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Who are the bad guys?

Sky Edit: I am pulling CPS out of the tourney, you guys mudded the water for what was supposed to happen.
Sorry for my in-activeness. I’ve been busy with my life, other armies and vacation; anyways onto the post shall we?

What is the true evil force in a war; that is the question always wanted to be answered by the people. I am here to say who the real bad side is. When you come to the CP Army World for the first time you will have to join a army, of course you can join others in the middle of your career but the first army you join will most likely hold most influence over you.


Timmy found out about armies, he looks at CPA Central for a few days and is deciding witch army to join; after a long time he choses to join ACP. By joining ACP Timmy will feel love for ACP and her allies; and feel some hatred to her enemies.

So armies Timmy make will most likely join ACP in wars and stuff like that; unless it is completley crazy and stupid or Timmy was badly treated in ACP and has a thirst for vengance.

The Sides:

There are three sides, and I will show them to you. The first side is…..ACP. ACP was one of the first armies created in CP, it holds influence over many armies, they are currently #1 in the top ten.

Armies under ACP Influence:

Fire Warriors

Ice Vikings (Has opposing parties.)

Watex Warriors

Doritos of CP (Is losing influence.)

Dark Warrior

Golden Troops (Half Divided.)

Other small and unknown armies

The army like Ice Viking has a leader, Oagal; the creator of ACP, he is in this army and making it rise, some troops and high ranking owners including creator of Ice Vikings Bottlefanta oppose Oagal’s leadership, and may lose control any time. Armies like Doritos they’ve lost people like Wwe witch was a mayor supporter of ACP, and have been slowly replaced with new faces. In GT the leaders are divided in to chose, though most are supporters of ACP.

Next side is what I call….The Coalation:

Nachos (Major opp0nent.)

Ice Warriors (Major opponent.)

Team Gold

Underground Mafia Army

Night Warrior (Major opponent.)

Many others.

So you see this list changes constantly, so yeha… here is the third and my favorite side.

Rebel Penguin Federation

And others witch are a drag to mention em all.

You may say “OMGZ RPF IS BEST ALLIEZ WITHACP!!!ONE!!SHIFT!11!CHEEZE yes they were, but what was the last time RPF has gotten into a war with or against ACP? In months. In the two primary sides (Nachos and others, ACP and others) they both claim their justice, so does the third side. But do you know who really is the justice side here? Nobody.

Yep nobody, nadie it’s simply belief against belief. Justice vs Greater Justice. Evil vs Greater Evil. Kids in a game vs kids in a game. It’s a game, there are no “bad” guys. But I warn you, somebody out there is horrible, and he is trying unite every single army under one banner, or destroy them if he fails.

So remember good vs good in CP, it’s a game. The game is for fun. Also I need to tell the people like Soccer who were in DCP (Defense of CP) to please check the site.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets.” -Napoleon Bonaparte.



8 Responses

  1. Sorry for my long vacation, I’ve been having lots of homeworks, writing my book series, so yeha : P

  2. Nice post, but I do have to address this statement of yours for it is about the RPF.

    “but what was the last time RPF has gotten into a war with or against ACP?”

    Please do note that the RPF is just getting back from almost dying of inactiveness. We also have had a couple leadership changes within these last few months. We do not have time at the moment to aid the ACP in a war. And I ask why would we be in a war against the ACP? You said it yourself in your ‘noob’ based comment that the ACP and RPF are allies, not their best ally, but one good enough to still keep trust in each other though neither has time to aid each other in war or threats that have been thrown to each.

  3. @ATM-I agree with you but ACP Ownera have completly forgoten about The RPF, and A few RPF owners and mods have hinted a sort of neturality between all armies. Yes RPF has been in trouble for the few months and they seem to finallynbe getting out, but I saw RPF get 15 at a few weeks and ACP was at war and RPF renained netural, we will simply have to wait and see if The RPF takes any action in future wars.

    • I don’t blame them. RPF has been out of the job ever since we’d had leadership problems. Which owners and mods? I’m an owner? Is it me? An ally doesn’t have to help someone out everytime they need help. They can handle it themselves. The ACP are a World Power.

  4. CPGT vs. CPFBI results: (CPGT version off of our site).


  5. =o Timmy XD BTW cpf want to get active in cpun. So we will be joining tournaments

  6. You cannot believe how extremely glad I am to see a post by Charizard and Pwn again who I thought had been gone completely. 🙂

    In case you have all wondered where the heck Dee had gone, well, he’s been having internet problems.

    I was supposed to be back and posting this Monday but our area lost internet and telephone connections during the weekend after some strong winds. Until now, there is now sign of our telephone line doing the best they could to bring us back our wireless network.

    I tried to do everything I could to at least be able to leave you all a note about my condition. Anyone been watching the news (again)?

    Anyways, I have yet to read both posts and hopefully the upcoming results. I’ll be there are the finals.. if there still will be a ‘finals’ and if I have internet by then. It’s driving me nuts. :mrgreen:


  7. um………………………. HOW IN THE FUC##ING WORLD DO YOU RECRUIT PEOPLE?!!!!!!!!!!!! 😡

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