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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Meeting of Armies

ATM’s Message Of Advice: Ignore PR, don’t think of them. Don’t talk of them. Their goal is to get attention. Don’t give them it. They will leave if they are ignored. They may seem so big and strong, but they really aren’t. Now I suggest you all let this thing go. Come to the meeting still  since Pungy and many others think it’s important.


Many of you may know about the recent rising of the Purple Republic. PR is unlike most armies, and have vowed to destory CP Armies. I feel that the CPUN should meet to discuss this topic. All armies are invited to attend. All armies MUST unite to fight this threat.

❗ Army Meeting ❗

When: Friday, July 15th

Where: CPUN Chat

Why: To Discuss the Purple Republic


4:00 PM PST

5:00 PM MST

6:00 PM CST

7:00 PM EST

12:00 AM GMT



31 Responses

  1. Might miss it but I’ll try.

  2. That is the day of the midnight premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. I refuse to come.

    • Wow, so loyal to the CPUN…


  4. Pretty Sure I can come.

  5. Im sure i can come. This is serious.

  6. I’ll be there.
    And what is “PR”? :s


  7. crap. im scared. HOLD MEEHH!!!!!!!!!

    no no… I FIGHT VAMPIRES (including my sis) IM NOT SCARED BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (i am scared… a little bit.)

  8. I can make it. If you guys really want to make something out of the CPUN, then do your best.

    I’d just like to say that I’m doing whatever it takes to keep this place alive – even if what we do now isn’t that close to the purpose of this alliance. Yet, it’s still alive and still has viewers. Even if it’s news, it’s been convenient to our community and always will be. I’m just saying we shouldn’t be so selfish as it’s been the ACTIVE authors we have here who have kept this blog alive and viewed at for the past year, or more.

    We’ve done this before, we can do it again. We need to have the ‘intelligence people’. Gather up info about this ‘Republic’. We’ll then be able to tell the community what it is and what we should be cautious about and how we should be careful.

  9. We need a new CPUN chat background. We aren’t going to get enough people to come if we don’t notify each Member but it’s okay since this is just the first meeting.

    A link to the PR would be nice. I’d like to take a look at them. 🙂

  10. I’ll try my best to come.

    P.S. Never heard of them. xD

  11. Oh um, I get to see an early screening of Harry Potter, so I MIGHT be at the movies. xD *looks at soccer*

  12. I need a link to PR’s site

  13. I think I should make it, though my sisters birthday is the 15th. Maybe since a lot of people are not sure we can make it, we could have it on Saturday?

  14. PR, why is that so familiar? I may have seen them before 😀 i may make it!

  15. We need this meeting earlier, this conflict is getting bigger everyday.

  16. My army Undercovercparmy will be there Also we are known as UCCPA

  17. i can come. oh and thank you dee for welcoming me to the CPUN. ill be glad to work with him to end this cause. as well for the other leaders.

  18. dee, i got info on them: (man i am a good spy)

    They said:

    “We are going to attack the server of mammoth, and we will show all these pitiful army what the purple republic does”

    also they like to line up in a Nazi symbol.

    Links of info:


  19. ah tank you.

  20. Holy crap(pardon my French)! PR changed the EPF description on Wikipedia, it now says the player gets to join the Glorious Purple Republic!

    so its
    Hitler(PR) vs Clubpenguin armies

    we are doomed,

    that video shows 5% of the 100,000 penguins in the PR

  22. Today, PR and there leader violetella invaded Snowball, surprised, penguins fought back, not in armies… but yet again penguins have fought against this threat, when PR came about 50 penguins were there to fight, led by the “leader” they called Redfork566, who happens to be the leader of SAS. I had a chance to interview him


    this was taken by Jetflash

  23. I HAVE THEIR SITE!!!!!

  24. They attacked last night. I saw two of them. It was the server Cloudy in the Town, but they were supposed to attack at the Stadium. I can spy on their site.

  25. Also, there leader is Violetella, and they call themselfs the “Purple Riech” (that actually tells alot.)

  26. Might not make it due to internet problems. Feel free to make any emergency posts when you might need to switch chats or make other adjustments. I hope our mods and admins might be able to come on chat. 🙂

    Don’t forget pictures and a conclusion. Sorry for the delay of my activeness guys. You are the leaders for now. 😉

    See you all later!

  27. I have collected all known info here.
    The pass is

  28. UPDATE:

    1. The have ANOTHER site. It’s their news site, I think. http://violantealltea.wordpress.com

    2. Here’s one of their posts:

    “This weekend will mark the beginning of the end for the bloated masses of the armies that still stand before us. The Purple Republic has crushed any opposition that tried to stand before us and put to shame the armies that used to be considered the pride and joy of the community. Did those armies gracefully admit defeat and bend the knee? Hardly. They turned tail like cowards and now simply pretend that we never a threat and ignore us as if that will somehow reduce the shame of their loss at the hands of the destined purple rulers. Nacho’s Warriors is a particularly good example of such cowardice, they who abandoned the Pink Alliance which was the only vessel to pose somewhat of a threat to us. Should those who oppose us ever wish to wonder how we got to strong or went so unopposed, you need only look at those organizations that have lost and chosen to hide their shame in pretend ignorance.

    “Such displays of supreme cowardice have made it clear the time to strike our deathblow to the other-colored scum is now. I am announcing that Friday shall be the Day of the Long Drill. We will penetrate the already crumbling barriers blocking the glorious Purple Wave from drowning the armies in its perfect purity. It will be the beginning of a campaign to last the weekend that will involve a massive display of force by my Purple Republic and will stamp out any sort of organized resistance or activity by any of the opposing parties. I have also given special orders to ensure that the activity planned in “honor” of somebody known as Skloop (http://cpacentral.wordpress.com/2011/07/11/lets-wish-skloop-our-hearts/) is flattened. Why would I be so heartless as to do such a thing? Because regardless of the nature of his “accident”, it stands as an example of a gathering and glorification of the non-colored scum.

    “Let this stand as a final warning to those who oppose us. This weekend you will be beaten to the ground until you submit or are snuffed from existence. Pledge your armies to the Purple Republic now and you will be spared this. I will grant your leaders special rank and title and welcome you with open arms. But should you resist after this, you will have sealed your fate. The choice is yours, I pray you make the right one.

    “Keep Drilling,


    “EDIT: I have removed the link to the news post in regards to the incident in Chicago due to the fact the evidence is largely circumstantial. Although if anybody would be able to actually prove things otherwise instead of saying he sent a mysterious text or message, I would surely like to see such.

    “EDIT 2: As soon as I question the truthfulness of his departure, Skloop mysteriously returns without so much as an ounce of sufferance. How curious is that. He has promised to ban any members of the Purple Republic but that will be a waste of time and an act of gross censorship. I allow all opinions here, purple or otherwise yet unenlightened.”

    See how evil they are? I have more here:
    The password is spyinfo

  29. I didnt make it. I forgot that 12:00a.m is midnight, not midday

  30. hey CPUN. On the News Application results, you guys said you accepted me to the site, but you guys haven’t added me yet! My E-Mail is goofysoccerfan@gmail.com

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