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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Times will not be out by Friday. Unless you want your army to be removed. We wont be having one at all. We need armies. NOW.

Times SHOULD be out by Friday – Depends on if 8 more armies join. If you want times. Get 8 armies you know to join if they haven’t already.

Pwn, the new  2IC of CPR, edit: Nice new gfx Sky! anywho, I’ll be on vacation from July 22-29. Sorry for recent inactivity btw!

Note: Only 8 spaces to sign up. I will ask Kool if he can put the link on SMAC site just to get those 8 up.

Once we are full. We are full.

Sky Edit: Welcome back Dee! Btw, CPR has been doing excellent. We will no longer be ignored. Check the site for it. Keith: Wb! Also, nice new header Sky.
Dee edit: Hey guys! Sorry for my absence. The internet in my home is slowly being fixed. Lightning storm blew out the wireless system. I can’t make whole posts concerning my thoughts yet and rely on commenting. I have just recently created a Twitter account for myself here in CP. Follow me @MrDeedledoo to see my updates for your convenience (in case you’re wondering where I am). It’s easier to update on Twitter at some times than coming on the blog.

Edit: These are the armies currently in CPUN WHACK-Down
Pringles of CP

International Soldiers of CP


8 spots open!

Hey guys – Minister of War and Defense here.

Heres how it will work:

Stage 1

Sign up!

Army name:
# at events:

We will have 32 spots open ~ 16 in each division (2 divisions)
Invited armies:
CPR – Accepted
GD – Accepted
RPF – Accepted
CPGT – Accepted
RBAA – Accepted
IMAF – Accepted
SF – Accepted
ST – Accepted
Flyers – Decline
Pirates – Accepted

That means there are 24 OPEN spots left. SIGN UP QUICKLY, ONCE WERE FULL. WERE FULL.
Stage 2
Round one
Stage 3
Finish the tournament.

Good luck to all armies
– Wyoskyguy
Minister of War and Defence
P.S. Sorry for the short post


44 Responses

  1. ATM 23
    Around 8

  2. Sky Troops accept

  3. Army name: NFF

    Active: Yes

    # at events: 8 +

  4. Is this a tournament?

  5. CP Flyers decline sorry

  6. Orca what do you think it is? Yes it’s a tourney.

  7. 1. turtle llamas
    3. 4-10

  8. yes i shall accept sky cpbos
    eh its rlly small but il get it big frome this probobly but 3 😀

  9. Ghost Vikings
    8 sometimes less depends on the date and time.

  10. Sky Mafia accept.

  11. Hai guys

    Long time no see! Have you seen the CPAE site?


  12. Wow the NFF are going to be in this too!?

  13. Army name: Oreos Of Cp
    Active: We Had 18 at last active count :3
    # at events: 8 well around that

  14. Another tourny…

  15. 1.Pringles of CP
    2. Our first Tourny (first event) we maxed up to 6
    3. Look up.

  16. Ummm, SW was invited, but we’re not up on the ‘invited list’ thingy sooo…..
    1. Snow Warriors
    2. About 10 active troops (No recent Active Counts…)
    4. We can go anywhere from 3-7 at events.

  17. Can someone tell me how do I recruit succesfuly?

  18. 1 = International Soldiers of CP
    2 = 3 to 5
    3 = 9

  19. We Will be having an event soon……
    ~General of the Army 3Rd Incommand, Lincoln31543

  20. We Will be having an event soon……
    ~General of the Army 3Rd Incommand, Lincoln31543American Army of Club Penguin
    11 or 12
    We are hopeing to have our first event soon. 😀
    P.S. The AACP Was Invited, but It does not show here on the post

  21. Army name: Red Miner Army (RMA)
    Active: Our 1st Event
    # at events: N/A

  22. AACP American Army of Club Penguin
    11 or 12
    Still not shure of howmany show up to events. Will find out at our first event. 😀

  23. Im leader of AACP. We need to know when this is to take place. Like what date and time. PLease give me times for all time zones

  24. The times will be given to all armies very soon, don’t worry.

  25. Penguin Protectors Army
    9 to 10

  26. ok thank you. Just trying to get word out to soldiers asap

  27. Hay Dee!
    I herd your computer was hit in a Lighting Storm.
    Sorry about that dude.
    I will tell you this though, Lighting is one of the worst things to find in a storm in general.
    I almost got killed by a Lighting strike, and I did not get hit, but My Hair was standing up so tall, People thought I was FrankinStine XD
    And When it ended, I tuched my window to open it, and I got shocked!
    So Don’t worry about Lighting. Take it from someone who almost got closer to meeting Former President FDR, and Former British Priminister Winston Chirchil a little bit too early. XD

  28. Pirates accept, I guess.

  29. Did You Invite Us? You Commented On FN’s Site But We’re Not On Your Invite List

  30. Hi there Lincoln. 😀 Luckily it wasn’t me who was hit. But that’s gotta be an awful experience. Now I know how my router felt like. XD Anyways, goodluck to you and everyone else participating here.

    Goodluck to the organizers. I’ll be back to help out. Don’t sticky posts when unnecessary. We don’t want to end up like CPAE. Preparation days for the next round should allow the flow of posts to be normal (without any sticky posts).

    Oh and to Soccer and the oldies, please watch over. 😉 Follow me @MrDeedledoo on Twitter.

  31. CPUN i need your help. BPA could be declaring war on Sky Troops within the hour but there is a way we can stop this. By having a peace treaty and borders. Each armies capitals is snowcone so I was thinking that we should put snowcone in half. Like north korea and south korea BPA will have dock, beach, ski hill and ski village while ST will have town , snowforts, plaza,cove,forest and mine. But the only place where both armies can go is dojo. Could you conntact ST about this and try and make an aggrement.

  32. After what you did to CPR. CPR will not assist.

  33. WTF did i do to CPR. Anyway your meant to be bloody neutral with every army. I am not asking you to assist i am asking you to help make the border to help ST. Because if my demands arnt met within the next 40 hours RAA and BPA will invade snowcone and declare war on ST.

  34. Clubhot, I’ll be happy to look into it. The Sky Troops are good friends. 😉 I’ll comment on your website as soon as possible with a solution. Hopefully, the BPA will cooperate. Meanwhile, keep your troops alert. The CPUN is on it’s way. 😉

  35. Clubhot, if u were a real leader, you wouldnt be running to another cp site for help. Honestly, if they are going to declare war, fight back. If you lose, dont sweat it. Just get right back up and defend yourself. I promise it will work out.

  36. Jones, this is an alliance and what we do is help our members. 😐 So uh, yeah. That’s the privilege of being in here.

  37. Yes Rsnail Army Accepts.

    – Rsanil Army Leader

  38. Well Dee,
    It was quite a Shocking expearence XD
    I Think Elitric divices, AND GOD dont like me XD.

    GOd almost hits me with lighting, and then my outlet for my electronics shocks me!
    I think I should just be a Premitive Cave man and just stay with fire for amusement XD

  39. hey! The PPA Is Supposed to be in the whack down! WHY ARE WE CROSSED OUT?

  40. Army name: Team Blue
    Active: 8-10
    # at events: unknown

  41. Army name: Jokesters of CP
    Active:1-10: 7
    # at events: unknown

  42. World Warriors (WWCP)
    Active: neawly Created to replace my old army

  43. P.S. worldwarriorscp.wordpress.com

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