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ACP and Nachos going to war?

Old rivals sparks flit up to start a fire of war

Hello CPUN viewers Today’s post isn’t about Noob wars on mammoth and such this about the Real  army’s. If you have been paying attention to both army’s Then you will notice that they keep getting closer and closer to war lets review some of the facts

  • Nachos were fairly mad when ACP attacked during there streaking raid on the 9th (Skip to pictures page for more part)
  • Acp is fairly upset with Nachos for invading there severs quite a bit

Now lets veiw a few interviews with Nachos 3ic  And acp leader

Nachos interview

M: Hey

j: Hey

M: Mind if i interview you?

J: Nope

M: So whats your take on the war with acp

J: Well..

J: Well i personally  don’t want war i don’t even see why were having it Acp war seems fun Or you know “Other” It can be chaos War is hard work just to handle and of the work because of a war with Acp Which i thought was an allie to us

M: What do you mean by “Work” ?

J: Like the work into planning battles and stuff as a 3ic i really don’t have to do much but theirs much more pressure on the leaders

M: I see do you think this will help the nachos in any way 

J: I think it will some how in listening for tactics and in relation ship to each other for battles for sure that will happen

M:  Do you feel as if nachos is taking too much by going to war with 3 armys?

J: *Hmm* I personal don’t think so I mean for the war there has to be a reasonable explanation War isnt the best but it brings the army together  more so yeah

M:  Thanks for your time any last comments?

J: Thanks for interviewing me 😉 XD

M: Np

Acp interview with slider

M: Hey mind if i interview you?

S: No not at all

M: So whats your take on the acp and nachos war?

S: I didst know there was a war *ono*

M: Nachos officially declared it

S: I cant answer These  questions right now

M: Okay thanks for your time

Interview with bob cat boy 10

M: Hey mind if i interview you?

B: Sure

M: So whats your take on the Nachos and acp war?

B: Well it seems pretty friendly right now Yes its a war so why and i even saying Friendly ?

M: Do you think this war will help acp?

B: Yes it will and im glad were in it as a wake up call ACP has been dozing off we need to stay awake

M: Do you feel like this war will be close

B: Who knows right now

M: Do you feel as if acp is getting in too deep?

B: If we were in too deep we would be drowing Right now were just walking on the deep end

M: Does acp plan on doing any bold moves?

B: Right now to the news or whatever this is for you will have to see if we are ready for anything big or not

M: Do you believe acp will have to work harder now?

B: Yes

M: will this help acp rise Or fall?

B: Hope fully rise i would never say fall

M: Do you think this will go hard core like acp and nachos old rivalry

B: Thats another who knows question We are gonna try and stay on top

M: Will acp and Nachos still keep there allied ship?

B: Find out at the end of the war

M: Thanks for you time Bob


So obviously I didnt get much info out of acp but i will re post a interview with ken and flipper

Now as you can see this is gonna be a full out war Not only is acp fighting nachos but NACHOS also declared war on ACP UMA AND NW

Pictures section

Sadly nachos had there pictures on lock but that doesn’t stop me!!

The pictures dont seem to be working i will try to fix it later thanks for reading (atm is awesome  Now he has no reason to say HOW COME MY AWSOMNESS WAS NOT METIONTED )

Momo941 live on the sence


7 Responses

  1. Nice post, but I do think you should of just been a bit more detailed, just saying. xP

    Also, if there’s any big news with CPUN armies don’t forget to post on something such as that.

    Overall good post.

  2. ACP interview totally failed.

  3. If you want to fight the PR, join my alliance!
    Yes, it’s one of my old army sites.

  4. Nice post Momo. One suggestion, I think you should interview ACP Leaders. They’ll probably give you better and more detailed answers.

  5. An interview with flipper? Maybe you can ask if he is willing to make appearances to CPUN again?

    P.S. This war I might participate in, I hate the Nachos.

  6. Well, I am almost sure it is the same flipper.

  7. It is.

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