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CPUN Army Restoration

Hello and welcome! This is your fabulous, Puffle Warrior 3ic, former ACP mod, former Water Viking leader, current Pirate adviser, and other useless not so needed to say now.

Before I begin, I would like to say; Hello from Florida! The land of Micky Mouse! Yes, I am in vacation on Florida, my older brother is going here for college, so we’re seeing him off.

Even here under the hot sun of the United States, I have gotten yet another idea.

The CPUN Army Restoration plan, is a plan, to either;

A.) Help a small [CPUN Member] army, grow.


B.) Help remake an army. (Including graphics, pages, site, size and other neat things.)

So there you have it, how will it work you may ask?

Easy, you must be a CPUN member, and simply comment for help, and once we know you have commented, we will attempt to help you.

So positions. The CPUN Army Restoration (Or what-ever you want it to be called.) has a few positions.

Minister of Recruiting: The Minister of Recruiting, as his name may say, is not an easy position, the minister of recruiting must recruit certain amount of recruits (Depending on what the head of operation says.) and make sure they are active.

Head of GFX:This person will help army leaders make the site look neater, they will either make or receive GFX for the army site from a third source, and help the army look professional in graphics.

Diplomat(Negotiator) : This person will negotiate with the army leader(s) in how long the CPUN Army Restoration Team will help the army, and in what ways we will help them. The bridge between them and us.

Head of Operations: Pretty much the leader of the whole CPUN Army Restoration Team, he oversees and well, leads them, you know, pretty much leads them, the guy that says ‘go whack them’.

CPUN Armies: CPUN Members play a special role, they are the thing that helps the army in numbers. Of course, it is optional and only the “Head of Operations” (or what ever you want to call him/her.) may request certain armies to assist.

Others: Leave a comment with your ideas for other positions.

So yeha, damn plot bunny’s been scratching the back of my head with this idea. Also, comment on what you think, if it’ll work, if it won’t, I encourage your flames because I will completely prove you wrong.

So yah.


11 Responses

  1. Golly!

  2. Rip off of UTR *wary*

  3. Well? What are we waiting for? Let’s put this idea to work! 😀 But as usual, until tournaments are over, we never have a really clear path for other ideas.

    Let’s just make sure the CPUN Whack-Down goes well. 😐

  4. @Keith- I outrank you in the land of Unicorns, so I win. *wary* But seriously, think of it as a detailed version.

    @Dee- With your permission, I’d hold sign ups for the positions and personally ask armies to help.

  5. Great idea Char, this will make CP armies much more fun if it succeeds! More great armies=more fun! 😀

  6. This was Keith’s idea. lol

    I think its a good idea. Can I help?

    • It’s mine and Keith’s ideas *Wary*

      If Dee gives me permission, after the CPUN Whack-Down, I may hold sign-ups.

  7. We can team up *wary* I’ll use your name for it. 😛

  8. i can be Diplomat if u want. i can talk ppl pretty good if im in a good pawning mood.

  9. Hay Dee,
    I need to tell you something important.
    AACP will not make it to the wakdown.
    I am gonna alert RPF of this, and let them know why we are backing down.
    We are backing down because we have lost too many solders.
    No one is staying active, the Leaders are all on vaction, I am A almost toatly blind kid using a Screen Reader called NVDA
    And it will not work with CP or xat.
    And to top it off, we are in the middle of one problem after another.
    We are Dieing slowly sir.
    Do you think, maybe CPUN after the Wackdown, can Help the AACP?
    here is our link.

    It don’t look good at all.
    Please Dee.
    We dont want AACP to die.
    ~Lincoln31543 General of the Army 3Rd Incommand (GOA-3IC) (AACP American Army of club Penguin)

  10. This will work. I know it will. So after the Whack-Down there will be sign ups for help & People to work?

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