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Back in Action | Whose the Newcomers? | Why I’ve been gone

My own edit: Be ready for teh CPUN WHACK-Down – Post coming out soon
Hey guys. Teh legend Wyoskyguy is back in business. I’m fine, thanks for asking. I have a somewhat long title, and your probably thinking…

Who is this noob who says hes a legend, I never heard of him

Yes, to some I am a legend. Personally, I find myself a legend (Color Wars, hellooooo?) and World Wars veterans. Some are thinking “But Sky! You cant be, I’ve never heard of you.” Yes well, POOP.

Ok, that was a tad bit random, just had to get to my point.
Who are the new comers? I know Pungy and Keith, who else is new here? Comment much. Thanks.

Shortest part of the post. Ok Ok. Lets get onto the last part.

Why I have been gone

Why have I been gone? I havent been. Ive been reading the posts ~ and I agree with ATM on 2 things.
1) Dont give PR attention ~ its what they want.
2) What has CPUN come to?

Lets not talk about the first one. Personal choice of cource.
Lets talk about the second one.
What has CPUN come to?
I know what SMAC has come to- Hiring people who Talk Like This. That is annoying. Very. Very. Annoying.
CPUN is starting off to come like that.
Next – The CPUN Army
Its a great idea. But the colors are all off. Blue/Orange. Those are the colors.
I love what Charizard said.

I may not have been in the past of the CPUN, but I know one thing, the past cannot be copied, it can be made to look like the past, but it shall never be the same.

Sure, HISTORY maybe repeated. But not Warfare. We shall evolve – New GFX – Personally I nominate myself for such a task. We need a new banner (I love Aan’s, but its out of date), a new header, and possibly a new site background. The badge is fine.
Unite to Rise
Great idea, Keith. Its brilliant. I’m gonna make this short since its brilliant.
CPUN Board
Ok guys – I know the last one said I was Advisor to the Minister of War and Defence. But I talked to ATM and he said I could be Minister of War and Defence – With Pungy as my advisor.
NOW For the real reason why I have been gone.

As some of you may know – Red Destoyz (Formal leader of CPR) and Fishpop (Leader of CPR for ages) have retired. Gostt and I have became the leader of CPR. We get a good size of 12 at events.
I wont link – Just ask me if you want the link.

I think thats it.

A short post of 453 words

– Wyoskyguy
Rangers Lead the way!
CPUN Minister of War and Defence


8 Responses

  1. 1st and welcome back, even though I’ve never met you.

  2. Good post Sky, I agree with it. xP

  3. Who shouldn’t agree with me? *Wary*

  4. meep. ill start posting. i’ve been a bit busy.

  5. You sexy man.

  6. I am pretty sexy 🙂

  7. Welcome back BTW. 😛

  8. Thanks Dee :D.

    I find people Who Talk LIke This Annoying, Don’t You?


    – Wyoskyguy

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