comment your opion We hated or we loved?





9 Responses

  1. I agree with this post at some points, yet some parts of it I think you forgot a few key factors, along with a few things I disagree on.

    CP- We can influence kids who find armies in not the best ways…

    WordPress- Well, they don’t like our commenting contests.

    Xat: They hate WordPress and Blogspot actually, becuase of scamming. (Not just from armies, I don’t know if any of it is from armies).

  2. I too agree on some points. But I guess they wouldn’t really mind.

    Also, CP will NEVER get more violent than throwing snowballs and saying ‘_Insert Army Name Here_ Rocks’. It isn’t really that bad. Thanks to CP’s filers, they still make it look nice a friendly. And hell, they’re still just snowballs and there’s nothing ever harsh that comes out of a penguin’s mouth other than ‘stink’.

    It’s not our fault WordPress is having a hard time either. I suggest we just go on with our work as bloggers. 🙂

  3. Well, Their has been motipule reports of Armies getting banned on cp because of recruiting, and wars.
    I even got banned before.
    They have been kinda upset about this.
    I once even E-Mailed them asking if they could make sertin words show so I could recruit.
    They told me no, and said that they where cracking down on the CP Armies.
    WordPress, Well, I don’t know what to say their.
    Xat, They are just our communacation line! Maybe their mad because of all the new Armies that sprout up every day or something.
    Maybe, theirs too many of us, and maybe we should have a confrence of Nations, to deside rather to put a end of creating new armies or not.
    I don’t know, but maybe their is something we can do to get CP, and CP Armies better assocated with eachother, and a little more understanding. I meen really, we could try to set up nageocations some where, and get someone from CP to come represent them, and get the CP Armies to send a Group of people over for talks.
    Have them meet up at a CPUN controled chat, and try to work out deals, and bargans.
    Maybe they will let bygons be bygons, and let us have our armies….
    Maybe we will have our own party on cp XD
    Heck, Mammoth is our Recruiting server, we might end up having a party their! XD

    You will never know, and we cant be all shure their is a problem that CP, Xat, or WordPress has with us.

  4. Good post.

    Thank you ~Momo941

  5. Im surprised ATM hasn’t commented Maybe he stopped stalking my posts (WARY).

  6. 😆 Now, as soon as you said that, he’s gonna start stalking your posts.

  7. Well, people say crap like tell your sister we said thanks, do me, etc.. Also, on Mammoth people stay stuff like wills (kills) and other things that mean war. But it’s nothing big. It’s the websites and chats that could pose a threat, but not even war wise.

  8. !”they’re still just snowballs and there’s nothing ever harsh that comes out of a penguin’s mouth other than ‘stink’.”
    Well Dee, RPF recently just bombed the ACP in battle with “HEY FLIPPER TELL YOUR SISTER WE SAY THANKS” and “ACP HAS NO DOCK” Not harsh at all. 😀

    @Momo I don’t stalk your posts. *D

    Nice post, I agree with most of it. I don’t think WordPress or Xat really cares, it just makes their own companies and sites more popular with us using them. I don’t think Club Penguin likes us because sometimes we do take the fun out of some gamers on CP. They even ban or kick us off the server sometimes or even trick us by saying we are banned but we aren’t.

  9. This is an epic post.

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