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The Return: Separatist Penguin Association Armed Forces

Dee edit: Great to hear this. Many armies are suddenly coming back. Didn’t make the meeting though. :mrgreen: The MFW is making a return! Keep your ears open on that too. 😮

As you may have known, I have spent my time with the Rebel Penguin Federation ever since about July 2010 along with my time here at the Club Penguin United Nations. I have had a pretty successful career with the RPF I must say. I went from a Mid-Member rank all the way to 2IC in 8 months. I have quit the RPF a total of two times and rejoined two times, against my will (sort of), but it had a good outcome. The first, in the reign and what I may say “dicatorship” and stupid descisions by Ashes1627. The second was recently. Cewan became leader for a new RPF, but then the RPF Executive Descisions Council came in and took over. So a bunch of freinds and I quit the RPF together. But it was all resolved and Cewan became leader and all of us who quit were just added to the ranks. But no, that is not what this post is to be about. This paragraph here, is just my introduction to what I am going to talk about. I am here right now, to talk to you about The Return of my once old army. The Seperatist Penguin Association Air Force. Also known as SPA (hated that), SPA Air Force, or SPAAF. This post your reading right now, at this second, will give you the information you NEED to know about The Return of the SPAAF to Club Penguin Warfare.

The SPAAF. 2009 small army, who used MASCALINE to manipulate people into thinking that we were major and brough +20-25 people to events but we actually had NO ONE at all show up… not even myself. Now I know what most of you are thinking. Mascaline. What do you mean by mascaline? Masculine? No, nothing like that. Mascaline was a man who tricked the opposing military into thinking he was a whole battalion of soldiers when it was actually only himself and a gun. I looked for a more proper definition of the word, but I couldn’t find it. It is no where to be found on Google. The SPAAF changed their name ot Penguin Armed Forces (PAF) and Snow Warriors (SW) at the end of their term, but then died in Mid-2010, which was right before my join of the Rebel Penguin Federation. I stayed on the site talking to some old troops for fun. I had actually been in no army and no organization but the CPUN for a couple months after the fall of the SPAAF until I, like said before multiple times, join the RPF.

As said in the title of this post, the SPAAF has returned. I decided to do this on March 22, 2011 and on the same day I gathered a small group of elite troopers to join with me. At our first event, the Invasion Of Cold Snap, we maxed 16 soldiers online which was amazing to me. The SPAAF of 2009 only maxed 5-6 before.

That same weak we were featured on SMAC’s ‘Army On The Rise’ post and got a very good review. It made me very glad to see after only about a couple days, the SPAAF was making headlines.

SPAAF (Separatist Penguin Association Armed Forces)
The SPAAF not only have an Awesome name but have become Medium sized in only
one week! Imagin what after 2 weeks. O_O
SPAAF has some plans to get bigger and better known but for now this is there size:

Huge for a first event agreed?– Super Paco24 SMAC Writer

That was the first time SPAAF had been featured on a Club Penguin Army Related site besides the CPUN. If this were 2009 and SPAAF was featured on a news site, I’d be going crazy and literally jumping out of joy. About a week after that post on SMAC, we got into the small army top 10 of SMAC.

Small Top 10 4/15/2011

6. Separatist Penguin Association Armed Forces(new!)- The SPAAF is not really well-known, but they’ve been doing pretty well. They beat the Snow Warriors in a battle, but that is about the only event they’ve had. They maxed 8 in this battle, which is good for a weeknight. They have no more events schedueled, so we have to see if they scheduel some so we can see how they do.

After getting into the small army top 10 of SMAC, we got into CPAE’s version of the Small Army Top 10.

Small Top Ten

3. Separatist Penguin Association Armed Forces (NEW!)

A lot of people have been telling me about SPAAF. And I listened. I was surprised at what their standard was! They average around 10+ on CP, and are slowly rising. They are at war with the Snow Warriors, taking part in RPF’s The Federation Event, and are having a practice battle with the Global Defenders. Along with Green Team, SPAAF has a chance at becoming medium.

Then again, in SMAC’s Top 10.

Small Top 10 22/04/11

7. SPAAF – Watch out Purple Heads, there is a new purple army on the rise! The Separatist Penguin Association Armed Forces have more than just a long name. They were brought back from the dead recently. They are an army that averages 10 and are a threat to SW as they recently beat them.

All of this publicity from news sites was good. It brought us a couple extra views, but no troops or anything actually valuable. After all of the news site stuff, we were planning on declaring war on the Air Warriors. Right before we were going to schedule the invasion of one of their servers, they merged into the Snow Warriors. The situation became difficult because we weren’t sure if we could take the Snow Warriors on because of there size. We decided we could so we planned on an invasion of Glacier. We fought on the server, they maxed like 4 and we maxed 8 or something. But after the invasion they thought they won when we thought we won. I talked with the Snow Warriors leader in PC and decided that since the Snow Warriors were in a war with the Club Penguin Green Team, they’d give us one of the servers they invaded successfully from the CPGT. I agreed to it although the conversation about the conclusion of the battle took over an hour.

After all of the Snow Warriors stuff and getting the army started, we were invited into ‘The Federation’. The Federation is a new Tundra Union. It consists mainly of the Rebel Penguin Federation, Watex Warriors, and Black Bandits along with some medium and small armies. The Federation had there first event already, though the SPAAF missed it. After that, I set up our Nation. As you can see here: http://spaafofcp.wordpress.com/2011/04/21/nation-page-update/ Now we are planning on Defending Sasquatch which we got from the Snow Warriors who got it from the Club Penguin Green Team. It should be a challenge to us, but I have no doubt that we can stand up to them. Thats all thats happened to SPAAF since our arrival into the world of Club Penguin Warfare.

I was going to start to end this long post about SPAAF here, but I never explained WHY I restarted the SPAAF. Once RPF was being restarted, I felt the urge and desire to do something that would keep me busy and make me known around here. To some people, I’m still known as that noob from SPAAF. Before I retire, I want to finish what I started. Finish what I wanted to do with SPAAF in 2009. I want to make SPAAF a successful army. I don’t want it to crash down or fall to the flames of most small armies. I want us to rise up, stand, and show those who made fun of us, who put us down, who insulted and disgraced the name and the people of the Separatist Penguin Association Armed Forces. I am determined to accomplish what I came here for before I finish this part of my life here. It may seem as though I do not have a life, but I can assure you I very well do have one. And to say I do not have one is entirely wrong and invalid. That is why I restarted the, what I like to say and think of as “legendary”, small army.

This post nears its end, with over 1,380 words right now. One of my longest posts in my time at Club Penguin Warfare, but I know it will not be my longest. This may have seemed like an advertising post, yes it is in a way. When I posted the news of SPAAF returning, Dee said in a comment that I was free to advertise. Thats what I’m doing, free advertising. So just go take a look at the SPAAF site. You don’t have to join, I only allow troops that actually are active (you ain’t active, you’re fired). So:

Head On Down To


That is all I have for today, this post took a lot of my time. I started writing it on April 2 and I have ended it here on April 26, 2011. Well, Goodbye.


-ATM 23 SPAAF Leader, RPF 2IC, CPUN Head OF Secratariat

“Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” – SPAAF

“Some people wish it would happen, some people want it to happen, then some people make it happen”


8 Responses

  1. WOW! You outdid yourself…

    Hey, Dee, is this army on the hall of fame yet? 😆

  2. Atm being a beast… again???

    I’m serious, this is really noteworthy… this is like, the limit!

  3. AD ALERT! just kidding (thats right not jk)
    Long post though hurting my eyeballs. Glad to see SPAAF getting somewhere?

  4. Intresting. Now if they got to the top ten it would make this community alot more…..intresting.

  5. ATM, you didnt include what I told you to include did you??

  6. Yerp yerp.

  7. my email is clubpenguinaiai334@kidsemail.org so can I please be a author!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anything Contributor, Editor, Author, or Administrator anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I’m a retired Snow Warrior veteran and leader, so I dispise you….lol jk just don’t hurt SW any more k? XD

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