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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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CPUN Armies To Penguin Chat?

                    Looking through the posts, I saw the title of Keith’s draft, stating a CPUN Uniform (no need to give anything away). This, in turn, gave me an idea! If this “CPUN Uniform” idea goes through, or even if it doesn’t, all the CPUN armies could have a little bit of fun, but this time, away from the island our penguins call home.  Back to the past, to Penguin Chat! So far, I only know of Penguin Chat 3 and Penguin Chat Football (soccer) still open. I have been to the original Penguin Chat, however, all you can do it move to different rooms, you can’t waddle. I think this idea would be very amusing! Although you can’t make emotes, you can type anything you want! No filters! A gigantic raid of  Penguin chat could theoretically revive the old Club Penguins, therefore, making it much easier for Club Penguin Armies to recruit! If this plan goes into effect, CPUN will take the first strike, but after that we could get EVERYONE into it! I’m talking CPA Central, SMAC, Club Penguin Army World News, Top Ten Small Armies, everything!

                      If you read CPA Central and SMAC, you’ve probably read numerous posts about Club Penguin Armies soon to come to an end. However, with my plan, no longer will the end be so close! Every single one of those posts has been based on mostly one subject : recruiting. This idea will throw that problem away for a loooong time! Rocket Snail doesn’t even realize Penguin Chat is still on the Internet, so they don’t monitor it!  CP Armies will not come to a close for a very, very, long time.

                        And why stop there? A very popular post, named Panfu vs. Club Penguin stated another virtual world, copying C.P. A comment near the bottom of that post gives the idea for a Club Penguin Army raid on Panfu. Now, you don’t hear of Panfu Armies, do you?They won’t know what’s happening, their few members scrambling to take a stand against us, while we aren’t even doing much harm! That would be great, showing Panfu what Club Penguin is made of. From their, we could take it to even more virtual adventures! Before you know it, Club Penguin Armies are thriving once again, Club Penguin itself is making globs of money, Club Penguin getting much better in sequence.

                         This magnificent, if I do say myself, idea, will yield many good things, and very little, if any, bad things. Just imagine, Club Penguin and Club Penguin Armies better than what they were a few years ago! Even though I trust it isn’t needed, I will make a poll, just to make sure that everyone agrees with this idea!

~Super Pal 1, CPUN, signing off.


18 Responses

  1. Sadly this idea is all wrong. The Penguin Chat you are currently playing has terrible graphics compared to PC3. Plus, it is not made by the same people. It is a lame version that doesn’t come close. Not many people play it also, and the rooms are always boring and empty. Also, in the original PC3 it was like club penguin, but the rooms looked a bit different and the world was smaller. But still MUCH better than the SWF files on SWFcabin. Those are lame remakes that lie and make Club Penguins elder, PC3 look pathetic.

    Topic closed.


  2. @Keith : I didn’t mean that one! I meant all existing, GOOD penguin chats.

  3. Might as well go to Club Penguin Private Servers.

  4. This plan is ambitious at best. There’s no way to convince the entire CP Warfare community to join the crappy penguin chats. If you’re recruiting there, good luck because nobody else is there. No point in gathering the CPW world because they already know about armies. Same goes for the CPPSs.

  5. @ Rawkinman : Read every single word of my post, I bet you only read the title. I accounted for that.

  6. @Rawkinman (2) : If everyone read my post (that’s pretty much CPUN, SMAC, and CPAC), then I could convince atleast a majority of the CPA world. *POINT PROVEN*

  7. You’re missing the point. What I’m implying is that you can’t get the entire community to join Penguin Chat. Even if you could, ordinary penguins don’t go on it at all. Penguin Chat will never contribute to the ever-growing CP Warfare community, by any means possible, or at least not extremely boring.

  8. I thought this was a good idea… 😉

  9. @ Soccer : Thanks! I appreciate people like you who compliment people, instead of the other way around.

  10. I think it’s a good suggestion, but it just won’t work out.

  11. It’s definatly an okay idea, but as Kieth said, I doubt it will work, even if you post about it on CPAC, it won’t convince them.

  12. It’s not JUST Penguin Chat! I doubt anyone who commented on this post read the second to last paragraph besides soccer.

  13. That’s a great idea!

  14. I grant you that a raid on Panfu could benefit CPW in a way, but you can’t even say the words ‘Club’ and ‘Penguin’ together. They ban you. The CPPSs could also be a great battle ground, with no filters and some custom rooms too. And P.S Super, people complimenting people is THE SAME the other way around. I wasn’t condemning your idea, I was just voicing what I thought would or would not work. Please do not assume that I only read the titles of posts and then comment on them. That would be pointless.

  15. If the awesome people in CP Warfare move to Penguin Chat, some noobs will stay behind and conquer CP and become the next ACP. Plus, you can’t do CP fighting without snowballs. Come on man.

  16. Oh Atm, CP armies don’t use snowballs anymore, they just use joke bombs and other types of bombs (or at least ACP) silly!

    • That’s the problem, CP Warfare is so stupid all we do is spam instead of throwing snowballs.

  17. Yeah but joke bombs are crap. Anyway, you can’t do jokes on Penguin Chat either.

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