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Mess Up

Sky Edit [2]: Yeah, it did say the 3rd on this site, I’ve dropped out of the tourney, because people don’t pay attention to the calender
Shimmy Edit: What the hell Sky your site said the 2nd Saturday so there is no excuse for you to make a mistake maybe this said the 3rd.


Sky Edit: I am really mad at this thing. TWICE it has been rescheldured. I am THIS ([]) CLOSE TO DROPPING OUT. D:< Besides, the 3rd is a SUNDAY. NOT A SATURDAY [OMG. That’s just a dumb mistake, but still, look at the calender when you do the dates.]
ATM Edit: Things seem to have been getting out of hand so I thought I’d just step in and put all of the times myself. They should be correct. I used a time converter on the internet and it was pretty easy. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Yes I messed up big time, the times were mucked up so I am going to reschedule the battles, but I will not do the times I will do everything but the times and someone can fill in the times for me so I don’t get it wrong again.


Red Warriors vs Puffle Warriors vs Golden Troops

Date: Saturday 2rd April

Server: Klondike

Judge: Red Destoyz







Club Penguin Snipers vs CPFBI vs Club Penguin Green Team

Date: Saturday 3rd April

Server: Klondike

Judge: ATM23 (If not then Dee)







Sorry once again for the misunderstanding, I take the blame for this cock-up, hopefully we can do this right this time




52 Responses

  1. Wth? I need the times ‘: /
    That was the same thing

  2. 8GMT PM or AM?


  4. I don’t understand GMT! Just use Club Penguin Standard Time (PST) please it’s so easy!

  5. Times for EST?

  6. March 3rd? More like April 3rd.. I will correct that myself though. This will be the time.


  7. Can you guys not read! It says I have not doing the times and that someone else is just I am waiting for someone to do that


  9. How is everyone doing?? Hey Soccer whats up?

  10. I will Take A Chill Pill Soccer

  11. March 3rd o.o that was a long time ago :p

  12. Just putting the GMT times won’t fix anything. Please look up how to convert time and put all of the regional times for the US and if they are AM or PM. Or just go by Penguin Standard Time as many are requesting you to do.

  13. Ok I patiently have been waiting. But I will not wait to say this any longer. Is CPUN not supposed to be a site to update on wars and alliances, etc? Should not a CPUN have meetings or anything with the representatives? I do not understand why you require representatives when joining the CPUN if the only posts are tourneys or a brief lecture on “what are armies” or “tactics” or whatever. It isnt news, which is fine. This isnt a news site. But is not the purpose of this site to unite armies and to enlighten armies to the going ons of other CPUN allies? Just thought I should point this all out.

  14. wow horrible post you got like everyone confused and got the date mixed up -.- so i get what you mean march 3 2012? XD wow……. also you got 2 choices fx the post or put all time zones -.-

  15. Another Fail by none the other than CPUN.

    • Why is there so much hate going around for a bunch of times? “Another Fail by none the other than CPUN.” First of all, that doesn’t make sense. And I don’t understand when you say “Another Fail”. I see no fails in our past. King, if you think this is a fail, don’t come whining in our comments. Leave. “Its just a game” – Wgfv

  16. Oh hey Jared!

    I only did shift so you would notice more, shimmy, it is not like I was shouting at the computer screen.

  17. Jared, did you see my cheats page? I am still working on it, I need more game cheats and my colors are a little screwed.

  18. The way this is going… it’s like one big fail from the start, to the end. -.- Don’t you think?

  19. Omg, if you guys are not gonna post the times instead of GMT, almost none of the armies will come. We are not used to GMT and barely know it. So just edit it, it’s as simple as THAT

  20. @ATM
    Ya for some reason ppl either luv or hate CPUN, but i do suggest making it 1) more like UN 2) organized; this post was odd 3) more updated; posts daily

  21. If you hate me, you can fire me, then I will just retire and that will be it.

    • There was no talk of firing you. Do not fall down to the haters levels, rise up, and prove them wrong.

  22. heheheheh Shimmy used the word cock

  23. Wow guys stop the fighting and stop complaining.

    @Soccer: Calm Down.
    @King Funks: Fail. Do you even know anything about CP Army History or are you either a Troll or a Noob. Both seem plausable.
    @Disco70s: Alot of people understand GMT as every time on the planet is based off GMT so please think about what you are saying before showing off your arrogance.
    @Redd Kool: Please don’t tell ATM how to run the CPUN. Firstly Dee is in charge and Secondly I think ATM is quite capable of knowing how to run this sucessfully.
    @Kingjared: Jared, your laziness prevails.
    @Shimmy: Ahhhhhhhhhh (Going to write the same thing in ATM’s so you might aswell read that)
    @ATM23: We should use links on posts requiring time to a website where you can find out timezone differences and convert them.

    -Red Out

  24. Rex, I thought you were dead, that’s what you told everyone anyway or thats what your “Brother” Told everyone.

    Thanks for the advice ATM
    And Also Good Idea Red, I don’t know what a good website is but ATM Does.


  25. I’ll be back from my exams by this Friday.

    Red Kool, we only occasionally hold tourneys an with the posts of the schedules needed to be put up, we don’t have time for other events to take place. Thos 1 month touney pretty much takes all of the month’s plans. Then again, yes we do make meetings and bring armies togethers. We’ve had countless meetings in the past years. Things have just been busy now. I’d like to apologize.

    And @KingFunks: Tourneys are not our specialty and a statement like that sounds strange coming from someone who writes news for a major corporation website. We try things from scrap and do our best to handle things with the people we have and the limited resources we have.

  26. Sorry for my typos. I’m writing from a phone.

    The reason we ask for CPUN Reps is so that they will be the ones to attend the meetings. We just haven’t put that function to work as recently as you’ve been here but I assure you that these gatherings are great to have.

    Yes we do unite armies and help them get to know each other. The MA2 and the Freedom Warriors were once here as individuals – they later went on to the Top 10 as the newly merged MFW. The CPSS and the UGA (Wig’s army I believe) were here to and formed the Golden Troops (though many more merged into them later.

    We, the CPUN, do not deserve credit for their success now, but I hope we helped. That’s all I want to imply, we do care for our members who are willing to grow.

  27. I hate trolls. This is interesting. I’m coming back here to CPUN after a long time of inactiveness on Friday, like Dee.

  28. So on the second battle you have saturday april 3rd? But April 3rd is sunday. Do you mean Saturday the 2nd or Sunday the 3rd?

    And please dont answer yes. :/

  29. A good chance for CPGT. I can’t wait. 😀

  30. @Red Destroyz and Mr Deedledoo
    That was not meant in the way it was percieved. It was only a suggestion for what i saw as the moments problems. I am not informing anyone how to do their jobs. I was responding to ATMs thoughts on peoples hateful comments. Once agai i do apologize if my response was misinterpreted.

  31. @Shimmy You obviously have lost your virginity to a 6 yr old….. So you say…

  32. No, Rex you actually told everyone that you died , and for some reason people believed you, in a way I hoped it was true.

  33. I didn’t take it badly Red Kool. Thank you for your good concern by the way. May everyone enjoy! 😀

    @Shimmy: How can someone dead tell others that he died?

  34. GT will surely be there.

  35. @Dee Basically His “Brother” Came on TR Chat/Website and see Rex died in a car crash but apparently it was him who did it and Rex just wanted attention.

    • Or his brother set it up. This happened to a guy nmaed Ninja a couple years back. Then he came back and told me how his brother lied and stuff.

  36. @ATM Yeh I think that is what happend to me, although my brother denies it……Knowing my brother, he did it

  37. Finally and thank you for the correct times. Apparently, I’m very focused on USA times so I don’t know wut the heck GMT is. No offense.

  38. this is still screwed its supposed to be april 3 sunday

  39. I couldn’t see a judge for the Red Warriors battle, but I think we won. There is still 4mins left of the battle and all of PW have logged off. We had better sizes though out the whole thing.

  40. http://redwarriorz.wordpress.com/2011/04/02/we-were-epic/

  41. CPFBI beat LT by default and look at our pics, I’m sure we won.

  42. you mean CPGT and CPS XD Lt is in the other tourny…

  43. Hey not cool! It says April third saturday! And the widget says April 2nd saturday! Really?

  44. @Super Pal 1 & Pop: It might say the 3rd here but on all the sites (CPGT, CPS and CPFBI) They all say the 2nd and Saturday so there is no excuse.

  45. Yeah, CPS was on *wary*

  46. @Shimmy : I copied the times from this post, on CPFBI it says 3rd saturday and Snipers showed yesterday

  47. CPGT vs. CPFBI results: (CPGT version off of our site)..


    Results! CPGT did well.

  48. None of us can get on cp on a SUNDAY!
    WTF?! -.- Keep it on a Saturday like you have been.

  49. http://clubpenguinsuperpalfanclub.wordpress.com/2011/04/05/cpun-tournament-with-problems/#comment-2217 CPFBI vs CPS vs CPGT results (CPFBI’s version)

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