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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Time to Recruit a New Crew

May 16, 2011

Hello to everyone here. It’s Dee here. 🙂   Yes, we do need to get some new people in here. ATM, Dee,Soccer,Red, and Me(Kingjared7) aren’t always going to be here to post so we need new people. We will also be able to start a few CPUN Departments up again such as the CPUN Court or CPUN Department of Defense. I should be able to make a post tommarow.

You’ve all probably seen the recent posts and know what’s going on. We’ve had people disappear, and people leave for good within just a week. We’ve lost people, but not just any people. They were great authors on the CPUN site and also helped us get through the past year until today.

It also feels like the right time for me to recruit new people because last May 14, 2010, one of my father’s co-workers died of heart-attack early in the morning. It’s only been one of the few times I’ve witnessed a death of someone I loved. Death is so soon and sometimes unnecessary. Is it because we have always wanted something to happen in our boring old lives and that we wanted something big to happen? I guess this time, death came around. Some people want ANYTHING to happen when they feel bored just so that they won’t be bored, but we forget that the death of someone we know is is an option on that list. Something else could have happened that Saturday morning but. Yes, death was unnecessary at this point and I’d say that if there was anyone to criticize about.

Like my father, I guess I’ll have to clean up and get some replacements. Scratch all the plans I was planning. Tidy up the tables and pile the papers. It’s time we get a move on.

I’d like to recognize the following people:

  • Orcaman
  • Pungy

Thank you very much Orcaman for re-joining the Silver Soldiers back into the CPUN. We’re happy to have you back. 😉 Where were you guys during the past few months and how have you been Orcaman? As for Pungy, I might as well add him to the site the next time he comments. Pungy, what’s your specialty? What would you want to write about?

We’re also going out to look for some new people. If there’s anybody you know in CP Armies that you think might be a good addition to our staff here, please notify them about our being open to anyone who wants to apply. We need more good people. In the past, I have not only been adding news reporters to the site but also leaders of potential armies. When I realized Riotors was going well with the CPSS back in 2009, I immediately offered him a position here. In fact, most of the people on the site were army leaders. That made for different poetry day instead of just news. We might as well not turn down any opportunities. There are always people wanting to join the CPUN. 😀

Jared, if you can give me your e-mail or at least insert your e-mail address into the e-mail section of the comment box form when you comment, I’ll be able to add you to the site. 😉

Goodluck! Let’s get more writers here. Note: There are usually many good people in the armies that join the CPUN so be sure to check out the Members page. :mrgreen:

Cheerio! 😆


P.S. Please be reminded of the LoN meeting this coming Thursday. All details here! Official League of Nations websit


29 Responses

  1. Hey, I’m sick so no school for me. I’m sorry about your father’s co-worker Dee. I would apply for the job I’m going out of armies. Good Luck CPUN 😉


  2. *growing

  3. Im interested xD

  4. Omg my dream is coming true 😀 THIS IS AMAZING. Anyways sorry for the noobish reaction, I just love this site. I would like to write about the status of CPUN armies (if that is OK) and other issues that come up. Thanks CPUN staff.


  5. im interested

  6. Good to see many people interested. 🙂 Agent, are you in any specific organization/army?

  7. Dee, first, take everyone who doesn’t post off the site. Second, don’t let n00bs (no offense) be on the site. If you want CPUN to be more recognized, get experience and well-known people on the site. I am interested in a position in the CPUN.

  8. Keith09 here you might remember me. I would be interested in working here. I lead CPGT.. Which still is pending as a member of the CPUN I guess.. CPGT is currently in medium top 10s.. Plus I’m a reporter on lots of stuff (E.g. CPAC, CPAE).

    That’s all I can really say. 😛


  9. Hey, the reason that the SS supposedly left was because there was a misunderstanding. I was trying to get back into the CPUN for a few months! The good news is that the SS is back in the CPUN and that the site is running again! Thanks for letting us come back!


  10. When do I get added? If you need my email it is mole@comcast.net

  11. Strange Ads how you say we shouldn’t let noobs on the site when the majority of the people that joined during your time here were noobs as well bit look what they turned into. The CPUN has already been about as recognized as it can be in some point in time in the past without the need of big people. I’ll consider your offer though Ads.

    Keith, I’ll be sure to add you guys in a while. It takes time for us to add members. :p

    Wb Orca. I’ll add you guys in a bit. Remember, we do not need everyone writing ‘news’.

    • Kingjared and Pungy are added.

  12. Hi I’m Super Pal 1, creator of CPFBI and Air Strikes, main leader of Greek Empire, retired Snow Warrior leader and veteran, and CPGT and ACP soldier 😀 I’ve been looking for a role on a CP army site (ex. CPAE SMAC CPAC or CPUN 😉 ) and I’d love this job! I’m in advanced language at school so I know how to ‘jazz’ up posts 😀 Anyways I have real life experiance and would love to be part of the CPUN staff! :mrgreen:

  13. And also as you can see from my name I can update the site’s graphics monthly 🙂

  14. Wow.. lol alot of people want a job these days 😆


  15. We could use someone like you Super Pal. 😉

  16. Should I wait to start posting so you can keep this post up? You could also just sticky it.

  17. Sorry about that Edit I made, I havent used WordPress since 2008-2009.

  18. @ Deedledoo : YAH!!!!!! DOES THAT MEAN I’M IN?!?!?! *stares at expectantly* 🙂

  19. I would like to join.

  20. Woa so I guess I should say stuff here. I misunderstood or everyone else did. I am 2ic almost leader (Pungy retire dammit jk) of GD and am staff for SMAC and CPAE. Ok there I am done. Thx

  21. Post anytime and it will be given it’s time at the top. Except for tomorrow. 😛 I believe it’s the LoN meeting tomorrow.

  22. Am I in?

  23. Yes but I’d need your E-mail. Oh and do you perhaps have a sample of your GFX work? Don’t worry, I’ll add you on even without the sample. 😛

  24. Sweet 😀 Edit my comment to find the email and to find some of my best gfx (haven’t put up my newest editions yet 😛 ) look for my examples towards the bottom of the page at http://flycpgfx.wordpress.com/examples/

  25. Oh and CPUN could use a new header and background so I’ll get started on them early! 🙂

  26. Hello I’m Snickers4763 and I’m interested in joining the CPUN staff. I’m a 3* general in CPR and joint-1ic of Sky Troops. I’m planning on creating a peace-keeping force and a tribunal to try war criminals. Let me know if I’m in!

  27. Not to burst your bubble Super, but personally, I still like the current header. If were gonna have anyone do it, it should be professional.

  28. eh id like to apply.
    ~Jose, Over and out

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