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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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My Idea

Dee edit: I’d like to thank Super Pal for giving me the site to make these stripes! They are incredibly helpful and look great. All credits to Super Pal! 😀

This is my idea CPUN, I have been watching over the site the last few months and I have come to conclusion, people who post about the CPUN side of things should stay that side and the people who post about news should stay with news, so hopefully in the next few weeks we can get a list sorted out. Of who is a news poster and who is a CPUN poster. Know what do I mean by a CPUN poster and a News Poster? Well, good question:

News Poster: Someone who focuses and posts only about news in Club Penguin, it can be anything from Battles to “Tactics vs size” Posts, they can have interviews and can be the news side of CPUN.

CPUN poster: Someone who posts about the CPUN and what is coming up, and what we should and should not be doing in the CPUN, new idea of what we can do here and all about new things coming up and about new areas of CPUN. This is what a CPUN poster would do.

This would mean our site would become much more organized and easier for people to know what to post, on the comments of this post, you can say whether you want to be a News Poster or a CPUN poster. I will be the head of the News Posters (If this plan commences) and Dee of the CPUN Posters. This plan will hopefully change this news site (for the better) forever. I hope we can take this onboard

Thank you,



7 Responses

  1. I think some people can do both : 3

  2. I CALL NEWS OR BOTH!!!! 😛

  3. I’m happy with either.

  4. Dee, IW is staging a massive re-coup of all 46 former IW Nations. I don’t know if this is important or not but as IW is among the top 3 armies in CP, it could be.

  5. I don’t remember removing Shimmy from the site or from his position. The way you divide the posts are quite accurate. I grant you permission to recruit and post and applications post for your side of the News Staff. 😉 You may post in any of the days to come about it. Be sure you have a plan ready for them though. 😛

    Rawk, I’ve heard that too and it’s been years since IW stepped foot in this alliance. One of the last few memories I had with them was a problem in which they wanted to take back ‘Klondlike’ and other IW servers that we had claimed. Actually, we asked permission from the then-leaders. If IW poses as a threat to our alliance, we need to toughen up.

    That makes for a new goal. If alliances in CP Warfare were to become popular and compared – the CPUN, as an alliance, would be overrated and we’d not be considered the most strongest. We need to focus on that. :mrgreen:

  6. A more eye-catching banner could be the answer to that. We should ally ourselves with important institutions, and get them to post our banner. I know you have a designer already, but I know a guy in the designing business, Leonww or Jitsu Leon. He’s currently designing for my RPF site and is ranked Penguin Anarchist on the rankings.
    Anyway, the banner. Maybe one of those Uncle Sam things, you know, ‘I WANT YOU TO JOIN THE CPUN’. Only it’s a picture of you not Uncle Sam.

  7. Great idea. Being the former Secondary Head of CPAE, and a reporter for CPAC, I’m good with news. Plus I got a new idea for a line of news posts. I do like to do some posts focused on ideas too though. So let me have a bit of freedom if you will. 😛


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