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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Land marks project

Sky Edit: You cannot hold an army to a certain number of servers. What if they are not classified as a small army? They get no servers. Besides that – More then one army can share a server, if their are fight – That’s up to the leaders. Like Pungy said, add punctuation & fix the double spaces. You don’t double space now, that was when we used typewriters.
Well i have an idea some of you may say Silly little Nooblet you cant have an idea for all Cp armys. Well I am! here is  my idea LAND MARKS No not like the ones that attracts tourism. Ones that armys have here is  my concept

Each army chooses a sever in which they  choose to place there land mark and when you raid that sever you chose etheir raid The sever alone (take just the sever) Raid the sever for the land mark or raid it for both Here is a basic format

Acps land mark location is breeze There land mark is a A HUGE tower with acp files and stuff saved

Then Nachos decide to take the land mark IF they succed they get the land mark and can add it to the collection

Now you may ask How many land marks can armys have well heres a list

  • Small: 1-2
  • Medium: 4
  • Major: 7
  • Large: 10

And thats only the land marks you can make YOU can take more then 600 land marks if u please  Now of course theres rules to this system here are the rules

  •  48 Hour warning before hand of taking
  • You must own 1 sever to have a land mark
  • 2 land marks PER sever (Un less large then its five)
  • You have to have 2 severs to start invading land marks
  • ALL land marks MUST be orginal

Now to test if this will work please sighn ur army up for the beta testing and tell us how it went

Testers fourm

  1. Army name
  2. Army leader
  3. Land mark
  4. What sever is your land mark on

    15 Responses

    1. Fix your double spaces, and misspellings.

    2. I dont get it……..

    3. Silly little Nooblet you cant have an idea for all Cp armies

    4. Limits are communistic.

    5. Ummm this sounds like some imaginary idea to pretend armies have “bases” on servers… No offense.

    6. Pedro gots a point, we can’t pretend to have bases.

    7. I’m confused.

    8. Could work between a few good armies I guess. I’ve always imagined wars lasting days and instead armies would capture rooms until the whole server is occupied even if it’d take days. This would mean armies would have to continuously patrol and keep the rooms they have captured safe from the current owner of the server.

      It’d make things more challenging but I guess.. Hey, this gives me a new idea..

    9. Its not bases its more of a new type of invasion

    10. I guess thats right. Its a challange.
      It is limiting like communisum, but it is quite fasanaiting to look at from my standpoint.
      I think maybe the Project could use some tweeking here and their. But it might work some how.
      But Really.
      Its just Land Marking a Server.
      I can’t do any invasions on my part sense I am barrowing a server from ACP.
      But I guess maybe we can do some fixing up of that.
      Personaly I think Everyone should have a limit of 5 Servers per army.
      Like ACP Gets Abomanable, Alaska, Blizzard, Breeze, and Cozy.
      Nachos gets Huskey, Ice Pack, Snowforts, sleet, and snow drift.
      Or even maybe everyone gets 3 servers per army.
      IDK I am just a GOA-3IC from the AACP.
      I take orders from Jones, and Snugbunny1. So Really I got no say in this.

    11. I simply think that if you capture a land mark you get a share of a server. Yet. why not get the whole server?

    12. @Lincoln ~ Noob armies would love this. But you cant really limit an army to 5 servers. Nor 3 servers. An army needs recruits. And having more then one army/server allows that. I mean honestly, how often does the two armies collide? I’ve been on Permafrost, and my army was the only one there.

      – Wyoskyguy
      CPR Leader, Brotherhood leader, CPUN Minister of War and Defence

    13. By the way, servers are spelled servers not severs.

    14. Lincoln, are you the Lincoln who worked with former ACP brigadier general Mrchips10?

    15. Army name UndercovercpArmy
      Army leader Mjgreico and Xcheeto
      Land mark Snow forts
      What sever is your land mark on WInter Land

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