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My Return ll IW – Rising Superpower or a Fluke?

Hello CPUN viewers, this is Charizard58, talking on the site once again. Before I begin, I would like to say sorry for not being active, it’s not my fault though, a certain someone suspended my account.

Alas, a little about me since their are a few more new faces I’ve never seen. I am currently a Water Viking Adviser (Former leader.) and main representative in the CPUN for them, I’m also in this army and that army with those ranks.

Now enough about me, and let us get on with my post, shall we?


Ice Warrior is a nation that is proud of it’s achievements.

Ice Warrior now stands currently 2nd place in the the CPAC Top Ten, of course this is not their first time in the top ten, but first, let us see what CPAC said;

2.Ice Warriors [+7]: Well, here they are again. The Ice Warriors, who were 9th in the previous top ten, pulled of a few decent results to pull themselves up the top ten. They currently have 75 on their active count. I agree they were slightly under-ranked in the last top ten, but I do know they are rising and are looking to catch up with the ACP. They beat the UMA in a recent war which made UMA’s size look very small. They also beat the NW in a PB.

Ice Warriors, as I said before was not the first time in the 2nd spot, IW is a legendary army, created in July 2007. They proved to be very powerful, matching armies like the Nachos and ACP countless times.

In the somewhat known GPR-ACP war, IW sided with ACP, serving as a sort-of rear-guard on Mammoth, at the time IW could only deploy few troops, but with this they made themselves more known in the CP Army Community…

When ANTA was created, IW was one of the few armies given an invitation to join the small-but powerful alliance. When Order 67 came, which was a historic event for the CPUN, IW was give the task to guard the Dojo and the Ice Berg, which meant they would have fought, LCP, Rebel Warriors, MW, Union and countless more.

At that time IW had the ability to have 15+ on the field, but the battle never happened as it was canceled…

In 2008, in so called ‘War of the Great Alliance’ which countless armies allied themselves against ACP, in the ‘Final Battle’ ACP and IW fought themselves in no allies battle, IW at the time, believe it or not, was the only army that had the strength to match ACP (Aside from the Nachos.)  in a one-on-one battle…

After an hour of battle, IW surrendered to ACP.

Through out the year after this, IW started falling and falling, as their legendary leader and creator started to become inactive..then, IW formed the ‘Great Alliance’ with UMA  and the Nachos, IW was assisted by many armies, they rose once more, including with the activity of their leader Iceyfeet once more.

A war known as the ‘First War of Mammoth’ nearly every single major army allied themselves against ACP, many wondered if ACP could win..but IW shocked the community by siding themselves with ACP………..

Years pass, IW rise and fall, including many famous war including the RPF-IW war’s. Days after the final match after the legendary CPAC event ‘Legends Cup’ IW won 2nd place with ACP on third after losing to the Nachos, and of course the famous Nachos in first place.

The war was bloody including the Invasion of Breeze, which IW proved to be great by capturing 4 rooms, but halted by ACP when they turned all of ACP’s wrath on IW.

Days later, IW was humiliated on the Battle of Sub-Zero were IW only had 8 troops online, this was humiliating, not only they lost their capital so easily but their precious server Sleet too!

Weeks later, IW recovered from their shameful defeats and declared war on ACP by scheduling invasion of the newly-owned ACP servers Sleet and Sub-Zero….ACP and IW prepared for war…

In the Battle of Sleet, IW charged towards the giant ACP, ACP fought back ferociously as expected, but while IW and ACP fought, Team Gold, a faithful ally of Ice Warrior, claimed rooms for IW while ACP fought IW….

But, TG claimed 3 rooms, and IW claimed 3 rooms. This started debates, IW said, they (IW and TG.) together claimed more than 5 rooms. ACP said, one of the armies must claim 5 rooms, and the claim of IW was not legit.

Flames were thrown to both sides…in the Battle of Sub-Zero, ACP and IW fought in a huge battle, both sides claiming they won, after a few days, both armies still claimed victory.

IW and ACP fought it out in one underground battle. If IW won, they would get their servers back, if ACP won, IW would admit defeat in the Battle of Sleet and Sub-Zero, and back off.

The battle was fought in the Underground Rooms, after a few hours, both sides claimed victory, (What a surprise!) ACP latter formed a treaty with IW, ACP would regain Sub-Zero and Sleet, but ACP would share Sleet with IW…

After this event, IW has fallen and rising, with Iceyfeet or not.

But, recently IW has been rising greatly, getting numbers that match ACP, and the turn of their glorious leader Iceyfeet, who knows what destiny has in store…

IW has scheduled a re-invasion of their nation and a PB with ACP which IW said;

 First off, I would like to congratulate you guys on finally getting our spot of 2nd back in the top 10. Second, I lied to you guys about our practice battle with Night Warriors being our most important practice battle in two weeks to a month. THIS WILL BE IT!!!! Because of the gap between us and ACP is closing, I asked my friend Kenneth if we could have a practice battle with them. He agreed to it so now the event I’m most anxious for, the practice battle with the Army of Club Penguin. Here are the times:

ACP has talked about the PB with IW, this is what ACP said;

The Ice Warriors have always been a great army in the past. They had a downfall just like every other army has once in awhile. Iceyfeet1234 the first leader and still leader of the Ice Warriors has always been a great leader and along with the help of his 2nd commands and 3rd commands.

:arrow: As you can see this battle coming up Saturday will not be easy. The Ice Warriors have a lot of confidence and they are closing a gap between our size and theirs. It should be a close battle and I hope a lot of fun. We need all the ACP soldiers to be prepared and know how bad this battle means to not only the Ice Warriors but our army, the ACP! Be ready, it will be a tough one but I know ACP will pull through! We should be having many unscheduled events this week including recruiting sessions (for fresh new troops who want to protect club penguin!), tactic sessions(to improve our military strength and prepare for the battles to come), and parties (to have fun because remember ….. this is for fun!). Please also remember that this is only a fun practice battle also. It is very important but there is no need to be trash talking and messing around with the Ice Warriors and I am sure they will treat as friends also. So again, be ready, be prepared. Go ACP!

Both side show confidence, this battle, many say, where the title of Largest and Strongest Army shall go, shall it go to the legendary Ice Warriors with their legendary leader Iceyfeet, or shall it go to the Grand ACP, and their well-known and respected leader?


PS: This post may be bad and I haven’t been reading CPAC, ACP nor IW site lately, and some information may be from some unreliable sources.


3 Responses

  1. The IW might stay where they are, but it will be very hard to figure out.

  2. I realized this post has more than 1,000 words right now : P

  3. Nice post, Ima say (since Im a color war vet) that IW will win. Its always determination.

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