Swearing : Don’t Do It

It’s a me, Supa Pal!  I’ve decided to write about swearing and trying to convince people to stop doing it.

Everytime I go on ACP chat, someone eventually swears. Then people follow after, swearing at each other. A fight breaks out and a few people might quit. These days, two people is a big change in even ACP. Swearing has no point, and nothing comes from it. Another reason you shouldn’t swear is the ages of penguins. Club Penguin suggests ages five and up, and so does ACP. Lets say a six year old found an army and joined. He/she goes to the chat in the midst of a word duel. He/she thinks the f word is a word just like happy, and lets loose. The six year old gets in big trouble, has to quit the army and Club Penguin, and probally over a week of his/her life is ruined.  To all you people out there who thinks it cool to swear, it’s not. All it leads to is trouble. It can lead to ruining someones perfectly clean life or making half a small army up and quit.  So


~ Super Pal


7 Responses

  1. ^ Agreed. PLus, either that, or people will talk about perverted stuff. With some cussing.

  2. Sorry, but this post is pointless. You can’t stop people from swearing. Its too big of a habit in their age now. Plus, ACP is one of the worst examples. You’re complaining about ACP getting people swear a lot? Why don’t you take a trip over to RPF then re-write this post.

  3. Sorry, but Disney doesn’t believe in violence, so this comment of mine, is INVALID.

  4. @ ATM : What’s the point of criticism? Atleast I posted something.

    • Whats the point of a pointless post?

  5. Pointless.

  6. @ ATM & Drakon : Well SORRY, what should I post about then?

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