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How will a Major Event in real life effect CP Armies?

Sky Edit: I dont want to add HTML color to this edit, so I’ll just use bold xD. Also, the Riots in London.
Of course. The time in the world we live in is considerably considered screwed by many.

The current so titled ‘Word Super Power’ – the United States of America – is somewhat crumbling and divided, and if things do get worse, in a decade or so things will get…violent here. In the Middle East and Africa, the largest places that supplies much of the world oil, is currently in the stage of protests and places in the verge of civil wars.

And the generation -us- that will become the next group of people who will make decisions aren’t exactly the best. The USA is currently growing very very slowly, communist China is on a rise and is to pass the United State Economy by 2020, possibly earlier, which may revive Cold War tensions, (Communism vs Democracy, you know.) so, how will this all effect us?

We an online community with roughly 500 people are here dealing with our so called -World Wars- here, while the world may be going on a new economical depression, not just us, Asian Countries, N. American Countries, S. American Countries, European Countries, African Countries, everyone.

If there is an major world economic depression, what will happen to us? Of course a world economic depression is probably not the worse thing that could happen.

After World War 2 -in real life- there were tensions between the two war allies, the Soviet Union, and the United States, after the 1950’s, people began to fear the two countries may start yet another World War, no, people thought worse, people thought of a Nuclear War, a war never thought before with most likely the most deadly man-made weapons ever seen before.

Of course I know many of you know the answer.




13 Responses

  1. Good post. But, 500 members? More like 1,000+. 😛

  2. Psh. I doubt it.

  3. Well, I must agree.
    At the fait of Man Kind, We have our Government sitting behind closed doors, and making deals that not only bankrupt the Global Economey, but also dammage the Country its self.
    Berock Oboma, and his so called, Yes We Can Crap, and His Government HealthCare, is what will moraly dammage the Worlds Economic financhal funds, and further dammageing the New York Stock Exchange.
    Then you got the USSR, Still it is no longer the Selviet Union due to the Desinagrateion of its Communisum Government, but they still however, send Spies over into our Government buildings in Moscow, Washington D.C., England, and so on.
    Their was recently, a group of spies rounded up here in the United States, who where from the USSR Rushia.
    We traided them for our Spies, inreturn.
    The Problem with China is clear to be honnest. Their Military is among the Largest in the World, with the combind force of their citizen Military, they are the most powerful.
    They surpass the United States by 7 to 1 in Size, and have yet, the growing Government.
    Now, My Dream of getting to be an author on ACP, or on the CPUN site, and saying this, 1 in a million chance that it will ever happen.
    The Chance that with this Great Depression that is lumering over us slingshoting us into World War III, 1 out of a thousanth chance, to 1 in a 500th chance that the United States will end up in a War with the World.
    If you noticed, the States in the USA, are printing their own Tender Curencey.
    Now, we have not seen that sense the Revulation war, and or the Civil War.
    And, if you noticed, their has been a Upriseing allover the Old Worlds.
    What we should be aware of, is the possibility of a Upriseing in the New world.
    In this case, I meen the United States Citizens Riseing up, and starting a Civil War.
    Not a War over Freeing Slaves, or keeping the Nation together, but a Civil war of Rebel Patreates who wish to take down the Government and have it replaced with a new Leader, and the Constatution rewriten, and you got the Union Patrieats who will Defend the Government and the President Obama.
    We are on the Virge of Nations pressing the Nucklar missial button, and sending us on a one way trip to a Nucklar hollacost.
    The World Superpowers in poision of Nucklar wepons inclued the following.
    United States of America!!
    North Korea!!!!
    Parts of the Middle East!!!!!!!
    Most Ashian Countries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    All of Uroup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you noticed, I put ! Marks next to them, well, they indacate the Threat of the Country.
    We are on the Virge of just with the Press of a button, distroying all exastence of man kind, and bringing the world, to a devastating end.
    In The USA, their is the lumeing threat of a Government Defalt, if it has not happen, and in the Middle Eastern Countries, they are on the virge of War, and cutting off all oil from the world.
    Soon, we will be sending Atomic Devices, and bombing the Middle Eastern Countries, and having to send Men in radation suits on oil ships, just to retrive the Oil.
    We live in a world, where we can be gone in a matter of seconds, and can kill all of man kind with the worst of wepons.
    We are in the world, where we have Desease, Illness, Terroriest threats, Suaside bombers, Enemies, and the power to kill in seconds.
    A while ago, in the 1960’s, when the Russhian Embasator was in the USA in a meeting with the US congress, he recived a message from the Russhian military, telling him to go 200 miles away, and take a nutural poisition…….
    we all have no idea how lucky we are all alive………
    In 1944, when they created the First 2 Atom bombs, their was a spy in the factory. He was giving infomation about Operation Paperclip, and the Manhatton Project to the USSR.
    In 1950, General McCarthor, almost got what he wanted, and we almost droped 40 ATOMIC BOMBS on North Korea.
    WE ALMOST DROPED THE BOMB! This was during the Korean war ofcorse, and we all know, that China was helping North Korea.
    Why? because they feared that America was this Super power that was gonna Invaid China when they crossed the River seporating North Korea and China.
    Thats why we had to Fight China, and North Korea.
    We also faced the USSR in that conflict.
    They where helping the North Koreans as well.
    We really have to fear, a Communisum Upriseing, to be honnest.
    If North Korea, China, Russhia, and Vietnam where to Invaid the United States Pissific border, their would be no way to stop them.
    Their numbers would over whelm us.
    The biggest reason is alot of them Draft their citizens into the Military.
    Alot of times, the whole Country is the Military.
    The Problem of our world going to WW3 is closer then what people think.
    We are with no dout, stairing Armageton in the face at his door step.
    We are with no dout, close to A world in a thousand years of Nuckler snow, and ash fall.

    FDR once Said, “The only thing we have to fear, is fear, its self.”
    Well, That Fear, is growing with every new conflict emergeing. England recently had a Rampage of distruction last night, and it was all a act ov vilence in the streets.
    We are in a world, Controled by People who are picked for mainly for looks, and TV like feachures.
    We also pick because of what they say their for.
    But ends up their for a different thing.
    Our World is filled with Lyeing polatishions, and Eveil acts of greed.
    If the World is to ever be free of the possibility of War at a moments notice, I sometimes think, we need to get rid of the Money we have now all together, and have a World currency, and have a Government runed by people for people.
    In this case, I meen a World controled by a Government that is not courepted, and not filled with War Hawks.
    But with only that we can manage some type of agreement, is never to happen.
    We are now in a world, where we have Good VS eveil powers of Communisum, and Greed.
    Their is no Democrcey, no peace, just War, Death, and Greed!
    I have no dout, that we are on the virge of the End of Man Kind, as we know it.
    Only, if we can put asside our differences, and Unite as a World, Under God, Indavisable, With Libirty, & Justace, we will be on the virge of World War Three.
    I, am a Federalest Republic. Meaning, I support a World United in my eyes.
    I picture a world, where all Man Kind can interact in harmany, and work together as one.
    Though, what we fail to remember, is that All man are created Equily, in gods image.
    We as we have no dout realized, that if we do not start work fast on becomming United, and to not have the use of wepons of mass Distruction, we will sease to exiest.
    Thats why I am gonna Start work on a new Club Penguin website.
    World United of Club Penguin.
    WUCP, is a Site witch will be maid up of all Club Penguin Armies, as one, and not devided.
    If only, we do not unite, our world, will further crumbel, and Humanaty, will slowly die.
    I am just finnishing this site, I will give you the link as soon as I get done.
    So, I wanna know.

    Do you wanna Make a Difference not just in CP Armies, but in Real Life?
    The change the World needs?
    Are you?

  4. I thought about this happening a few days ago. This is kind of scary, if you think about.

  5. Uhh you might just wanna try to find a spot on the CPUN site… We’re already a well known site.

    Thanks for all the great attitudes, let’s go drink some beer. Then get in a car crash, so we never see these events occur. Shall we?

  6. @Keith – LOL. I am right there with you. Always.
    @Lincoln – I swear, that is the longest comment I have ever seen, and I didn’t even read it 😆 , btw, Lincoln. Your comment was 1,340 words. o.o

  7. XD LOL! Well, why did you not read it? XD I got everything you need to know about the soon to come Hollacost. XD
    Thank god its not in uroup this time.
    Its in AMERICA! :@
    And Obama is not Obama.
    Its Berock Oboma Hitler!
    And all the White guys are the Jews!
    I am leaving for uroup now…….. I am white, and I don’t wanna die in America!
    I wanna die in England, Ireland, or Germany.
    Soooooo….. Yeah, Obama is gonna be the next cause of a World War.
    LOL So Demorcrats are Evil! XD I knew it!
    Boy does it feel good to be a Federalest Republic……

    But yeah, Why did you not read it?

  8. BTW: I am part jewish, so To who ever read that who is a desent of the jewish fait, I am sorry. I made that as a statement, and nuthing more….

    P.S. Mom is Christan, Dad is Part Jewish, Grand dad on my dads side is christan, and my grandma on my dads side is jewish.
    For thoese guys who are Aferacan American, Sorry, I am Part Aferacan American too.
    Somewhere down the line, my ansesters married to an Aferacan American.

    P.S.S. OMG i just need to be part fish, then I could swim to the bottom of the Atlantic and get fish that way! I could be Aqua Man! XD LOL!

  9. I might just move to Antarctica if WWIII happens.

  10. Lol nice one.

  11. Nah, the North Koreans would use Antarctica to test atom bombs (hopefully not). Then I’d have to live on a space ship!!! But now NASA sends no more space shuttles!!!!!!! AND THEN I’D HAVE TO GO TO RUSSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO THEN I BUILD MY OWN ROCKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THEN THE ANDROMEDA GALAXY COLLIDES INTO THE MILKY WAY AND EVERYTHING EXPLODES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH NOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *freaks out*

  12. Why is everyone on CPUN stupid noobs?

    1st Of all, China has a MAJOR population problem due to the fact that men greatly out number women.

    2nd Of all, if it comes down to nuclear weapons, the US created THOUSANDS of Atomic Bombs during the cold war. And it only takes about 20 of them to completely destroy China.

    3rd of all, How old are you Lincoln? Learn how to spell.

  13. Uroup, Ashia!? I hate your grammar, at least spell names of continents right!

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