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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Helping our armies even more

August 1, 2011

Howdy. It’s Dee again with a new idea to start of the new month. I’d like you all to read my brief introduction of the idea and then vote on the poll located beneath. 😛

I’ve been longing to create a good relationship with the small-medium army news website – Club Penguin Small Medium Army Central, or more known simply as – CPSMAC, for some time now but haven’t had the time to talk to any of their administrators yet. The CPSMAC has become the center of almost all small army and medium army news and features a Top 10, usual tournaments, and news exclusive to small/medium armies much like the media monster of today – the Club Penguin Army Central. They are currently headed by Kooldude 247.

The CPSMAC has honored the CPUN too many times with several published posts dedicated to the history of the CPUN and what we do. I haven’t had a chance to personally thank them.

Now it’s time we team up with them. :mrgreen: We both share the same goal of promoting small and medium armies and this will most likely create a better standing for both the CPUN and CPSMAC in the world of CP Warfare media. I wish we could become strong partners. Though the CPUN does not feature news exclusively, we do our best to get information through. We can benefit from partnerships like this and no doubt that they will too. I won’t go into the benefits this early though as I’d like to arrange a meeting with them in a few weeks.

If ever we do come to good terms with them, our first project would be to promote our Featured Army. If you take a look at the CPUN’s right sidebar, you’ll see a banner under the title ‘Featured Army’. That army was chosen by the alliance because of one of the many reasons. Maybe because it is active enough as a CPUN Member; or maybe it’s doing well as an army; maybe it’s dying and needs a boost. For whatever reason, the CPUN puts it there to promote the army. Clicking the banner sends the user to the featured army’s website. Hopefully we are able to give that army a boost of hits for the time it is featured.

I want to promote these armies even more. I want people to work hard and strive to be on the Featured Army spot of the CPUN. Let’s make this even more exciting. What if we had the CPSMAC create a full review of the CPUN’s Featured Army of the Week? 😀 This will surely be an aid to whoever we’re featuring on here. Army leaders will want to be more active on here too. In the CPUN, there are many ways to get to the top. 😉

If you have other answers and if you think we should think this through, please don’t feel shy to comment below.

Goodluck to the participants of the tournament. I hope all goes well! :mrgreen:


Always move forward. Going straight will get you nowhere.



15 Responses

  1. Agreed.

  2. Pie is good. and I agree with Char ^

    btw, 2nd 😛

  3. I Agree! 110%
    BTW: Dee,
    Your the Head of CPUN?
    AHHH A floating Head! Where is the fist? (I hope Dee is not Chuck Norrios. If he is, Their is no chin under his beard. Its anuther Fist! DD: :O AHHHH!
    Don’t Kill me Mr. Norrios! I did not mean to scream. XD

  4. Well….
    I am the Ghost of Abraham Lincoln31543!
    Boooo! 4 Score, and 7 years….. AGOooooo……
    XD LOL JK!
    ~Abraham Lincoln31543

  5. Moo, yes.

  6. Hey, it’s Kooldude 247. I agree for CPSMAC to be partners with CPUN.

  7. Of course..Unlike CPUN these people are actually the greatest i’ve ever seen.

  8. Watch it!
    I think CPUN is the Best Army News Site I ever been to!
    It Might be hard to read some of the Comments using my Screen Reader, but I manage.
    It is my Choice for CP Armies, and the CP News!
    Too Bad they Don’t Have a News Paper…. 😦
    I would read that Every Sunday! XD
    If its anything like the Sunday addishion to the New York Times, I would be Able to Have Endless Fun making Paper Airplanes after Reading them! XD
    Page 2. OMG! THE FILLIES WON!!!!
    (Might use for Wall Paper)
    Page 3. Nachos Sue Taco Bell for selling its own People as Food! XD I will Keep that for my Gurrage! XD
    Page 4. Nachos on Sale at Taco Bell for 99c!
    Page 5. ACP Chat gets messed up, and the Background says, “Army of Club Poney”
    Page 6. Lincoln31543 is Abraham Lincoln!
    Page 7. Walt Disney will Be unfrozen on Saturday, and Will make an Appearence on Club Penguin
    On the Server, Mammoth!
    (So He is Alive…?)
    Page 8. Foxtails Kills Lincoln after he would not shut up about the CPUN News Pager.
    (Ummm… That was my Brother…. XD )
    ~Lincoln31543 Not Gonna Shut Up about CPUN News Paper! XD

  9. Yes, partnering up with SMAC would be great
    I see Kooldude on IW chat, I will try to contact him

  10. I’m pretty sure I can contact him if you can’t get a chance to find him too, since I know him pretty well and we’re both in eachother’s armies.

  11. I e-mailed him a couple of days before this post was published. 😉 As you can see, he agreed above. But we need a proper meeting with him and I’ll need to bring along a few representatives!

    BTW Lincoln, the CPUN isn’t a news site. 😐

  12. Nice post.

  13. Like the idea, by the way, yesterday was my birthday…

  14. Nice…
    ~SMAC Head Reporter

  15. Ok just telling all small armies commenting on this post

    If you would like to join an alliance (which might ally with CPUN) called the CPSAAP then click here


    You will be treated with open arms.


    P.S Dee (or keith idk which one) the banner was put up on CPSAAP and Team lava sites. (YW)

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