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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Dealing with personal attacks from hackers.

Now some of you have probably been hacked,or doxed. I know i have. Here’s how you deal with it! First do not and i mean do NOT panic,that’s what hackers like you to panic. Stay calm and if they get your phone number or address,and send you 100 pizzas just say it was a prank. Now if they get your phone number they will start harrasing you,sometimes they don’t but most likely. If they do just hang up it’s as simple as that,now if this gets serious then your going to need help im here to help you.

What to do?

Now you ask me what should i do John? Simple,don’t talk to hackers that have a bad repetition that’s bad.Second thing don’t act big in bad infrount of hackers,they target those who oppose them.I am former intelligence director for a anti-hack group,i know how to deal with hackers. Now something you shouldn’t do is this: MAKE JOKES TO HACKERS OR INSULT THEM. I learned my lesson in 2010 when i had to get a NEW laptop. Of course i had to wait 9 months,just don’t insult or joke with them i’ve seen some interesting things in my anti hack career.  Remember i lead a squad of intel agents, that’s all i can tell you the rest is classified. Anyway of all the hackers i’ve have deal with and brung them to justice,they stood infrount of the anti-hack community and explained there doings. And if we don’t like them we have techies take tools and execute them,i stand before hackers like a warrior.  I stand before pain like a wall,i stand before fear like a man i stand before dark knights like  the statue of liberty. AND I STAND BEFORE DARKNESS LIKE THE SUN,AND I DEFEAT DARKNESS LET JUSTICE PREVAIL! Justice will prevail if we the people of cp warfare unite we can do anything,i have defeated many hackers but i never destroyed there computers.  I stand by light and light people let hackers explain and let them turn to light,dark hackers just execute the person. Yes i have disabled some hackers,but i have not done harm to there computer only blocked them from XAT. Hackers have holded up my anti-hack chat before i had to disable them,it was sad but i tried to give them a chance they didn’t take it. I let one hacker go though now he’s light and uses his power for good,give them a chance first if they don’t take it do what you got to do. i am never turning to the dark side i never will. Now if a hacker is damaging your life seriously the most hard but right thing to do is…. TELL YOUR PARENTS/PARENT! They can help you the best thing to do with a hacker is not talk to them,leave them alone and just talk to your friends! That’s all for this e-course follow these details and you will be safe.


3 Responses

  1. Sup guys, I’m back from my two week exam! 😀 I’ll be up and running by tomorrow.


  2. Awesome post! But try to divide the post in paragraph, it’ll be mch more easy to understand.

    And Dee, add me to the site D:

  3. It’s some hackers who just pose to be hackers. Stay away from them, dont fall for links or there tricks. Dont speak out against them

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