Hullo everyone, your favorite author (or is it editor, I guess you will never know *wary*), Wyoskyguy here. I know I haven’t posted a lot, but I’ve been busy, and all the crap. Well, I suppose… should we, get on with the post??? Ehh probably…

The topic will be…

CPUN’s pride and joy!

Your probably thinking “What on earth is this dude talking about?!” Well, I’ll tell you what on earth I am talking about. I am talking about CPUN’s pride and joy, and your thinking “Well duh! That’s the topic!” GOSH! Just lemme post, would you?

The Royal Rumble, our last one, in January, was a huge success! The armies participating were: CPEM, CPR, CB, AW, DCP, and AACP. AACP could not come, CB was the largest at the time, then DCP, then AW, then CPR and CPEM at a close amount of troops. The outcome surprised a majority of us. Well, it surprised the enemies (other then CPR, CPR was our allies). Let’s have a pic that we took. That was the best picture I could find that showed the biggest size for all armies. As you can see, CPEM had about 10 there, CPR had 2, and CB had 4-5. I know, CPR maxed 5 (I think), CB maxed 7 (I think as well), and I don’t remember AW and DCP’s size. CPEM won that ”tourney”, and took 7th in the Top Ten Medium on SMAC. Then CPEM died, for about 4 months. And now, the Second Generation of CPEM has arrived.
On Sunday, May 29th, CPEM had a unscheduled event, they average 6-7, and max 8.

They had a few pics *wary* Let’s look at them!

Click to see full size image
To be part of the legacy, join today.

Long Live the Empire!
– Wyoskyguy, CPEM leader
Oh, and P.S., CPEM owns Thermal


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  1. Long Live the Empire! P:

  2. Btw, I posted that one the first time I wrote it, so you guys know that I didn’t do it several days before it came out *wary*

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