Promotional ideas- Updates

OK, I went around reminding lots of armies to put a banner up. I’ll check again in a little while and bug them a little more. >:3 If any armies play a big part in advertising us please let us know and we’ll do our best to get you on the side bar, etc. Partnering, if anyone wants to partner with us in any sort of way just make sure to shout out! (You must have a site sort of like this to some extent). We’ll see if you qualify for something like that.


P.S. If Dee doesn’t totally approve of something let me know in a comment.


7 Responses

  1. Can CPFBI partner is any sort of way?

  2. Uhhh possibly. :S

  3. FGR but a CPUN banner up could you please add us to the members list?

    Name: Fort Ghost Recon
    Leaders: Fido1625, Coolster144, Elitesof and Fadsa
    Abbrevation: FGR
    Government: 50% Dictatorship, 50% Democratic

  4. We used to be everywhere back in 2009. Nachos had our badge and RSS and so did GT and MFW I believe.

  5. Oh, and yes Fido. Sorry.

  6. Site:
    Please feature us

  7. A little contribution and maybe we’ll think about it.

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