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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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United Army Updates #2 || UTR Updates || PR Updates || Members Page

Well yes, this will be a long post, so stay tuned, click read more.

First, I would like to start off another United Army Updates, I’m sorry I took so long to make this next one, along with just a post itself. CPUN had no posts for 3 days straight, and I apologize to any viewers.


Club Penguin Rangers (CPR)

The CPR have been having some great events lately, and if they were to battle some small top 10 armies, maybe even a medium army, I believe they could get noticed very quickly. Here’s a picture of their most recent event.

In a few events before this, they also got sizes a bit bigger than in this picture.

Separatist Penguin Assocation Armed Forces (SPAAF)

The SPAAF have recently dropped out of the small top 10’s, and are currently waiting to start back up. The SPAAF will resume on the 18th. Leader ATM announced this with Order 23.

Rebel penguin Federation (RPF)

Well I figured I had to include these guys, seeing that ATM is such a high rank in the CPUN. Anyways, The RPF recently got their creator, Commando717 back, yet it is not permanent. RPF’s current leader Spade claims the army WILL rise with Commando gone, as they look like their in good shape right now. The RPF also claims to have one of the most advanced sites in armies, with some very interesting widgets, plus the site supports Flash. The RPF also recently got “Hacked” by the PR, but Kyle Cease claims the RPF just needed a chance to give the site rainbow graphics, and they got their chance. It sort of make sense since the header said “RPF is Manager now.” (I can show you Kyle Cease’s comment if you need it). Here is a pic of the RPF’s most recent event.

Ninja Freedom Force (NFF)

The NFF recently advanced to the semi-finals of SMAC’s Mini Cup. For the next round, the NFF look to win to advance to the finals. The creator of the Ninja Freedom Force, Josiah Fett, also retired not long ago. The new leader is Brandonjja. Here is a pic of the NFF in their most recent event.

Global Defenders (GD)

The Global Defenders have had a recent downfall, not only have they dropped out of major, but their currently falling down the medium top 10. The GD recently had a promotions system change as well. Many events are scheduled as usual, and the GD hopes to re-conquer their sizes. One of their troops, Influence, has recently came down with a bad case of… You heard me, Cancer. So everyone hopes he will get better soon, pray he does.

Imperio Snow (Empire Snow)

Well, even if this army is in a different language mostly, it IS a living army. Right now the army is making a Harry Potter CP movie, so we’ll have to see how that goes.

Club Penguin Federal Bureau of Investigation (CPFBI)

The CPFBI have recently lost their beloved leader, Super Pal 1, but they look to rise back up. Frothe1 And PenguinK2 hope to make the CPFBI a success soon enough, but their sizes at recent events have proved poor. An upcoming recruiting session their having might help them though.

Silver Soldiers (SS)

The SS have recently been giving the PR a lot of hate, not only with certain plans, but also spying on them. Their newest information is that the PR is supposedly taking a short break, to… Rebuild? The SS have also recently reached 3,000 hits, which they are very pleased about.

Sky Troops (ST)

The ST have recently been having a few ups and downs, but the army always manages to stay strong. In their most recent recruiting session, they got good sizes as you can see here.

Robber Penguin Force (RPF…)

The Robber Penguin Force hasn’t been doing much lately, but they have sent out a message to start robbing, and are also searching for Money Makers.

CP Suns (Suns)

The CP Suns are another new army, but they are created by a very experienced army leader, Charliem21. The Suns are having an active count, along with a chat rally on the 20th. Here is the Suns at a recruiting session.

Fort Ghost Recon (FGR)

The FGR are on quite the rise, and their creator Elitesof is there to help them. The FGR recently got into a major top 10, only to drop out. Yet at their most recent event, their sizes still look very good.

Club Penguin Green Team (CPGT)

Yes, I got my army up here. *wary* The CPGT have recently been on a BIG downfall, and they have been getting very bad sizes at events. The army looks to rise and they are trying hard, and that seems to be what’s keeping the army alive at the moment. A few owners have retired, along with a lot of troops quitting, so that has left a big mark on CPGT.

All army links can be found on the members page.


My idea, Unite To Rise, is most likely going to go into affect very soon. I am almost thinking of making a site for a few split purposes, with that being the main one, and I hope the CPUN can consider this a split-off site. I will give a link on another post if the site is up and running, along with the fact that I need to hire a team for Unite To Rise. So that’s all for now on UTR.


Most armies have now been ignoring the PR, and someone did happen to D0x their leader, which revealed (or so we think) that Vilolentealleta is actually some old creeper. Most people have decided to ignore the PR as well, so from the looks of it the PR aren’t as much as they seem to be. As seen from the SS, the PR is supposedly… Rebuilding?


Well recently the Members page hasn’t been looking so good, with updating it I mean. So I am hereby taking control of editing and adding new members. I will also be taking off inactive or dead members, with the CPUN’s permission. I will put this into motion immediately.

So yeah, there you have it. Sorry about missing the meeting, I was busy, again. xP

Comment with your opinions!






13 Responses

  1. hahaha Thanks Keith for both SPAAF and RPF. Nice post.

  2. They are rebuilding. but their main plan is to surprise the CP armies by making a comeback, a HUGE comeback. if you want info about the PR, go here:


    The password is spyinfo

  3. Update on S.S

    The SAS is currently working with the SS for recon missions on pr.

  4. We have new info! Click on the link that I gave before. The password is spyinfo

  5. Okey dokey.

  6. Thank you for mentioning Robber Penguin Force. We intend to begin our events soon, unfortunately the majority of our army is split between Western Europe, Queensland in Australia and the Eastern Seaboard of the United States.

  7. Keith first off it’s not SMAC’s Mini Cup, it’s CPTC’s Mini Cup. Secondly, WHEN THE HECK WILL CPUN ADD ME TO THE SITE! YOU ACCEPTED ME ON THE AUTHOR APPLICATIONS BUT YOU STILL HAVEN’T ADDED ME TO THE SITE! MY EMAIL IS: goofysoccerfan@gmail.com Please add me soon

    • Added.

  8. Dee usually adds people, and he hasn’t been on lately.

    Chill kid.

  9. Chill dude, it’s hosted by SMAC.

  10. And if that’s a lie then why are all the posts for it on SMAC? :3

  11. CPUN, the PR will be back this weekend. I saw it on their Steam group or whatever it’s called. They now have 1007 members.

  12. Yes guys penguins Add me kick ford You

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