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Action against Purple Republic?

ATM Edit: No, I never said no more PR posts. It’s just that we had discussed the PR topic at Pungy’s Small-Medium Army Meeting and it was decided the CPUN would not take action.

Dee edit: I personally approved this post.

King John’s edit:I just simply wanted the opinion of the people.I would actually like some encouragement when i spent my spare time,writing this post. I know that we want us to know PR is inactive,although if i do go on i may get in a heated debate with everyone.I will wage a personal private war against PR.   

Sky Edit: As I believe… I think ATM said no more PR posts… I know protecting CPUN is your job ~ and this post is a tad bit late.
So I’ve been looking at all these statistics,about the Purple Republic. So basically the Purple Republic is a group of armies,combined. You could call them CP army looters,fake armies,and just a scare group.There site is at this link. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/PenPR 

I know very little of there mysterious leader, Violentalleta. But it is possible that he is great at tactics excellent at skills and experinced. But i want your OPINION ONLY YOUR OPINION! I will be putting a poll below and i will be talking about how corrupt this army is. It’s not biased its not messing up the army  THEY WANT TO DESTROY CP WARFARE.And your opinion values great great deed to me, so we will have that below.

This is King John your info agent,now i told you the basics of the Purple Republic.Let me give you the Worse-case scenario,They have 334 members TOTAL! MY GOODNESS! That’s more bigger then ACP,but there is a place for CP armies..That’s the CP army community we are in our place,so just let cp armies have fun?

I know where my place is purple republic! I know that you want terror tyranny,WELL ITS NOT GONNA HAPPEN! That’s why i am putting serious consideration into Dee to take action AGAINST this  “Purple Republic”   I do not tolerate this purple republic,but i am only a reporter.The reason this Purple Republic should fall or be forced to stop,is because we just want FUN! So that’s why i want your opinion.. Here is a poll for your opinions, just for the memo i want YOUR OPINION.Not your friends not your colleagues YOURS. Once the poll is finished it will be fair to so that purple republic is wicked and EVIL! But that’s up to you,Again dee i URGE you to take action against “Purple Republic”Here’s the poll.

Dee again I do hope you help the People of CP warfare. It’s your choice.

King John here as your info agent, over and out.


13 Responses

  1. Uhhhh, if I am correct, PR is pretty much ‘inactive’ and they SAY they MIGHT come back on August, which they prob won’t.

    My prediction of PR was right, their ‘soldiers’ got bored of Club Penguin and went to other steam games.

    In my iphone btw

  2. PR is pretty much dead.

  3. Yeah… ^

  4. I think their members are actually 1,004. That’s what it said on their site, though alot of them have left or have been banned so many times they can no longer make any more penguins.
    By the time late August arrives, the time said to be their next get-together, many will probably have left. According to Violante Alleta’s personal blog (just look up ‘violantealleta’), protocol Alfa-uniform-Gulf is now in effect. I have no idea what that is, and of course there is the possibility that he is bluffing, and he’s trying to scare us. Given Violante’s reputation of mysterious efficiency, there’s no telling what he might do.

  5. I Personaly think we should not let our gard down.
    We are with no dout, In Deathcon 9..
    We should start taking percoshions, in the wake of this Purple Waive, Crashing on our shores.
    I ask that we Take the Percoshions needed, to scure our Penguin User names, Xat User names, and WordPress names.
    I, Unlike most of the People in CP Armies, take Scurity seariously.
    I keep a 37 to 43 Diget Password for my WordPress, A 21 to 36 Diget Password for my Xat user, A 32 Diget Password for my E-Mail, a 16 to 32 Diget Password for my Penguin user account, and a 28 to 47 Diget Password for my Laptop its self.
    And I have not forgoten one password.
    (My Mom thinks I am not from this Planit, and I was Swaped, and her real son, is in the Family of Alieans. XD LOL!)
    But, I do write them down, on some acashions.
    We all should keep our selves Scure with Passwords.
    Starting with Making our passwords longer……!
    I Update my passwords every 3 weeks, twice in some ocashions.
    But I know why ACP has never been hacked.
    For Example:
    I just thought of a 27 Diget password right their!
    If you keep The Password something you can remember, it will be easy for you, but hard to hack for the People running the Hacking corporation!
    I got an 8 Diget Password for my Sim Card in my cell Phone, a 5 Diget Phone Lock for my Cell Phone, and a 15 Diget Password for my Voice Mail!
    And their toatly different starting numbers, and ending numbers.
    But One way to prevent Hacking, is to keep a Password with the Following.
    Capital Letters
    Lower Case Letter
    and Signs.
    Example of Signs:
    You can use any of thoese Signs, and It will stringhen your Passwords, to protect you from Hackers.
    NOTE TO ALL IDIOTS!: DO NOT USe the following as your Password.
    1. Password ( XD I once was on my dads Computer, I wanted to disable the filter, soooo, I was bored, and I put in _PASSWORD_ IT WORKED!!)
    2. Don’t use your last 4 digets in your Phone number, or any of that.
    3. Do not ever use your Name as a Password. That is asking for trouble.
    4. Do not use your address as a Password.
    5. Do not use your Street address as a Password.
    6. Do not EVER USE YOUR BIRTHDAY, Your Friends Birthday, or your Family members BIrth date. (Crimanals try this first before doing anything else.)
    7. Don’t TELL PEOPLE YOUR PASSWORD! (IF YOU DO TELL PEOPLE, WELL, You just proved you are an idiot. Congradulations.

  6. ^I agree^

    My passwords are minor historical figures with a load of numbers and hash signs i.e ARISTOTLE2354:::8K (don’t bother trying that one on my penguin or something, you’ll be wasting your time)

  7. CPUN already voted at Pungy’s meeting, we will not act on this. Plus, PR is dead like everyone else is saying.

  8. @Lincoln31543 I think they’re coming back too, but now they have less than 1000 people.

  9. People love making me look like an idiot.

  10. PR is dead
    Your a few weeks late

  11. We need some action fast. Any of you think scheduling a Practice Battle with another alliance would be nice?

  12. I have an alliance.

  13. Hmm

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