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United Army Updates! #1

Dee edit: Shimmy and Jared’s posts are scheduled to be automatically posted tomorrow and two days after that respectively. 😉 I’d like to give this post a second day since it’s only had one. Jared’s, an active count, will be the earlier one since we need the open end for people to be able to apply for Shimmy’s application post.

Hey guys! Every week, maybe month, or just every few weeks, I will be doing these updates on all the armies currently in the CPUN. Or at least the ones who are really with us and not so huge they ignore us. xP

Anyway, CP is still down for some sadly. But it IS back up for most, which is good news. BUT SADLY AGAIN, it is down for me. Onto the post. Note this is in order from the members page. Large armies like ACP, Nachos, are not included. Plus, this does contribute to promotional ideas, you don’t get your army featured unless you have our banner up.


Club Penguin Rangers (CPR)

The CPR is facing at a big rock blocking their path you could say. Activeness isn’t the highest, as they need more troops, etc. Red Destroyz retired which was very sad for the CPR. With a little bit of work the Rangers can easily rise in the future from my perspective. The current leaders of the CPR are Wyoskyguy and Gostt.

CPR site: http://cprclubpenguinrangers.wordpress.com/

Separatist Association Armed Forces (SPAAF)

The SPAAF have also been on a bit of a downfall for a little while, but hope to climb back on. Their clenching onto activeness, and in my opinion starting to get a good grip on it. Like the CPR, with some work they can prevail. With ATM 23 as their leader, they are looking good. Back when they were first created ATM 23 wasn’t as experienced, but his leadership is better now, which helps the cause. The SPAAF did get a good short rise not long ago, so I expect they will have another one. Right now all events for them are cancelled for an active count.

SPAAF site: http://spaafofcp.wordpress.com/

Ninja Freedom Force (NFF)

The Ninja Freedom Force is looking as active as ever, they just need to get more NOTICED! Otherwise they are looking good for a small army. If they were to be advertised more a good rise might be in reach. The NFF currently elected a new 2ic, which is Candygirl517.

NFF site: http://nffninjafreedomforce.wordpress.com/

Global Defenders (GD)

The GD are probably rising more than any other army in the CPUN right now. They are medium on the verge of major. If not already major. Their leadership, site, activeness, loyalty, etc. is all great. They currently have lots of tournaments going on.

GD site: http://globaldefenders.wordpress.com/

Club Penguin Federal Bureau of Investigation (CPFBI)

The CPFBI are currently looking a bit small in 2G so far, but they have confidence and loyalty keeping them alive and well. In there last event only 1 person came, but they hope to improve on things such as that. Hopefully we will see them rise in the future.

CPFBI site: http://cpfbi2ndgen.wordpress.com/

Silver Soldiers (SS)

The Silever Soldiers are rather unrecognized, but the activeness that they do have is what keeps them alive and interesting to some extent. They recently became allies with the Club Penguin Patriot Militia. (CPPM). Maybe the SS will rise in the future, we will have to see!

SS site: http://silversoldiersofcp.wordpress.com/

Sky Troops (ST)

Not long ago the Sky Troops were a very strong army. They are still packing the punch, but they do need to work their way up. Right now they are still getting new troops and rising, just at a slow pace. The Sky Troops currently are having an active count with impressive numbers.

ST site: http://skytroopsofcp.wordpress.com/

Plasma Warriors (PWCP)

The Plasma Warriors aren’t the most active, or the biggest army, but their Team Plasma theme and graphics makes the site look cool. They recently discovered there was a Plasma Warriors before them, so they are now considering themselves a 2G army.

PWCP site: http://plasmawarriorsofcpdotnet.wordpress.com/

Sadly, this concludes United Army Updates #1. Tell me if you like the idea/post so far, and if I should add new features to it! Here are some ideas I have:

  • Fun facts
  • About the leader
  • Highlights of the army

Tell me if you like any of those, too! ^^

Get well Dee,



12 Responses

  1. Thanks for the mention. I’m doing my best to recover and get my immune system running again. This isn’t much of a summer for, not being able to go out and all.

    Anyways, YES! Finally. CPUN Army updates. This is something I haven’t seen in a while. It’s a lot easier to report about CPUN armies too as they are less complicated than bigger ones. This is what I’ve been looking for for the website and now it’s here. 🙂

    One or a couple monthly may be good. Thanks Keith. 😀 And yes, only report about those active as they deserve to have their activities known to the community, These here are our most active and dedicated members.

    Oh yeah, I’d like to make a speech for Red Destoyz. It’s hard to see an old friend go.

  2. Thanks Dee! I think I’m going to keep this every two weeks or so at the least so I can still post on other topics.

  3. Ahh loved the post!

    GD is problably doing best, you know this gave me an idea, why not make a list of which CPUN Army is doing best, all the way which is doing worst, just a thought.

    Also, Water Viking Site has been hacked! I’m sure atleast one person viewing this comment must be in WV so; http://wvarmycp.wordpress.com

  4. Wow. That SUCKS!! Also, thanks Char, and I like your idea.

  5. And when I put the idea up everyone says they dislike the idea. 👿

  6. Times have changed. *wary*

  7. I love to see when people recognize SPAAF. Thanks Keith.

  8. No problemo mate. xD

  9. i am the leader of the cppm
    heres the site


  10. Put a banner for CPUN on your site and I’ll consider. :3

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