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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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News Applications

You have probably seen, the recent posts that have been going on around here and I am back but this time bigger than ever. We are having this News side of CPUN, better and brighter. Now I have not been in touch with Char, but hopefully I will get to talk to him about what we are going to do here at the CPUN. For now, I have decided we need some more news posting staff, so I am making some applications, for these applications, I would like you to answer some questions. Do not feel obliged to sign up, do it only if you wanted to be posting news:

1. CP Username/Nickname: 

2. How experienced you are in CP Army News sites. E.g CPAE- Author :

3. Write down a post, like you would normally in a real post about one news item in the CP Army News recently:

These are, our applications, I hope we can get many more authors on the site and get this site rock and rolling again.

Thank you,


P.S: I will be away for this week and next week and a bit, due to exams.

Also, I do not have the power to add people to the site (Dee)


17 Responses

  1. I gave out the idea of posting more news but they were like “Noooo, that will make us a new site.”

  2. Eco34
    CPAJ (clubpenguin army journal) Author (goes out to SAN)

    k this is it (this is fake i coudlnt find a recent news)


    Yesterday at 2:54 pm EST The nachos attacked acp servers Mammoth and Yukon. ACP forces held out the attack for 20 minutes but were soon overpowered by the overwhemling nacho force…(interview with witness)…….At 3:15 pm the Nachos pushed ACP back to the cove.”It looked like an Irish flag” said a witness at the Forest. While the Nachos were invading other rooms my assistant (Redfork566) was shocked to find penguins (not part of an army) firing snowballs at the invading Nachos. Unexpected, and scared the Nachos fired, hitting 25 penguins and injuring 5. The ACP retreat was met by penguins willing to enlist and help. “This is truly the beginning of WW5” Said Redfork566.


  3. This is a good idea, and we could try to encourage our writers to write not just about major armies, and so, but also about CPUN Armies related news, and this will also get the CPUN site a tad more active.

    And Shimmy, I’m not usually on xat, but when I’m on, I’m in Water Viking Chat or Vikings of CP chat.

  4. Good luck new appliers. xD

  5. 1. CP Username/Nickname:
    2. How experienced you are in CP Army News sites. E.g CPAE- Author : Gcpan owner Cpan reporter and i work at NFF secerts

    3. Write down a post, like you would normally in a real post about one news item in the CP Army News recently: I will post about the Brand new ninjas of cp

    As most people know the brand new army Ninjas of cp took us by storm at the smac cup kinda cool how many they can get for being a BRAND new army. There doing so good There fighting the nachos now this may not be the wisest idea but if there numbers keep going like this they might take ACPS spot. Lets review some facts of these guys: There fastly rising and increasing speed they beat Tg By a land slide and i mean that heres one of the many pictures of them http://fwarmy.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/cozy4.png

    Pretty good and with the fact of rouges still around they have an INCREASE of numbers when they need it or just for the heck of it.

    The ninjas are filled with tatics like the fact of there UR CORNERED tatic And many more.

    Ninjas in the shadows but the true question is Can they Crush the nacho chips?

  6. Lets get some more good applications in before I start judging, Char you can contact me at any time by my email which is on this comment, just tell me who you think is doing best and who should be picked as our new authors!

    Good Luck Guys!!!

  7. Good luck eh, again. :3

  8. 1. CP Username/Nickname: Hwhwk

    2. How experienced you are in CP Army News sites. E.g CPAE- Author
    : CPAE- Author(lol) CPAL- Admin CPLSA- Author

    3. Write down a post, like you would normally in a real post about one news item in the CP Army News recently:

    Well, I have chosen the topic of the Small Army Increase. As most people have seen, the number of small armies are increasing much more withing each week, as about 2-5 seem to be made each week, and about 10 are made in a month. Out of all of these, only 1 or 2 seem to continue on, but that doesn’t make much of a difference. When armies go to recruit on club penguin, you can get them to join, but how do you get them to your site. Due to rules and what not, you cant add links on CP. You can go word for word or letter for letter, but lots of “inexperienced” people won’t know what your talking about. Because of this, small armies have to recruit on other chats.
    If your in one large army, such as ACP or IW, and you get one request, it’s not so bad. But because of the amount of armies, some people can get as many as ten a day. And when your being influenced due to the words like “owner”, “admin”, “moderator”, it gets hard to say “no.” When this happens, you eventually start to think(this is for about 3/10 of the people), “Hmm… Do I want to be a low member in IW, or a 2ic in that small army?? Well, I like being an owner, so I choose the small army.” You see, most people don’t think this exactly, but it happens anyway.
    When this process happens, large armies lose their troops. “One troop, who cares?” WELL, when this is happening 5 times a day, it matters a bit more. “Oh….” Yeah. This calls for more recruiting on CP, and that doesn’t really get too far. Basically, it shows that more people in CP need to join armies. For this to happen, armies can’t just go ask people to join ACP, which they might never have heard of. They need to send out representatives to servers and start explaining what armies are, and THEN recruit them.
    If this process continues without more people joining, eventually CP armies are going to reversed, with the large armies at the bottom and the small ones at the top of the charts.

  9. Continue applying guys! 😀

    Shimmy, don’t forget to post about those you accepted so I can add them to the site. You can continue recruiting! Good job. 😛

  10. Does this mean the limit of 1 post a day change?

  11. There is supposed to be 1 post a day? O:

  12. It is a limit of at most 1-a-day (women’s 😆 ).

  13. 1. CP Username/Nickname: Agentrds but call me Rex 🙂

    2. How experienced you are in CP Army News sites. E.g CPAE- Author : I have worked for a now dead CP army news site

    3. Write down a post, like you would normally in a real post about one news item in the CP Army News recently:

    Lately because of World War Six there has been alot of going on.
    I as a reporter on CPUN, I will post you about how our CPUN Armies are doing:


    Here we see the whole dock covered in ACP and SWAT. They are using the Tactic: March


    Here we see ACP doing a clover Frenzy


    Here we see SWAT doing a SWAT bomb


    And we see ACP retreating. XD

    And thats some news about WW6.

    Thanks for reading.

    Agentrds (REX)

  14. Hey I need someone posting news for Ace Warriors

  15. Hey dee, i was thinking about stuff and i wondered,

    the real world has videos of battles!

    How bout’ that, ,make a youtube channel about the most major battles in cp.

    i have hypercam.
    and it works.

  16. 1. CP Username/Nickname: Goofysoccer

    2. How experienced you are in CP Army News sites. E.g CPAE- Author:
    SMAC – Author, CPAL – Admin

    3. Write down a post, like you would normally in a real post about one news item in the CP Army News recently:
    At first Kenneth1000 of ACP announced that there would be a Fun War between The Fruit Alliance (ACP and Nachos) and the Black Alliance (Many Armies including UMA). At first it was expected that the Black Alliance would win the war because they had very many armies in it. That thought proved wrong. The FA dominated every aspect of the war. The FA was so dominant that BA stopped showing up to battles. Then the Night Warriors, The Ice Warriors, and the Watex Warriors formed OABYA (Our Alliance is Better than Your Alliance) and showed dominance as you can see in these pictures: http://nwarmy.com/2011/05/28/victory-on-summit/
    The war was now a war between OABYA and FA and the FA soon also stopped showing up to battles, but if they did show up, they showed up in small numbers while OABYA kept showing dominance. The war is now over and in my opinion the OABYA won the war. However the OABYA joined the war to help FA so technically speaking FA won the war, while OABYA had the biggest sizes.

  17. 1. CP Username/Nickname: Aiai334

    2. How experienced you are in CP Army News sites. E.g CPAE- Author:
    In the middle I will do news for the following armies (and if you give me the link more): Any member of cpun and Ace Warriors

    3. Write down a post, like you would normally in a real post about one news item in the CP Army News recently: Here’s the current news on Ace Warriors; For now the Ace Warriors are a very new army. They are struggling to get any troops at all for no troops have even joined yet. What I’m thinking is the large armies are taking in all the troops because nobody want’s there army to die, so they go to the big armies.
    Here’s: even a post from the AW: (I would normally use one of their posts)

    Title: READ!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pay Attention When Reading This Post Don’t Just Ignore It

    This site is not finished we are getting graphics soon, this does not mean you cannot join in fact if you are already at the site please do join!

    Note: We will have some mini battles where we dress up in one of our allies’ uniforms then help them win the battle an we will not have real battles where we our selves are us against another army with no help until we have enough (troops). P.S. At one point we may have a real battle even when we still lack troops.

    Rankings: If you join we will give you a rank in the Owner Line (not 2ic or Leader) you will be a mod in the chat.

    Legends: If you are the first to join we will put you on the Legends page because you were the first ever joined.

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