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United Army Updates #3 + Site Ideas

Well it’s about time for another United Army Updates. I check the members page every few days to add new members, so this time, ALL armies on the page except major armies, huge ones, will be featured in the post, since you can find their news all over. (unless they have a banner for CPUN up :P). I also have some ideas for the site, so make sure to read more and check out this post! The whole you need a banner thing is getting a bit stupid in my opinion, but it will make the post longer.

Club Penguin Rangers (CPR)

Well right now the CPR are doing great. On CPAE their at the top of the small top 10, but SMAC hasn’t acknowledged them. But with the new CPUN-SMAC partnership, that might change soon. At their most recent event, they only managed to max about 6, and the IMAF managed to defeat them. A tough loss for them in the CPUN tournament, but they don’t seem to have lost any confidence.

Separatist Assocation Armed Forces (SPAAF)

Just recently the SPAAF had a lot of tactics sessions, and a few days ago they defeated CPGT in the CPUN tournament. After re-opening from their resart, they look like their doing alright.

Rebel Penguin Federation (RPF)

The RPF is currently going under some construction, and they have an invasion planned. Along with two practice battles and a tactics session. The owner ranks have also recently had a big change, and the RPF’s Branches have returned.

Impossible Mission Army Force (IMAF)

Even if the IMAF aren’t the biggest army out there, right now their on a roll, and living up to the 8G’s before this. They’ve had success in a lot of events, winning Cream Soda and some previous events, and just recently they defeated the CPR in the CPUN tournament with rather Impressive sizes. Their site was hacked not that long ago to, getting rid of their cool theme, but their still going strong.

Puffle Warriors (PW)

The PW recently got 2nd place in the CFC, which is very impressive. But they have had the three sad retirements of Charizard58, Matt, and Braveboy. Their leader Jake also claims not enough people are being loyal for the PW, and the PW are also having a Juju Memorial event. Kingfunks recently gave out promotions as well, but the results were not as great as the PW would have liked. The PW recently won the CPAE tournament, seeing as that was their most recent event.

Ninja Freedom Force (NFF)

The NFF are currently having two events on the 4th, the CPUN Whack-down Tournament, and a Tactics Session. Candygirly NFF’s 2ic recently posted a post titled Teamwork, which has a message from an NFF troop named Pete for the army to work together as “A team.”

Global Defenders

The Global Defenders are currently voting on a domain name, and their currently having Government Jobs, Senate Nominations, July Promotions, 3ic elections, and the new GD Toolbar recently came out. They haven’t had a whole lot of events like before, but their still rather busy. They also faced a sad retirement, as a very loyal troop, Red Dude retired. The GD recently had an event with some decent sizes, which they are happy to see.

Imperio Snow

Well Imperio Snow still looks alive and thriving with posts, and the site really hasn’t changed. Sadly that’s all I can say because I really can’t tell what their saying on their most recent posts.

Doritos of Club Penguin (DCP)

Even for an army that once stood tall, the elites are proving inactive recently. Even with a site as good as theirs. Their most recent event is a recruiting session, and Wwe added a new leader.

Ghost Vikings (GV)

The GV haven’t been the most active recently, and their creator Bluedude hasn’t posted for a month. One of their authors Sonny also retired. The GV’s newest event is going to be a tactics session.

Club Penguin Federal Bureau of Investigation (CPFBI)

Sadly, the CPFBI is coming to an end soon. After SP1 left armies,PenguinK took over only to make the army get even more inactive. The CPFBI is now going to merge into either the Fire Ninjas, or the Sky Troops. This will be the final United Army Updates the CPFBI is featured in, unless they go into 3G another time.

Silver Soldiers (SS)

The SS leader Orcman sadly went inactive without reason, and with no date for his come back. Yet, authors on the site have been keeping the site thriving. The SS made a post about a site to go to because of small armies not being noticed, and their also excited for the color wars. Their most recent post was a post about getting serious, because they want to rise. UPDATE: Orcman is actually back now. He was only gone temporarily.

Green Fire of Club Penguin (GFCP)

The GFCP hasn’t posted since the 21st of July, so it seems as if their inactive. But I will give them a bit more time before I just remove them. In their most recent event they lost Bigfoot to the Green Raiders.

Sky Troops (ST)

The ST are currently very busy, invading and defending their nation. They feel they can rise, trying to boost their server count to 15. But with a lot of defenses, it should be a bumpy ride. The ST recently had the sad retirement of Lila, since Juju meant a lot to her and she didn’t want to continue on in the army. A leader of ST, Everton, is also going on vacation.

Robber Penguin Force (RPF)

The RPF recently had a crime spree on Abominable, which got a lot of comments for the event. They also got some new categories, and their leader Reis got back from New Orleans. Snowpaws also made them a new HQ.

Fort Ghost Recon (FGR)

The FGR are having practice battles with the Bandanas and the RT, and they recently had a promotion day.  At their most recent event the FGR claimed Frostbite as well.

Super Spies (SSCP)

The spies haven’t had a post in about a month, so they might be claimed dead next time I update the Members page. They were going to have a party, but it seems like it didn’t really happen.

CP Suns (Suns)

The Suns also seem like they are dead, but I’m giving them a bit more time. Chaz also hasn’t been heard from, and  he recently came BACK into armies. So we’ll have to see what happens to the Suns.

Club Penguin Green Team (CPGT)

Yes this is actually my own army. The CPGT recently have been going downhill for quite sometime. Most events their sizes have been poor, but the CPGT decided to re-open after a temporary lockdown. Their newest event will be a training session to see if they can get closer to getting back on their feet.


The CP USA Army haven’t been doing much lately, but they did post about a news site returning called Club Penguin Awesome Small Army News.

Hoodie Troops (HT)

The Hoodie Troops recently lost a PB to the Oreos, and they had a welcoming post. Their led by Josephp, and are in 3G at the moment. We’ll see what happens in the future with the Hoodie Troops.

Grass Warriors (GWCP)

The Grass Warriors recently merged into CPGT, but their back now as they broke away from the merge. They recently made a post on the no-more-merge, and put up some new GFX.

Red Rampagers (RRCP)

The Red Rampagers recently had an unsuccessful training session, but they have another one scheduled. They also came out with a rewards page recently, and had a new post on activeness.

Golden Squad (GS)

The Golden Squad has recently not had the most active troops, but they do believe their getting more active. But they did have a tactics session, and no one came. One of their high ranks Splasher, announced he was going to take on the roll of adviser.

Club Penguin Shadow Army (CPSA)

The Shadow Army recently had a Secretary-General Election Candidate Registration, and one of their authors posted he was a bit inactive because of the Summertime. Their leader Ferrari also got back from camp recently.

The Jokesters of Club Penguin (JCP)

The Jokesters recently had an active count, and now their having senate elections. The current leader of the elections is Kenneth1000.

International Soldiers of Club Penguin (ISCP)

The ISCP have been having some rather successful battles. They recently won a Portugeuse server, Inverno. They also beat the NFF in a battle just recently where the NFF were a no show, with good numbers.

Storm Army of Club Penguin (SACP/SA)

The Storm Army recently got some new and upgraded uniforms. They also got their GFX complete thanks to Epical GFX. SA also will be promoting anyone who gets them new recruits.

Black Ghost Troops (BGT)

The BGT are going to get a CSS soon, since Mann is good friends with Riotors, and Mann has a job so he can buy it. They also have a training session planned for the 6th of August.

Defense of Club Penguin (DCP)

The DCP are finally back from the dead, with leaders Charizard58 and Wyoskyguy. They currently got a lot of new owners, and they have a few events planned for the 6th.

Penguin Protectors Army (PPA)

The PPA are currently back from the dead in 2G. They hope to get more active troops in this generation. The PPA recently made a treaty with the FT for Berg, so it is now shared by the two armies. The Black Nachos also recently merged into the PPA.

Team Lava

Team Lava originated from the CPPM, which became the SAS, and is now this. They recently posted about their name change, and they got their new banner.

That’s all for now, check out United Army Updates #4, coming soon.

As you can see That was a rather long United Army Updates. Without members having their banner’s up it’s a lot of work. I know I said banners are getting a bit dumb up there, but it does shorten the post a bit as this post is already 1,700+ words, and I’m not even done yet. So leave your opinions on whether or not armies should have banners, and if no one says anything, I’ll probably go back to banners only, now that I see how long this post is. 😛

CPUN Ideas

Well I have some new CPUN ideas you might like, so here they are.

  • Color on the members page: I think it would be cool if each army had their colors put down when they joined, or the Members page could just have the color of each army on their name. (Colored names basically).
  • CPUN NEWSLETTER: I REALLY think it would be a good idea for the CPUN to have a newsletter. Commenting on an armies site with it would be a bit pointless though, that I’ll admit. So I think that anyone that wants a newsletter would have to comment on a page, etc. or E-Mail the CPUN that they want the newsletter, then if we had a CPUN Gmail or something, we could E-Mail all those people each month or so with the newsletter, maybe around every two weeks. People can subscribe to the blog, but a newsletter would give much more info. (E.g. Upcoming things, sneak peeks at things in the CPUN, all around news on whats new with detail about the posts).
  • Sidebar Updates: I think our side bar is a little outdated, and some things on the side bar could even be removed. It’s up to Admins though.
  • New background: I’m pretty sure you guys mentioned this so that’s why I’m bringing it up, I think a new background actually is a good idea, maybe one that has CPUN written to where you can see it on the left side of the background.

Well, that’s all for now! I hope you enjoyed this 2000+ words post. 😛 Tell me your opinions on things.


P.S. I WILL be the one to get the 1,000th post! Not you Sky! :mrgreen:


23 Responses

  1. hey Keith, I just wanted to let you know that the Black Nachos merged into PPA, so could you add that?
    -Samcool625, PPA Creator.

  2. Yay! News about CPUN Armies. Good post Keith. Keep up with the United Armies updates! 🙂

  3. Keith can you make the text about SACP black please?

  4. Good post, I love hearing about other armies that are the same size as mine. And I like the idea of a CPUN newsletter, as to how it is delivered could be a problem.

  5. Why the hell isn’t MFW in this post? Themfw.com We maxed 12 at an unscheduled event at like 9 Am est

  6. I used to make newsletters at the end of each of my posts. 😛

    Obviously, it’s a very hard task that takes dedication and enthusiasm for. We need a bigger crew on helping with the news letters if we want it to be a normal thing.

    I am arms open for all suggestions. I don’t know what colors to associate with our members though as most of them come and go. Some die the minute they join this alliance. 😐

    I’m still looking for people to make GFX for free. I’m poor. 😦

  7. @Samcool: Yeah sure.

    @Agentrds yeah sure.

    @Miroos Sorry, your not on members. D:

  8. @Keith Thanks

    @Dee I would like to work as the newspaper crew! And check out Epical CP Graphics, They make awesome free graphics!

  9. Thank you. Also i was thinking the same thing about the newsletter

  10. The Robber Penguin Force, in its entirety, is now pledging their support towards The Retaliation.

  11. Keith, do you know any admins on the CPAC site? Operation CIP must succeed, and to succeed I need to ask an admin a few questions.

  12. I went to camp.

  13. @Mr Deedledoo I can make a CPUN newsletter and Cheesearmyca (RedSnapper39) has a GFX site, now. We can help!

  14. HAY! You forgot the American Army of Club Penguin! :@
    What happened to the Comment I left on the Members page?
    Did it not post?
    I spent weeks trying to get my widgets back on the site, and getting the CPUN Badge, and the CPUN Banner added, and I spent time getting things ready.
    What happened?
    I will post a new comment on the members page.
    ~Lincoln31543 GOA-3IC AACP

  15. Keith, MFW are in the CPUN.

    • We cleaned Members page. You’ll have to register again.

  16. i would also like to be in the Newsletter. i am a great reporter and i can make newsletter templates for every month.

    8 )


  17. Members is updated thanks to your comments, sorry for any inconvenience.

    • I’ll be here to help you from now on Keith.

    • I’ll be here to help you from now on Keith.

  18. Okey dokey.

  19. The Penguin Protectors Army is now declaring it’s allegiance to The Retaliation. I have to help the Nachos. Next time I will help ACP.

  20. CPUN, plz help. The Frost Troops are attcking the SS and Jokester’s servers. We really need help.

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