Armies Gathering!

Yes, I am holding the armies gathering like I said. Here is the info! (NOTE: If I could get this post stickied that would be nice. :3)


Why: This is a good chance for everyone to meet up and battle!

Information: All armies will scatter around the bottom half of the server. This will be a massive battle/party, almost like CPACs’ Spring Shindig.

Where: Slippers, Town (good empty server)

When: Saturday June 5th, 2011

Times: 11:00 PM PST, 12:00 PM MST, 1:00 PM CST, 2:00 PM EST, 7:00 PM UK

If you have any complaints with the times, please comment telling me!

Make sure to come!



9 Responses

  1. Cool, btw, is EST Australian time too?

  2. No sorry. Maybe ask your parents for Aussie time.

  3. If your post seems to be gone, don’t worry – I’ve scheduled all the posts to about a two day gap for each. 😀

    I fully support this meeting. We need to notify everyone in the Members page if we want to make this successful.

  4. Dee. We need the Royal Rumble. I’d be happy to host it!

    CPEM leader (Last Royal Rumble victor)
    – Wyoskyguy

  5. warning there is a typo that might turn this event into a disaster!

    EST time should be 2:00 and UK should be 7:00

    I wouldnt want troops to come an hour early (in GMT’s case 2 hours)

  6. Umm, you made a mistake. It’s 11:00 AM not pm 😉

  7. Sounds Good, Im going to make a post on Sunday or Saturday.

  8. Lemme fix times.

  9. hey wat if my team dosent come and im the only one in my team?

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