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Pay for Promo/Xat being the new soldier?

Keith: Interesting topic you brought up, I would like to update everyone on the whole Xat situation by saying that all WordPress links are now disabled for some reason, so that really limits chat recruiting.

Hey guys! Houndy here, longtime no see here. 😀

The topic I am going to talk about is sort of a up and coming thing in CP armies. It’s like in the title, Pay for Promo.

You might say, what is Pay for Promo? Pay for Promo is when you give xats/penguins/powers for a promo basically. Basically, leaders do it to get xats and troops to get promoted without doing anything.

You might say, who’s done Pay for Promo? The most prominent example, is Jujuflower, who is supposedly dead.

Basically, she would “donate” powers to people, and people would push for her promotion. Everybody too, including owners. Hell, they even made a Jujuflower day because, “she donated to everybody”. Where did she end up? One of the highest mod ranks, without doing much work.

You might say, “Houndy, so what?” Basically, if this trend continues, CP armies should be dead in 2 years. We’d have leaders who wouldn’t know how to lead, and basically would continue the pay for promo trend.

The ridicule that is the pay for promo thing, is as my good friend Klug said, is how “xat is the new soldier”. If you have xats, you have respect. People want powers, you give them powers, your respect raises. Notice how Juju came out of nowhere, to being ACP’s highest mod. Notice how she had almost 50k of xats. If we notice all that, it’s obvious. Pay for Promo was obvious.

Personally, I agree with Klug. Xats ARE the new soldier. If you have xats, you can attract troops to an army. If you have xats, you can get noticed. If you have xats, you have respect, and leverage against noobs who want xats. Sure, xats are cool (a total waste of money though), but now it’s getting out of hand. Sites getting hacked, xats getting hacked, scamming.

Maybe instead of Club Penguin Armies, we should just be called Xat Armies.


17 Responses

  1. I Agree!
    Its a Toatal Weast of Money.
    I Think They should be bannished from CP Armies!
    I am working on a New Rule for my Army stating…
    “Do Not Use Powers, xats, Days, or any form of Xat.com form of welth to get solders to join. If cot doing so, Their will be a Punnishment of 186 Hours banned from Chat.
    186 Hours = 1 Week Bannishment.
    If the Action Continuses, the Punnishment will grow up to 2 week, then 3 weeks.
    After you have reached being Bannished for 3 Weeks, and the Offence is repeated a 4th time, You will be Guest/Banned Forevor from Chat, Your Rank will be taken away, and you will be Laybled on the AACP Site on a Guest/Bannished Page Stating the Following.
    1. Name of Penguin:
    2. WordPress Name:
    3. Xat Name:
    4. Last Rank:
    5. Reason for Guest/Bannishment:
    I am About to do it if this Pay for Promo keeps it up.
    P.S. I got the AACP Banner for you guys! I Maid it 1 and a Half years ago.
    It is found on the AACP Site.

  2. Mhm

  3. Good post.

  4. ^agreed^
    CPUN Banner is up on my site, though when clicked it doesn’t go to the CPUN page. How do I link it with this site?

  5. Yeah Raw. I agree Lincoln. We should introduce that rule into CP Armies. WTF? How will we have wars on Xat? LOL!!!!

  6. I don’t appreciate the shit you said about juju. People say she only made friends because of xats, that’s a lie. I never asked for or received an xat from juju.

    • Please, it is just opinion and does not represent the CPUN as a whole. Also, thank you for sharing yours as well.

  7. “If you have xats, you can get noticed. If you have xats, you have respect”

    Some of us here don’t have Xats, look at how much respect myself and others have. In the end, it’s all personality and what you are capable of doing.

  8. I never even see Oagalthorp or any of those people with Xats. xD

  9. Yeah ATM and Keith. Its all about personality and what your capable.
    **High Fives ATM and Kaith** XD

  10. “Kaith…” Interesting new name *wary*

  11. Surprising to see Houndy here. I was just about to remove him from the website and have attempted doing so several times in the past. 😐

    I guess we as the CPUN should just do our best to promote non-scamming.

    Even in the CP World, money is power.

  12. Yeah. Cant imagine my country’s rugby teams uniform replica cost more than $200 bucks!

  13. I have heard some rumors of Major Army leaders paying buying servers via Xats.Also, a big thing that annoys the HECK out of me is girls who have NO EXPERIENCE in CP Armies but get high mod because their “internet boyfriend” has a rank such as 3ic or 2ic. It’s all about popularity and friends in CP Armies, the days of actually EARNING your ranks is LONG GONE.Though its some people who had no friends in high ranks who actually earned their current position. Corruption is the name of the game in CP armies!

  14. That is an assumption many people make. But most of the time IT JUST ISN’T TRUE. I doubt you can give a valid example of that to me.

  15. @Lincoln- Lern whoew 2 spel broh!

  16. I understand that in certain situations, xats are not needed to actually earn respect. However, it took a while for that respect to come, while people with xats get it when their shiny red nameglow comes onto the chat

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