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Battle Reports or “Tactics or Size” Posts

Hi It’s Shimmy back for a once off post (As I was half-way through this when I retired). I had this idea whilst in my sleep, Weird Huh?. Anyway the topic is, do people prefer, Battle Reports, or “Tactics or Size” Type of posts. Now whilst I have been at CPUN, I have realized that most of the posts here are not Battle Reports but “Tactics or Size” Posts, I think I have only made one Battle Report and all the rest have been “Tactics or Size” Type of posts. Here at CPUN, we like people to air their opinions usually meaning no Battle Reports. But at CPAC and at other news websites they encourage Battle posts and No opinions, in my own Opinion *Ironic Huh?* I think this is wrong, people should be able to air their opinions and post what they want, isn’t that the whole reason people become reporters because of their imagination. People think that the viewers want to see hard core battle reports but that isn’t all they want, they also want the opinionated posts and the advice posts and random posts, this makes the website more enjoyable to read and I can say this from personal experience, that was my first thought when I came here, it wasn’t only just Battle Reports like CPAC is nowadays it was cool and interesting posts. But many different people have their opinions and the people who usually comment on CPAC, have no imagination and are usually retired (Meaning they usually don’t bother to look at websites) so they want to know the news, which I can’t argue with by they have other ways of doing this. But as this is a very arguable topic I decided (As Always) To get some interviews on this subject.


Interview with ЯК Redd Kool, CPAE Head Reporter, GD 2ic

1) What Kind Of Posts do you enjoy more “Battle Posts” Or “Tactics vs Size” Style of Posts and Why

Out of the two options you gave, I prefer the tactics size one, reason being that it is more comparison, more commentary and their for more fun. You can argue or agree, you know.

2) Why do you think websites like CPAC prefer authors to make Battle Posts

CPAC prefers battle posts because it keeps to the news part. You dont see ppl on Fox or CNN talking wat they think. Wait bad example. Things like the evening news try to keep from opinionated reports, just straight facts for the public to form their opinion

3. What kind of posts attracts most viewers in your opinion

Honestly, ppl like Tactics size etc posts. It provides conversation and debate in comments (main reason I read news sites before i became a reporter) where as you can pretty much only argue about winners in the battle posts. Besides CPUN (thats wat this is for right?) isnt news really.


Interview with ATM23 “My Fellow Man”

(No Questions this time, if you still want the questions look above)

1. I think I like “Tactics vs Size” kind of posts because it creates discussion and makes people think.

2. Most people like Battle Posts and like to see their army up in the spotlight.

3. Battle Posts, like said in number two.


Well, looks like people’s opinions are straight to the point, “Tactics vs Size” Posts are the way to go, I hope I interested you for this short amount of time.

Thank you,

P.S Be Back Soon (I Hope)




5 Responses

  1. Nice post. That interview was a long time ago. Redd Kool just pwned me in the interview though.

  2. Good post, Shimmy.

  3. Hi Shimmy, you know who I am. Nice post!

  4. And since I’m worried anyone with the ability to add me to the site, I would like Dee or anyone with the ability to add me to the site.



  5. Oh ya! I remember that. It was ur email thing i forgot about.

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