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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Why I dislike Club Penguin Army Central

You are all aware of the recent dominance of Club Penguin Army Central, though here is some reasons I dislike it. Many people see CPAC as the place to get the right information, it is almost like the CNN of CP Armies. Though there is an ugly side to CPAC which none of the reports or “philosophers” want you to see. From the day it was started CPAC has been strangled pro-ACP propaganda, it bashes small armies such as the ones CPUN likes to help by calling them “nOObs” or “trolls”. Some people like me have begun to work with small armies rather than being against them by telling them about CPUN, I believe small armies should be treated just as fairly as big armies because they are CP Armies future. Another thing I dislike about CPAC is their biased reporter “applications”, friends of CPAC contributors and people who have high positions will be picked over people who have great posting abilities but don’t have the popularity.  I have read some of the CPAC applications, and they are some people who give AMAZING examples of what they post but are not picked. I have seen the bashing of CPUN by a CPAC reporter, she didn’t say these exact words but I think she meant it to come out like this “I don’t think CPUN is needed anymore”. CPAC has been one of the main causes of war, they are quick to throw out opinions that put armies in rage and pumps them up to get a war started. If any of you were following the Purple Republic Conflict then you know CPAC pumped war propaganda onto the computers of its readers, a whole alliance was made and all of CP Armies was ready for a big war but in the end nothing happened.  Though, smart people like our good friends over at RPF decided not to listen to CPAC propaganda and ignore PR and they eventually died because of no attention. Just as they say in real life, “Oxygen fuels a fire” its the same thing when I say “Attention fuels an army”. When the smallest event happens CPAC likes to blow it up and make it the biggest thing when it really is nothing such as a failed coup(attempt to take leadership), once again loading fear and hype into the minds of the CP Army Community. I hardly visited CPAC, only when Top 10 list comes out do I dare venture into a ACP controlled website. The only news source you should trust are the smaller ones such as a Club Penguin Army Express and Small & Medium Army Central, which aren’t controlled by ACP and actually supports fairness when pickings its reporters. I urge you NOT to view the CPAC site, it would be un-CPUN like to visit it and they talk about small armies in such a rude tone. CPAC might be fooling the rest of the CP Army Community but the members of the CPUN aren’t being fooled what so ever. Spread the word!


20 Responses

  1. Kingjared7: It’s nothing but the truth!
    Good post, but I think some people would say your getting a bit out of hand with the whole ACP controlled thing.

  2. I’ll comment fully tomorrow.

  3. This whole entire post is lies… Like first off, ACP controlled? I’m a cpac reporter and if anything biased against ACP. Small armies who act like dumbasses are considered noobs, dumbasses being they invade acp when they have one troop… Trolls being that all they do is think high and mighty of themselves.. Think about what you say before you post, Dee would find this disgraceful.

  4. My man. 8)

  5. Won’t get fooled again. -The Who

    BTW, if I had known the CPAC created the whole PR thing, I wouldn’t have done anything against the Purple Republic. Oh wait, I didn’t do anything with them anyways. -.-

    Seriously, I didn’t know. Just shows how I hardly come on that website nowadays.

  6. I Never go to CPAC.
    I Think they and their Lies are what get ACP and Nachos going at eachothers throats.
    They are just like CNN!
    Controled by a Military Giant, and only picking the Republican parties as a Favorite choice to be Leader.
    Well, I am a Federalest Republic From the AACP American Army of Club Penguin, and I favor the United Nations over Army Central.
    To Be honnest, We all should just listen to CPUN.
    If I was a Author for CPUN, I would be not just favoring my army, I would favor all Armies.
    CPAC is just nuthing but a Bunch of Republican Conservratives, who sit around in their little Desk, Favoring the Large Armies, and Fueling Wars & Conflicts among Allies. If PR was a Proper army, and not cowarding behind Steam, They might even Favor PR. But, They just want to get their raitings to sky rocket on their website.
    I am Favoriting this Post, and I must say, this is the Truth.
    ~Lincoln31543 Secreatry of Defence AACP American Army of Club Penguin

  7. @Mafia “Small armies who act like dumbasses are considered noobs”
    The small armies who invade big army servers want to make themselves known, how do you think armies get known? Just sitting around on chat saying ” I hope someone comes on chat or our website and joins!” No, they get out and invade servers and recruit to get themselves out there. When I first started in IW, I use to HATE when small armies advertised but I have come to think “Hey, these guys are the future of CP Armies, let me treat them with a little respect”. Whenenver I see a small army troop advertising their army I refer them to the CPUN in PC.
    @ Lincoln31543 Yes, you are not blinded by ACP Propaganda, Good Job and put the word out there

  8. Thatnks for the Blind JOKE XD
    I guess You dont Know I am the only blind leader in all of CP Armies.
    XD its ok.
    I am Actually looking for ways to Advirtise my Army on some Meddem armies.
    Do you know any that will help me Advirtise?
    Also, AACP is plaining to take White house for its own from the Nachos.
    The Problem is, Our Troop size has diminished rapidly, and we need to find ways to get are army Noticed.
    I am as of now, Going to do a Wide Spread Comment Invasion on All of the CP Cheat sites, and Youtube channals.
    I am plaining to Take White House because of the Name.
    It is assocaited with Power in the United States.
    I want to get it for a Capital.
    I am as of now, in Mass Recruiting Code RED!
    If you know ppl looking for an Army, give them this Link
    and Tell them they don’t have to be American to join.

  9. @Kingjared. You dont get noticed like that in good ways. Trust me, I fucking created the Purple Heads. You go to war with other small armies. I’m not saying recruiting on army chats is bad, its a good way to get people. But invading say Sub Zero from IW or Breeze from ACP (If ACP owns it still) is just retarded. Thos little 1 man armies who think they can do that are pathetic. News flash, coups/failed coups are big news if it happens to big armies. It can easily change the army world. Your post and comment are invalid.

  10. CPAC say they are the centre for all armies. Not. CPAC is the centre for large armies and ACP propaganda.

  11. CPAC’s good and all, but they’re turning into a Fox News more than a CNN

  12. ^ As in false news?

  13. BTW, I can make a News site. I just need help to do it.

  14. There are more then enough news site… But go for it, its always fun trying your hand at one.

  15. CPAC Is a Fox News!
    They Tell False News Infomation, Cheer for their favorite Political Party. (Coughs) ACP (COUGHS) REPUBLICAN (COUGHS)
    And Never give out News for the Small Armies to get them Noticed or to help them, They Dont even help Meddem Armies!! Its all about the Large, Major, and World Power Armies!
    Bunch of Republicans! Well…. I am A Federalest Republic! If you dont know what that is, go to americaofclubpenguin.wordpress.com/aacp-nation
    and Look at the Political Parties allowed.
    and Federalest.
    I am what they would call… a Polatishion who Cares. Unlike,
    Demorcrats, Republicans, or Libaration Indapendents.
    And who Cares more then CPAC!
    Have a look. It needs some work, but It will due for now. 😀
    ~Lincoln31543 Federalest Republic Polatishion for the AACP American Army of Club Penguin!

  16. Like I said, I need help. What should I call it?

  17. There’s little truth in that.
    If ONE person said that CPUN sucked, that’s not the whole view of CPAC.
    Of course, it’s easy to be a teeny bit biased to ACP. ACP’s a big army, nearly everyone’s been in it.

  18. @Splasher99 If one person on CPAC says that CPUN sucks it influences almost all of CP Warfare. You can only be biased if you ever actually liked ACP. You’re right, everyone has been in ACP once before, but a lot of people hated their time there.


  20. Nobody gives a shit if some de facto news site is against an alliance of virtual penguins.

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