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Results with a Twist! Round Three!

OMG! It’s the semi-finals, this has been one hell of a tourney, keep working guys! Here are the results for this weekends battles and the fixtures for next weekends battles:

Snipers vs Rangers: Thanks to official judge ATM, the snipers win this one, ATM can explain why here but I am just going by what he has told me.

ATM Edit: Yes, the CPS have defeated the CPR. CPS showed up without 5-6 troops and CPR didn’t come on with anyone. Red was AFK so no one knew what to do. But when he came back, the CPR made a surge in the last 10 minutes to make this a battle. But in the end, the CPS used more tactics and strategized better than the CPR.

Golden Troops vs Banana’s: Golden Troop’s win by default, Banana’s did not show up.

Puffle Warriors vs Red Warriors: Yes here comes the confusion, well as you know PW showed up at one time and RW showed up at a different time due to timing problems that’s why I have decided to… PUT THEM BOTH THROUGH, the next battle will be a three way battle, PW will go on to play GT and RW will be in a three way small army battle.

CPFBI vs Green Team: What a battle! Battle of the tourney so far if you ask me both teams averaging the same, again I have decided… TO PUT THEM BOTH THROUGH, well done to both armies for an amazing battle, and know to show you how the next battles are going to work.


This is how Round Three is going to work, there will be a 3 way battle between, CPFBI, CPS,  and Green Team

And a 3 way battle between PW, RW and GT.

Then 2 will advance from each battle into a 4 way tourney final! BRILLIANT!

This is going to be so exciting, here are the fixtures. I have used PST to work out what time everything is, so hopefully there will be no confusions now.

Red Warriors vs Puffle Warriors vs Golden Troops

Date: Saturday 26th March

Server: Klondike

Judge: Red Destoyz



12 PST (Penguin Standard Time)

Club Penguin Snipers vs CPFBI vs Club Penguin Green Team

Date: Saturday 26th March

Server: Klondike

Judge: ATM23 (If not then Dee)



1 PST (Penguin Standard Time)


Hopefully I converted it right, Good Luck to all teams battling in this unforgettable event, after the battles please may judge post/comment their opinions thanks!



25 Responses

  1. You guys fail at dates -_-
    It says the 12th, and we past the 12th.
    You guys need to get the times and dates straight. I mean seriously, PW and RW got confused with the times D:

  2. Oh boy… Good thing CPFBI has recruiting all week

  3. Ill be there

  4. CPGT will come. Good luck CPS and CPFBI. REMATCH TIME.

  5. xD?

  6. how do i add my army in here

  7. Told u bananas are dead

  8. Once more, Thanks for featuring Global Defenders.

    ~Pungy1234 GD Leader

  9. I took more pictures but I didn’t want to post too much. 🙂 And I might not be able to judge.

  10. BREAKING NEWS: ATM 23 has decided to revive the SPAAF! http://spaafofcp.wordpress.com/ 😀

    I’ll make a post about it soon.

  11. ATM I can’t believe you got a picture of my epic battle cry xD

  12. Yeah.. for CPS vs CPR, it got a little random at the end xD
    I did not tell them to be random *D* But it did get us a win 😆

  13. Do Leaders of Member Armies get to be authors on this site? Just wondering

    • I believe the rule is “Be Active For 40 Days Straight”.

  14. Such exciting news.

    Since I have exams till next friday, according to the current events in the CPUN, I believe ATM and Shimmy are the biggest in charge. I’ll be back just in time for the finals. 😀

    For the next post, make sure to get the AMs and PMs straight and also the times most preferably with Penguin Standard Time which can be found in CP’s Community Page or at the Snow Forts Clocktower. Also, make the post more presentable than the earlier rounds since we’re nearing the finals. 😛

    Congratulations to winners and those who got this far. Atm, thanks for all the judging! I’ll be sure to check in with the SPAAF as soon as I return. Meanwhile, feel free to announce them as part of thr CPUN and advertise if you wish. 😉

    Goodluck this week. :mrgreen:
    Dropping in,

  15. GT will be there.

  16. I have been here since the CPUN began and I am not even an editor yet xD

    • No offense, but I have no memory of you except for the past few months.

  17. […] In case you don’t know, CPUN is hos.ng a tournament which has been going well. In this round, 2 of 3 armies will advance. https://clubpenguinunitednations.wordpress.com/2011/03/20/results-with-a-twist-round-three/#more-6550 […]

  18. LMAO Shimmy.

    I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but you always start with the same words – this has been one hell of a tourney, keep working guys!

  19. Show me one other post where I have said the same thing? Lol that’s the first time I have ever said that, anyway My WP is down when I try and access admin page, anyone else’s?

  20. WordPress is down

  21. Hows everyone doing??

  22. Ok thanks for letting me know ATM

  23. Who?

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