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My Conclusion on the Purple Republic.

The so called ‘Purple Republic’ is a ‘CP Army’ made up via Steam. Before armies realized of this, they had little, or no knowledge of CP Warfare.

The first report about PR, so I think was by GT, which tried to stop them but failed, then it went to SMAC, then to CPAE, then to CPAC, and soon everyone knew.

PR is the Purple Republic, an army made out of steam users, who recently just created CP Accounts just for this.

They are numerous, and barely get off. They, again, know little of us, they have simple, yet idiotic conclusion of us.

They have made a move that has united armies, literally. The most notable massive alliance is the ‘Pink Alliance.’ The Alliance and the Purple Republic fight unscheduled.

Their members are quite…immature, idiotic, and people wasting their life’s.

Yet, CP has already been notified, and are banning the PR ‘soldiers’ with an wicked IP ban, so they may not make another account.

Their leader, honestly, doesn’t care that what she (He?) is doing is wasting time on both sides. I talked to her (Him? Forget it, I’m calling him/her a it.) a day ago, and told me it didn’t care.

So obviously, this situation is idiotic. And shall be resolved by itself soon enough. CP has already been notified, and are IP banning them, so they cannot make a new account.

I even think their Steam itself is banning steam accounts. My observations on their chat are not accurate, but their reactions to their accounts getting banned, and their confusion is though.

PR is not a threat, they are nuisance, and they will be wiped out from this community in a few weeks. Their Steam Chat grows low every day,and are getting banned more and more. Of course, these are my assumptions.


6 Responses

  1. So ignore PR.

  2. assumption:

    A bunch of idiotic hobos who tried to start at big issue but failed

    also my sis is starting a VP (vampire alliance) sort of thing, and its getting on my nerves.They are planning to take our server, Zipline. Patrols have been deployed and we are protecting this server very well

    ,Eco34, out.

  3. Once again people get attacked by Bots… :/

  4. Mr Deedledoo and all other CPUN workers, the PR edited an ENTIRE PAGE on Wikipedia!
    Look at it! Some has to change it back. :\

  5. It could be fixed, a general in my army, Shamu Jones, was going edit it. Here is what it had.

  6. I am doing it for the armies. If they see that they’ll start joining them and the Purple Republic will have a lot of penguins & us we’ll have only bits of penguins. Shame on d guy who wrote the comment!:(

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